The Yo-Yos You Deserve. 4 Professional Yo-Yos from China Yo-Yo Brands.

The Yo-Yos You Deserve. 4 Professional Yo-Yos from China Yo-Yo Brands.

ByEricMay 25, 2022

The Delusion is based on the Rave, one of YOYOFFICER's best designs.
From Aceyo and Topyo for yo-yo beginners to yoyopalace for professional yo-yo players, more and more Chinese yo-yo brands are taking their excellent yo-yos to the world. Previously we have introduced some aceyo, yoyopalace, and Topyo products, but this is not complete. here are more yo-yos from Chinese yo-yo brands. In addition to the brands we mentioned earlier, here is another yo-yo from YOYOFFICER.

YOYOFFICER is a terrific new yo-yo company based in China, and in the few years they’ve been operating, they’ve made some exciting yo-yo designs. They are dedicated to producing high-performance competition yo-yos at an affordable price!

Delusion is a metal unresponsive yoyo made from 6061 aluminum. It is perfect for everyone looking for their first yoyo or some yoyo enthusiasts searching for something minimalistic and influential to their collection.

The most significant advantage of this yoyo is the price because you will have difficulty finding something better at this price point. Immediately after unpacking, yoyo surprised me with its stability, spin time, and overall feeling. It’s slightly more comprehensive but still in the norm, nothing huge.

Yoyo costs around 30$, and there are a few minimalistic solid matte colors available with small engravings on the rims of a yoyo.

Weight: 65.9 g
Width: 46.54 mm
Diameter: 55.07 mm
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Bearing: CT bearing size C
Response: 19mm pads

Reasons to buy:

  1. Fair price
  2. Minimalistic design
  3. Nice finish for grinds
  4. Stability and spin time is solid
  5. Durable

The Hypocrisy SE is a mono-metal addition to aceyo’s hypocrisy lineup. The hypocrisy lineup has been known for its angular design and stability. Previous iterations have been robust bimetal offerings. The Hypocrisy SE aims to take the performance of prior bimetals and apply it to a modern mono-metal design. This allows more people to experience hypocritical design elements.

The hypocrisy SE is a wide v-shaped yo-yo with attractive cuts that give the yo-yo character. The design has relatively flat rims that allow the yo-yo to be decently comfortable on the catch and in hand. The edges of the yo-yo are not wholly rounded off, so if the rim hits the back of your hand, it can be painful. The weight distribution is pretty standard, with most of the weight in the yo-yo’s thick rims. The yo-yo also has a button-style hub that adds a little center weight to balance the yo-yo. The Hypocrisy SE comes in vibrant colors, including splashes and half swaps. I have the pink one with a yellow and silver splash. The cup of the yo-yo is polished to increase visibility, and the body is blasted for grinds. This design choice makes it look very flashy in person.

The hypocrisy is that SE is a competition superstar at a price. It has a long spin-time, great catchability, and is very fast in play. The yo-yo is relatively stable but can be knocked off of access with overly sloppy play. I would put it at an 8 out of 10 in the smoothness category meaning that you don’t feel any vibe in space, but you can feel it when you grind or touch the yo-yo. Everyday grinds are good due to the blast finish, but finger spins are tricky due to the cup design and the polished finish. The yo-yo is pretty balanced in feeling in play, leaning slightly on the light side of the spectrum. Because of this, the hypocrisy SE prefers to play at a fast pace and can accelerate very quickly, making it excellent for godspeed-style combos. Because it plays fast, it can be hard to keep up with the yo-yo if you are not used to moving quickly. The yo-yo has one weakness for my binding. The yo-yo has a reasonably thin gap width at 4mm, making clean bind harder to pull off. The yo-yo binds well at low RPMs but frequently snags when binding early in the yo-yo’s spin. I also have experienced moments where the yo-yo has been caught during certain tricks, but it usually is fine in play.

This yo-yo feels very much like a competition machine. For some, this is very fun. For others, the yo-yo may feel stale or generic. That being said, I feel like this yo-yo has a fun aspect due to its excellent acceleration and lighter feeling in play. The colorways also give the hypocrisy SE a fun part.

Final Thoughts:
At 29.99, the Hypocrisy SE is a steal! This yo-yo’s speed, stability, catchability, and price make it perfect for a beginning competition yo-yo. You can buy multiple hypocrisy SEs for the cost of other competition models, making it easy to have a competition set. If you are looking for something primarily for learning tricks, I may search for a heavier and slower model, as this yo-yo requires a little more precision in play due to its speed. If you are looking for a yo-yo that can handle your routine flawlessly while pushing your ability to go fast, I suggest getting a Hypocrisy SE.

The Journey is the signature model of Ahmad Kharisma. He has been yoyoing since 2008 and has an awe-inspiring competitive career.

He won AP in 2013 and 2014. He also showed his unique tricks and exceptional skill at the world finals.

The rounded Bimetal Construction of the Journey features a unique double Bimetalring, which gives the yoyo an extraordinary feeling on the string. It’s very long spinning, so you can get through all your longer combos without any problems. But it’s also perfect for speed combos. You can push your speed combos to your limit.

The Journey is a great allrounder. You can compete on stage with it or play with it for fun.

The Topyo Silenus is a tried and true design. It has been reviewed and loved by hundreds throughout the world. That being said, how does the 2020 updated version play? Unfortunately, I have not played with the original silenus, so there will be no comparison between the two. I will share my thoughts on the 2020 version.

The Silenus is a wide comfortable H/O shaped yoyo. It has thick rims due to the shape with a substantial mid-weight in the cup. The yoyo has a center nipple that allows for a very long axle. The silenus has a blasted finish, and the top has produced several stunning colorways for the silenus in splash colorways and solids.

The Silenus is a robust, stable, and long-spinning throw. The silenus will easily spin as long as most bimetals. This is due to the thick rims and the substantial weight. 67grams is rather heavy for a modern yoyo, and you feel it. The yoyo prefers to move slowly, making it difficult to push the silenus to extreme speeds. The slow pace and incredible spin times make the silenus an excellent choice for learning new tricks. The silenus is relatively smooth. I would put it at an 8 out of 10 on the smoothness scale. This means that you can’t feel any vibe in play but can feel some vibe on grinds and when touched. The response system is excellent. Binds are consistent, free from snags, and satisfying. The silenus is a very catchable yoyo and can aid in learning difficult slacks, hooks, and bangers.

The heavyweight of the silenus provides an exciting feel in play. The weight causes me to slow down and focus on more flowy elements. This creates a very relaxing feeling in space. When I play with this yoyo, my usually tense body frees up. Playing with this yoyo is almost like a form of meditation. I leave the throwing session feeling lighter and more relaxed.

Final Thoughts:
The silenus is a long, spinning, comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying throw. It excels at learning tricks and can aid in improving flow while increasing relaxation. The silenus is my recommendation for anyone looking for a first metal yoyo. The weight, width, and slow pace make it the perfect yoyo for learning new tricks. I also recommend this yoyo to anyone looking to relax while throwing.

Thanks to the Authors: derfneb#21122, GhostOfSin#9899, Yolek#0280 and Kačka Halíková#6907 from Discord server - Thrower Center.

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