Upper Moon 4 Hantengu - Everything You Need To Know

Upper Moon 4 Hantengu - Everything You Need To Know

ByRosalindJun 09, 2022

Hantengu shown 5 different forms of personalities that include Hantengu, Sekido, Karaku, Urogi and ZohakutenUpper Moon 4 or Hantengu is one of the main antagonists of the Swordsmith Village Arc of Demon Slayer series. As part of Upper Moon, he was given the rank of number 4 and he’s a demon who is affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki.

Muzan Kibutsuji found Hantengu locked up in a cell and decided to turn him into a demon. After getting turned into a demon, Hantengu killed the official who locked him up in the first place.

As someone who was given the job of taking down the Swordsmith village with Gyokko, with his immortal body, Hantengu is one of the most annoying characters we’ve ever seen. He can divide himself into six different personas and demons with each having a unique personality.

So, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about the Upper Moon 4 Hantengu from who is upper moon 4 to all of his abilities.

Upper Moon 4 or Hantengu is shown in Zohakuten form as a muscular child of short stature with short hair in Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Here are all Hantengu forms personalities:

1. Hantengu:

In his primary form, Hantengu has the personality of a cowardly person. He gets easily frightened by anyone and shows a lot of fears, delusion, and paranoia. He’s also shown to be crying at the slightest inconvenience and would run away if he seems that the threat is big enough.
Hantengu is delusional in the sense that he thinks that he’s innocent and should not be punished for anything even though we’ve seen him killing people not just in his current demon form but we’ve also seen his crime as a human being. Upper Moon 4 Hantengu loves to kill, eat, and destroy people but expects the world to forgive him.

2. Sekido:

Sekido Demon Slayer is Hantengu’s anger form. Sekido would always act angry, vengeful, and irritative. Even to his fellow demons, he has no sympathy and can easily get annoyed by them. Sekido doesn’t care about anyone and is the most dominant personality in Hantengu’s demons.

3. Karaku:

Karaki is the calm form of Hantengu. He’s a laid-back and relaxed form who fought with Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya. He was constantly praising our main characters and instead of taking the battle as a serious one, he would see it as a mere game.
Karaku can be seen to be a little selfish where he would just enjoy new experiences that he’ll get while battling. For example, after being shot by Genya, Karaku was surprised and happy that someone could hurt him this badly.

4. Aizetsu

Aizetsu is a sorrowful form of the Upper Moon 4 Hantengu. The most negative, sad, and sour personality who will think of everything as being depressing, Aizetsu was calm and composed at the same time.
He would be extra careful in using his strategies and fighting opponents which would give him a rather hard time.

5. Urogi

Urogi is Hantengu’s joyous personality. Just like Karaku, he thinks that battling with the enemies is nothing more than enjoyment and entertainment. That’s why he is often bashed for his nonserious behavior. Urogi is also smart and was proven to be quite effective against the demon slayers.

6. Zohakuten

Zohakuten is the hatred side of Hantengu. He can easily be angry, spiteful, and vengeful just like Sekido. He thinks that the enemies are evil for bullying him. He likes to call his opponents disrespectful names so they will engage in a battle with full rage.
Zohakuten is quite loyal to Muzan as he told Mitsuri that he only follows what Muazan says. Zohakuten is the most intelligent and smart out of all the Hantengu clones.

Hantengu’s Early Life

Even back in his human days, Hantengu was an evil human being. He committed a lot of serious crimes which include murder, robbing, and more without showing even a little bit of remorse or hesitation.

Even after all this, he thinks that he’s innocent which just means that he’s got a narcissistic personality. However, after being turned into the demon, his personality got worse and now he became one of the most dangerous upper moons of all time.

After eating a huge chunk of people, Hantengu, in his demon form, claimed that he was innocent. Due to his crimes, he was given a death sentence, however, Muzan came and turned him into a demon. The first thing he did was kill the prison official who locked him up. Upon the official’s death, he told Hantengu that he would be punished for his sins at some point which came out to be rather true.

Hantengu’s Abilities and Powers:

When we talk about the demon slayer upper moon 4’s ability, there isn’t one. He’s the fourth-highest Twelve Kizuki and thanks to his overpowered abilities, he’s considered the fifth most powerful demon in the world of Demon Slayer.

Upper Moon 4’s Blood Demon Art is an interesting one as he can create multiple clones of himself that are just as powerful as any other upper moon we’ve seen in the series. Thanks to their smart strategy and powers, Hantengu’s clones were able to overpower Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya who are all very powerful characters.

Genya told everyone that it would be difficult to defeat someone like Hantengu because they would have to look for his main body while being chased by his overpowered clones.

And when all four clones were fused into one form, Zohakuten, he was able to fight with Mitsuri Kanroji, one of the strongest demon slayers by her brute strength. After unlocking her Demon Slayer mark, Mitsuri was barely able to go head to head with Zohatuken until others could find Hantengu’s main body. So let’s talk about all of his clone’s abilities and powers.
Hantengu could fuse all four clones into Zohakuten form shown as in the bottom and then he was able to fight with Mitsuri Kanroji.

Hantengu Demon Slayer’s Abilities:

● Stealth: Hantengu is one sneaky villain in Demon Slayer. Thanks to his stealthy personality, we can see how he could easily sneak into the swordsmith village even after all the security that surrounds it. Without anyone noticing, Hantengu was able to infiltrate one of the most vital demon slayer bases of all time. He could easily sneak into Muichiro’s and Tanjiro’s room without them even having a single clue. His ability to stay low-key is so overpowered that no one knew that he was a demon until they saw him with their eyes.

● Speed and Reflexes: Being the uppermoon 4, Hantengu has otherworldly speeds and reflexes. He was easily able to dodge Muichiro’s Mist Breathing and Hinokami Kagura technique without even trying. When he’s in his smallest form, he can still run as fast as Nezuko.

● Size Changing Ability: As a transformative demon, he can change his size at his will. That’s how he can easily hide anywhere he wants.

● Hantengu Demon Art (Emotion Manifestation): So what exactly is Hantengu blood demon art? Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art incorporates him being able to manifest his emotions and the strongest version of himself with his unique personality and abilities. This ability can only be activated once his head is cut off.
Sekido Demon Slayer’s Abilities:

● Flesh Manipulation Technique: Sekido can manipulate his flesh to make weird shapes to defeat his opponent.

● Speed & Reflexes: Sekido has superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes as he was shown to easily block the bullet from Genya’s shotgun even before the bullet hit him.

● Biological Absorption: Sekido can absorb the bodies of his clones. He absorbed his other clones Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi to form the strongest Zohakuten clone.
Karaku Demon Slayer’s Abilities:

● Ultimate Stamina and Strength: Karaku’s strength and stamina are something that cannot be rivaled by his other clones. He was easily able to rip Nezuko’s arms with his bare hands and could survive without having his head intact after being shot by Genya’s shotgun. Karaku is the epitome of brute strength and unrivaled stamina.

● Blood Demon Art (Aerokinesis): This blood demon art allows Karaku to manipulate wind using his maple-leaf Uchiwa. By easily swinging the Uchiwa down, he can create a fatal gust that can destroy an entire building.

Aizetsu’s Abilities:

● Flesh Manipulation: Like all his other clones, Aizetsu can turn into anything. He turned himself into a leaf-shaped Uchiwa to survive. And the most unique part about Aizetsu’s flesh manipulation ability is that he can create multiple leaves until it’s impossible to tell who’s what.

● Blood Demon Art (Spear Projection): Aizetsu uses Spear Projection which lets him send a thrusting attack on Yari over huge distances.
Urogi Demon Slayer’s Abilities:

● Blood Demon Art (Avian Physiology): Being able to mimic the abilities of the avian creatures, he can have large wings that allow him to fly at a very fast speed. His talons can easily cut and diamond and that’s why this eccentric clone is very powerful.
Zohakuten Demon Slayer’s Abilities:

● Blood Demon Art (Menacing Aura): Being the strongest clone, his sole presence is enough to make the enemies run. Tanjiro choked and felt a lot of pain in his heart with his mere gaze.
Urami Demon Slayer’s Abilities:

● Blood Demon Art (Size Manipulation): Urami can change the size of his will. This was seen when he increased his size to his Hantengu in his heart.

Who Killed Hantengu?

Upper Moon 4 Hantengu’s death was unique as Tanjiro killed the six clones that contained Hantengu’s soul. Tanjiro sliced Hantengu’s shrunken body and instantly killed him by cutting his head off in a single thrust. Hantengu was quite fast and was trying to run from Tanjiro, however, Tanjiro had to use Thunder Breathing to catch up with him. The Upper Moon 4’s death was something all Demon Slayer fans remember. He was an interesting spectacle to witness.

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