Top 7 desk lamps help students build immersive learning environment

Top 7 desk lamps help students build immersive learning environment

ByEdithApr 15, 2022

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Yesterday I saw a movie called Druk in which I notice a pendent lamp from Louis Poulsen hanging under Mads Mikkelsen’s dining room, which made the whole space special. I suddenlly thought of that on my desk I also need a lamp to lift atmosphere because a good learning atmosphere is even more important than that of dining room. So desk lamp, I need to change a better desk lamp!

A table lamp with reliable quality can reduce the damage of light to the eyes. As students, we are even more productive in a light environment that are comfortable for our eyes.

A high-quality desk lamp should be equipped with the following factors: no flicker, mild color temperature, and suitable light intensity and light range. According to these criteria, I have selected 7 lamps that are very suitable for students. Let’s improve our learning experience together!

Paulmann is a German brand. Different from the previous brands, it is a brand specializing in lamps. They emphasize the use of warm lighting and dependable quality to create a comfortable, peaceful home environment. With german brand’s consistent rigor, we can say that none of their lamps are bad.

Why I like Paulmann Gesa?

  • No lamp base, so it fits my little table by the window. I prefer to study at this little table in the summer. For small tables, if you put a large lamp there may be no space on the table, then clamp is good.
  • Paulmann’s bulbs are of good quality. Many light sources can reach the AA rating when they leave the factory, but they will not be able to maintain the rating for a long time. Paulmann’s bulbs can keep AA for 12 years, so even if they are used for a long time, the light source quality is still stable and can protect the eyes well.

BenQ is famous for their eye-care monitors, but as optical technology is the focus of their product development, their desk lamps are also of high quality. And their products always have a simple appearance, so they can be matched with different room style.

Why I like Wit e-Reading?

  • With a meniscus-shaped lamp head, it can light the whole desk. Because I like dark rooms–it makes me feel calmer while studying. If one light could illuminate my entire desk, I wouldn’t have to turn on the room light and wouldn’t have eye pain. This is what Wit does.
  • The best thing about this light is that it has a mode for electronic screens, which reduces reflections when using computer and iPad (I really hate reflections!). At the same time, this lamp has a built-in light sensor, so it can automatically adjust the color temperature and brightness of its own light according to the ambient light, which is really smart!

So if you want to buy a desk lamp which can accompany with you for a long time, especially if you are electronic devices lover, I think BenQ deserves it! Although it is expensive, it will build a studying environment definitely good!

Ikea has a wide variety of home products, with low price, but stylish and of good quality. They have a lot of retro-designed lamps that are great for adding a touch of style to your desk, Forsa is one of many that has appeared in homes of many home bloggers and tv series.

Why I like Ikea Forsa?

  • The most important is its beautiful appearance, after all, a good-looking lamp pretends to leave me beside desk for studying.
  • There are not many complicated functions, it is very suitable for people who live a minimalist life, but at the same time the angle can be adjusted to suit various usage scenarios.

In general, this one is suitable for people who don’t study in front of a desk for a long time, because it has some flicker compared to the professional eye-care lamps mentioned before. But if you want to decorate the desk better, choose this! It also has many colorways, such as retro green, very beautiful!

You think these three are too big for your small desk? Don’t worry, next I will recommend one for you…

Ottlite is a brand specializing in eye protection lamps. Their desk lamps are all glare-free and flicker-free. Many parents in Canada have bought Ottlite eye protection lamps for their children.

Why I like Ottlite Wellness Travel Lamp?

  • This light really has a lot of little features like temperature, time and date. If you are easily distracted by checking the time and temperature with your mobile phone while you are studying, you will not have this problem with this light.
  • It’s very small and can be charged on a computer with a usb connection, so I love using this light while using the bed table.

If you want to enjoy inmersive studying environment, try this one maybe you will have new experience. And for those who often change study desk, this one is suitable.

TaoTronics is a brand of Sunvalley Group, which mainly produces headphones, aiming to provide affordable products. Because of its strong technical support, the quality of the lamp made is good and affordable, which is very suitable for students.

Why I like TaoTronics desk lamp?

  • This one is the most suitable for people with messy desks among TaoTronics desk lamps. Its base is a mobile phone wireless charger, and it is also equipped with a wireless usb interface. With this desk lamp, there is no need to put a power strip on the desktop.
  • Very energy-saving, not only environmentally friendly but also saves electricity bills.
  • The design is very user-friendly. Its light head can be adjusted in angle, so it can directly illuminate the book when reading; when using the computer, it can be turned outward to prevent it from directly hitting the screen.

Like BenQ, Momax, from HongKong, is also a brand popular with digital products lovers. But the lamp they produce, as household item, is also simple and versatile.

Why I like Momax Charger Lamp?

  • Very light, so it can be easily moved. And its light pole and base can be disassembled, and can be folded and stored when not in use. As a student, if you move frequently, this light will be very suitable.
  • Like BenQ Wit, it has ajustable color temperature and light intensity, although the color temperature and intensity are not as much as BenQ, but it is enough, and there is no stroboscopic and blue light. It also has an additinal great feature - the base can be used as a wireless charger for your phone. If you don’t like a lot of messy charging cables on the desktop, you can use this light to leave the phone charging cable unplugged.

With an acceotable price and diverse functions, it is really a cost-effective option.

Ok, let’s summarize:

  • If you focu on eye-care, BenQ, Momax, TaoTronics and Ottlite are all you can choose. Among them, BenQ’s lamp has the best eye-care effect.
  • Ikea Forsa is a fashion choice and Paulmann is suitable for small table.
    Wish you have a nice study experice with a good desk lamp.😊
I am a deep lover of skincare and home goods. I prefer cost-effective products that give me wonderful using experience and I attach much importance to the ingredients of the products. So I make review with both professional analysis and the feeling when using one product.