Who Is GiyuTomioka from Demon Slayer

Who Is GiyuTomioka from Demon Slayer

ByLeafJul 20, 2022

The corps’ Water Pillar from Demon Slayer is GiyuTomioka. He frequently wears a grim expression and thinks that one must be grounded. He makes difficult decisions like when he attempted to kill Nezuko with the same conviction. He also lets her go when he notices that she is defending Tanjiro, demonstrating that he values his intuition more than his reason.

Giyu may appear remote, but in reality, he cares deeply about others. He begins to have strong feelings for the Kamado kids and frequently stands up for them. Giyu gets angry when Shinobu mocks him by saying that everyone loathes him, hinting that he did give a damn about what his friends thought of him. Later on in the series, he even makes an attempt to befriend Sanemi by suggesting they have an ohagi meal.

How Old Is GiyuTomioka?

GiyuTomioka from Demon Slayer is 19 years old and is the strongest Hashira.

He is controlled and cool under pressure, but ruthless when necessary. His usually stoic demeanour might falter under pressure or anger. Giyu sees potential in Tanjiro and is taken aback by his fervent pleas for his demon sister’s life. He gets close to him and keeps an eye on his development as a demon slayer. Giyu does have a humorous side, especially when he jokes about with Shinobu. She has the perfect combination of phrases to irritate him.

How Tall Is GiyuTomioka?

Giyu is a tall, youthful man with a powerful physique. He is basically 5’9" ( 176 cm) tall.

He has a skin that is edgy. Frequently observed wearing a serious smile. His dark hair has outlines that resemble tufts on his head and is formed erratically. He wears it with his hair pulled back into an odd ponytail that is compressed to fit his little head.

Who Voices GiyuTomioka Dub?

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Giyu Tomioka has a Japanese voiced by Takahiro Sakurai and an English dub voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Interesting Facts about GiyuTomioka

If you have watched the show already or you are just getting started, you must know that eacha character in the Demon Slayer anime is unique. So is Giyu! Let’s check out some interesting facts about him:

He has got a unique personality

He has a really unique personality from other people. He works alone and makes an effort to avoid other demon slayers, yet he also assists his fellow hashira. Additionally, he assisted Tanjiro in meeting SakonjiUrokodaki, Giyu’s master and Tanjiro’s new master. Giyu always keeps to himself and keeps quiet. He also claims that he finds people annoying and prefers to be alone himself.

His sense of justice is supreme

His sense of fairness is quite strong. He doesn’t display any emotions, so it’s really challenging to read his expression. If another Hashira had taken his position, the Hashira would have just slain Nezuko without giving it a second thought. Instead, he allows TanjiroKamado and his sister to live even after she turned into a demon. As a result, he prefers justice even if it goes against the demon slayer Corps’ norms slightly.

He’s his own friend

Giyu doesn’t have any friends, as was previously seen in anime. He is so lonely that ShinobuKocho, a fellow hashira, often makes fun of him and teases him about how he can never make friends with anyone. Even though Giyu doesn’t care about any of these things, Shinobu’s immature actions occasionally enrage him. He claims that he doesn’t want to be friends with anyone because they will only be a burden.

His has mastered the water breathing technique

He used water breathing, one of the first methods that evolved from sun breathing. He generally acknowledges that he uses this strategy very effectively, as can be observed from the outset. He is an expert in all ten variations of this breathing method. Additionally, he uses only one form out of the eleven he has. With this move, he creates a dragon out of the sea and quickly cuts the enemy’s head without anybody noticing. He has perfect control over and a great degree of success with water manipulation. One of the twelve moons, Rui, was murdered by him with ease.

He has a big heart

Though he displays little to no emotion, he has a history of bullying as a child and has grown to have an inferiority complex. As soon as he comprehends the history of demons and how they manifest, Likewise, if the demon doesn’t devour humans, Giyu allows them to live. It demonstrates that he has a keen sense of judgement and does not harbour any hatred for demons.

He might love Shinobu

Even while his romantic life hasn’t been extensively explored, it is frequently implied that his fellow hashiraShinobuKocho frustrates him the most and constantly teases him for not having any friends because of his attitude. She wants to be her buddy, nevertheless, in secret. She has frequently witnessed care for Giyu. She could like him after all. However, it is not entirely clear that she likes him. Since they frequently travel on the same mission, she began to like him a little bit.

He is the second strongest Hashira

TomiokaGiyuu is one of the 5 most influential Hashira in Demon Slayer and the second-most mighty after Gyomei. Giyuu is an unquestionably fearsome Hashira, capable of dispatching even the most powerful evil spirits with relative ease. Even Upper-Rank Demon Akaza regards Giyuu as the most potent and skilled Water Hashira he has encountered in the last 50 years.

He can be very forgiving.

Despite the fact that he displays no or few emotional responses, he has developed a feeling of inferiority as a child and knows what it is like to be abused by others. As a result, when he comprehends the story of demons and how they become demons, he also allows them to live as long as the demon does not eat humans. It demonstrates that he does not hate demons, but rather chooses to believe in equality and has a keen morality.

He is the creator of the eleventh form.

Normally, a user only has ten types of Breathing Styles, but Giyuu manages to create an eleventh! Giyuu used the Eleventh Type: Dead Form to kill Rui, the lesser-rank demon. Dead Form halts the user’s movements in order to activate their ability to deflect incoming attacks. However, this form is ineffective against fast and continuous attacks, so he could be brutally murdered by lightning-fast attacks while in this form.

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