Why are cat trees so important for cat owners?Check out these amazon prime day cat trees

Why are cat trees so important for cat owners?Check out these amazon prime day cat trees

ByAruaJul 04, 2022

DescriptionCat trees are probably the most common type of cat furniture that cat owners buy for their furry friends. It is important to remember that while cats may live inside our homes and rely on us for food and shelter they are still predatory animals that need to climb, claw and chew as a part of their daily routine.

Now we don’t mind our kitties doing what they love to do the most because we love them to bits but the clawing and climbing behavior of cats can be destructive to household items. Cats have sharp claws and teeth that can damage sofas, walls, beds among other items.
So if you are trying to keep your house hold furniture safe while keeping your cats happy then you can always buy cat trees to direct their clawing and climbing behavior away from the furniture. With that said a lot of cat parents wonder if buying a cat tree is a worthwhile investment or not. If you are also wondering the same thing then keep reading. Because this article is going to explain how cat trees are important for cats and their owners.


Why are cat trees so important for your cat?

Now that you know exactly what a cat tree can do for your cats it is time to get to the real question at hand. Why exactly are cat trees so important for your cats? Here are some real reasons why you should add cat trees to your living space if you own cats:

Protecting your furniture:

Not only is it in your cat’s genes to climb, but they also need to keep their claws sharp for hunting and fighting because they are born hunters. Just like a real tree, cat trees let cats get up high so that they can see what’s going on around them and look for prey, like those toy mice.

Cat trees give your cat a place to mark their territory, as well as a place to climb and keep their claws sharp. Cats have scent glands in their paws, and when they scratch, they are actually marking their territory and a cat tree can help divert the scratching behavior towards the them instead of your furniture.

Even if your cat is the only one in the house, it will still, scratch to mark its territory. This is a normal behavior for cats and something they will do often.


Less fighting in multi cat households:

If your cats are always fighting over territory, it can cause tension and stress in a household with multiple cats. That means owners will have to deal with a lot of screaming, separating, and stress.

Adding a multi-level cat tree to your home will give your cats dedicated perch space to claim as their own. More than one cat can live in the same tree without fighting. Cats who can’t stand to be close to each other can sit near each other on different levels on a cat tree with multiple perches. This helps them feel less territorial.

The cat who is more dominant can take the higher spot, while the less aggressive or smaller cat can enjoy the tree by perching at a lower level. This will make you, the owner, feel better, and your cats will fight less often.


Keeps the cat healthy and active:

Yes, your kitty likes to sleep but it is also an active animal with plenty of energy that it needs to let out. Cats need to move around just like dogs do. Exercise is important for cats so that they can stay at a healthy weight, they need to play, jump, and work out.

Trees give your cat a place to play where they can get the exercise they need without you having to walk them on a leash. Or taking them in the outside world, where plenty of dangers lurk.

Even if you aren’t home for a long time, the tree and all its accessories will keep your cat busy and active. This will keep them from scratching couches and chairs when they are bored.


Cat trees are an essential cat furniture to have at home if you are a cat owner. Not only will it keep the cat distracted but it will also make sure your furniture stays safe from the explosive bursts of energy that every cat has from time to time.


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