Where to buy your first professional yoyo? Here's all you want to know.

Where to buy your first professional yoyo? Here's all you want to know.

ByEricMay 25, 2022

1. What websites ship worldwide?

Most Major Retailers will ship worldwide for a price. One of the most trusted world retailers is Yoyorewind. Yoyoexpert and Yoyosam will also ship worldwide but may not be as reliable as yoyorewind. Brandon Vu will ship worldwide for a very reasonable price, but he only sells his own brand and may take some time to ship.You can search for the above information in weshop.

2.Where to buy yoyos?

One great resource for buying yoyos is Weshop. The Weshop website sources products from many different yoyo stores. You can search a yoyo and see the price and whether it is in stock across those websites. Weshop will also apply coupon codes. If you search yoyo on webshop you will see all the yoyos available and the stores open.

3. What are some standard yoyo terms?

  • BST: BST stands for Buy Sell Trade. BSTs are where you can buy, sell, and trade used yoyos.
  • LF: looking for and can be used in BST groups to tell others what items you want to acquire
  • Vibe: This is the vibration of a yoyo. There is a vast range of vibration in a yoyo, and used yoyos may have more than new yoyos
  • Signature Yoyo: A yoyo that is designed with and for a specific yoyo player
  • NMTBS: NMTBS stands for next to mint to be safe. This means that a yoyo has been played with but may show some wear. Some yoyo players are more sensitive to yoyo wear, so this is a phrase used by people to say that as far as the seller is concerned, the yoyo shows minimal wear and plays very similarly to its original state.

4. Where can I buy used yoyos?

Here are some famous groups:
yoyo bst & talk
yoyo BST from China to the World
YoYoExpert Forums

5. What should I look out for when buying secondhand?

Buying secondhand is riskier than buying from a recognized store. Most people will ask for payment through PayPal. If you want to protect yourself, you can pay extra fees on PayPal. If the transaction is unsuccessful, you can request a refund through Paypal.
You may also ask for a rep to check on any BST groups. People who have bought or traded with the seller will comment on past transactions.

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Eric is a yo-yo designer. He has designed yo-yos for SLUSNY and YoYoSam brands. Eric has over six years of yo-yo experience. He is also a yo-yo collector, having purchased more than 100 yo-yos at yo-yo stores such as SLUSNY, YoYoSam, etc. His yo-yo series includes professional yo-yo brands such as YoYoFactory, Duncan, and YoYoRecreation.