What are the key types of water shoes?Haven't you bought your water shoes yet? Outdoor lovers!

What are the key types of water shoes?Haven't you bought your water shoes yet? Outdoor lovers!

ByAruaJul 04, 2022

DescriptionWater shoes are a must for outdoor enthusiasts!Do you have water activities lined up for the coming weekend? Or maybe you are planning ahead for heavy rainfall or slippery conditions. No matter what type of water exposure you might have water shoes are the best type of footwear to use during wet conditions.

Water shoes as the name suggests are designed to give you maximum grip when walking on wet surfaces. Not to mention they are water resistant so where your normal shoes might get damaged by water exposure dedicated water shoes will not.

With that said if you have been looking for water shoes online you might have come across different types of them. So it is obvious that buying the right type of water shoes isn’t always easy unless you know what each type of water shoe is designed for.

If you have been planning on buying water shoes but aren’t sure which type would suit you better then read on. Because this article will explain all the key types of water shoes so read on.


What exactly are water shoes?

Water shoes are a type of shoe that people usually wear when they do things that require them to go back and forth between dry land and water. Most have mesh or neoprene construction and a grippy rubber sole that gives you better grip on land and protects you from cuts and scrapes when walking on rocks near the water.

For sports like kayaking, river rafting, float fishing, shore fishing, and tubing, water shoes give you grip and keep you safe. So, water shoes and sandals are for people who are going to be in and out of the water a lot and need the benefits that these shoes and sandals offer.


Key types of water shoes you can buy

Water shoes come in 3 major types and here are the differences between these major types of water shoes:

Water shoes with closed toes

Closed-toe water shoes are one of the most common kinds of water shoes. These look like normal shoes that might or might not have laces. They are designed to be worn when you are in or near water.

The best protection from sharp objects and the heat of the sun comes from water shoes with closed toes. They can also give your feet the support they need. To stay safe on wet surfaces, you only need to look for closed-toe shoes that are light but strong.

Barefoot Water Shoes

Barefoot shoes look like regular shoes but the main difference is that they have closed toes, which means they have a separate space for each toe. These shoes can bend and let air in, which makes them more comfortable to wear in the water. They also last a long time, even if they are in water for a long time.

When you buy barefoot water shoes, you should make sure they are light and easy to put on. They should also be made of a material that dries quickly so that you can get rid of excess moisture.

Water Booties

Booties are another useful form of of water footwear you can buy, especially if you plan to spend most of your time in cold water.

Some water booties have straps around the ankles and protection for the shins as well. These can make the shoes warmer and more stable when they are in water.


Considerations when buying water shoes


Consider the durability of your shoes if you spend a lot of time in wet places or do water sports. Try to pick a shoe that will last a long time, or at least do the job you need it to do. When hiking, you might need shoes with outsoles that don’t wear out quickly. A sole that is easily worn out will lose its grip, which may not be good for you.

Weight of the shoes

Depending on what the activities you plan on doing, you might have to choose a light or heavy water shoe. A light shoe might feel good on your feet, but it might not be the best choice for some rough surfaces. Depending on how you want your water shoes to work, their weight may be an important factor to think about.


You need to find water shoes that are in your price range. There are shoes for every type of terrain and purpose, and they come in all price ranges. You might not have to spend a lot of money to get a shoe that will do what you want.

Shoe size

If you want a good pair of water shoes, it’s important to get the size right. Some shoes will feel just right when they are dry but get uncomfortable when you put some water in them. If the shoes are too big, they might slip off your foot when they get wet. Choose a shoe that fits well to avoid being uncomfortable.


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