Top Five Must-have Toys for Girls to Stimulate Creativity

Top Five Must-have Toys for Girls to Stimulate Creativity

ByAruaMay 31, 2022

girls toys from googlePlaying with toys for children is not only a form of entertainment, or a way for parents to entertain their children, in fact, toys have a great deal of psychological benefits, as they not only stimulate intelligence in children but also foster the development of creative thinking.

Each year, adults prepare a lot of gifts for children, whether it is for their own children or for friends and colleagues who have children. Throughout parenthood, we always have a hard time picking toys for our kids, especially toys that will fascinate girls. Here, you’ll be able to find fun, science-related, cost-effective and interactive toys all in one place!

The pinkish looking piggy bank adopts the design of an ATM deposit port and is best for them to keep their pocket money! It even allows kids to set a personalised 4-digit password to keep their cash and coins that they earned from doing household chores etc. The storage space is large enough for them to store 100 coins and 600 banknotes! Moreover, you can help your kid get in the habit of saving with a piggy bank. Whether it is about developing frugality in life or wanting to own toys, showing a child that he does not have to depend on others all the time but has to rely on himself to get what he wants or purchase items for others can build his ability to care for others and exercise self-control. Start by teaching your kid about money, its varieties, denominations, and shapes, and let him or her experience how it works. Meanwhile, your child may also learn how to use the money appropriately by purchasing things that he or she likes, such as toys and books.

You don’t see many fun projects that are educational, but this one is! Here’s your chance to learn and guide your kids on everything you need to know about plants! Why do seeds germinate? When can I sow the seeds? How many times do I need to water? Why do some plants need sunlight? What do plants eat to grow? Not only will your kids get to be involved in an engaging activity, but the process of planting the flowers, decorating the stoneware pots, and observing the blooming of flowers is also definitely educational.

The gardening kit is absolutely suitable for children who live in the city but have a heart for plants! You can paint and plant your own stoneware garden which develops the creativity in children that is unique to them. The kit comes with step-by-step instructions and includes 3 stoneware pots, 1 stoneware tray, soil, 3 seed packets, 12-color paint strip, 2 paintbrushes, a paint palette, 3 wooden plant markers, a shovel, a watering bottle, and a beautiful instruction booklet. May you and your kids reap the joy of caring for plants!

Each child sees a different universe and has aliens in their minds. The LCD writing tablet is a great gift to inspire your child’s love for art, record every moment of inspiration, and help your child grow cognitively. It features an 11-inch multi-coloured screen that’s large enough to allow kids the freedom to follow their wildest imaginations. As you press down on the drawing tablet with the included stylus or any hard object, such as nails, rods, spoons, etc., the lines become thicker or thinner depending on how intense the force you apply is. Additionally, the function of the erase key allows all doodling to be instantly erased, while the lock key will keep the whole picture unchanged until it is unlocked. Besides just serving as a writing and drawing tablet, this product can also be transformed into a message board, easily writing messages, telling children to eat on time or complete certain things.

What’s more important, the writing tablet is designed with paper-like vision and is completely safe with no glare, no radiation, which can protect your kids’ eyesight; and you don’t have to worry about the chalk dust and chemical pigments we used to draw with when we used chalk and paint in the traditional method!


In fact, LEGO blocks feature not only the capability of acquired knowledge or skill, but also the opportunity for children to engage in the whole process of thinking, creating, and doing through the construction process. Through this process, children can exercise their hands-on ability, observation capabilities, logical reasoning, etc. Alternatively, you can use Lego as an assistive tool to help children understand mathematics concepts, color classification, concept of balance, as well as to build different vocabularies.

So, how should parents pick a kid’s first set of Lego? When a kid first gets Lego blocks, they shouldn’t be too complex. It’s hard to play with complex blocks, and after a few goes it’s easy to lose confidence. Thus, it is crucial that parents choose one that is easy to construct and has a level of difficulty that is appropriate for the child. LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box is the perfect construction set to start off with because of its interesting story and diversified possibilities of construction. From a toy scooter to a toy house, kids can construct anything they like with this set of 790 pieces. It is super friendly for first-timer to have a taste of the joy of neverending creative play!

Every little girl loves to feel beautiful things! And it’s a dream for every little princess to have these shining and beautiful rings! A nickel-free jewel ring set that comes in a box is a wonderful gift you can give to your daughter, and it is sure to make her day. Beautifully presented in a pink gift box, the 24 rings are available in a variety of designs such as sunflowers, butterflies, gems, etc which are perfect for accessorizing outfits during special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, and birthday parties. The rings can be adjusted to fit every finger size, and they are skin-friendly, made of high-quality acrylic and metal.

As parents pay more attention to raising their kids nowadays, choosing the right toy can be a difficult task for them. There is no doubt that children are natural learners, and the best time to teach them new things is at the age when they are immensely fascinated by any kind of toy that they come across. In the process of playing, children discover and experience the world that belongs to them, resulting in a greater ability to process information, whether it is in books or outside the textbook. Hope this list can narrow down your research and provide you with some ideas on what to buy for your girl.

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