Top 6 Adorable Anya Forger Anime Figures from SpyxFamily in 2022

Top 6 Adorable Anya Forger Anime Figures from SpyxFamily in 2022

ByNicoJun 24, 2022

from googleIf you’re a lover of Spy x Family, are you content with watching the show on television or on video streaming websites? To experience this world created by their favorite show in real life A lot of anime enthusiasts are keen on collecting figurines. A few avid collectors are just in it for the joy of collecting figures.

The main reason behind the popularity of Anya is that she’s the only character from the show who is in complete control of everything, which makes her the ideal bridge to the perfect person to connect with the Spy x Family universe. The reality that Anya knows what secrets the adults try to keep through her telepathic abilities positions her as the most powerful all-around ally to the fans.

Collectors of Spy x Family anime characters figures have been a popular aspect of pop culture for quite some time. Spy x Family anime merchandise manufacturers have created stunningly high-end figures in recent times.

Place these on your table, or shelves, or create your cabinet of collectors. No matter if you have one or 100, take a look at these anime characters with cult status among collectors.

From toys that cost a few dollars to extravagant statues that cost thousands of dollars a complete generation of anime enthusiasts can take pleasure in the game. Here are the most popular Spy x Family characters like Anya Forger figures to buy today!

From the popular manga and anime, series Spy x Family comes an adorable Look-Up figure of the protagonist the character, Anya Forger!

The neck can be moved around and allows the character to pose with various facial expressions. It is possible to display her in your home and feel being in the company of your beloved Anya as if she was present.


  • The measurement of the measurement is 4.33 inches (11cm)
  • Made from high-quality PVC
  • A part in the Look Up series


  • A few high-priced items

Spy x Family Anya Forger Chokonokko is the telepath who can read the minds of others. The animated series “SPY x FAMILY” comes from Anya Forger, the mind-reading psychic who was created accidentally as part of an experiment carried out by a particular organization.

Bandai is likely to slowly reveal the various prizes. Similar to other Ichiban Kuji lotteries, the Spy x Family Lovely Ordinary Days collection will also be revealed, along with an Ending One Prize, and Double Chance Campaign.


  • High-end Design
  • A glamorous and shiny figure
  • Cost-effective in terms of price


  • I do not Have any

A new product from BANDAI SPIRITS Innovation, “Spy Family Anya Forger” Block Calendar Is now available. This is the very first lottery in the popular comic animated “SPY and FAMILY”. A range of characters includes blocks calendars and illustration boards mini colored papers and rubber straps. plates!

Spy x Family Anya Forger Block Calendar The figure is captivating, particularly due to the poses and the gravity-defying aspects. If you owned a figure that was in a fight pose that you have in your collection it will work particularly well with other figurines in similar poses.


  • Design with high quality
  • All in one Figure
  • Cost-effective in terms of price


  • Don’t have a lot

Gorgeous Figure of Anya Forger Palm Size from the manga and anime Spy x Family, within the G.E.M. The figure is 6cm and is made by Megahouse with high-quality PVC in addition to ABS. Add a cartoonish look by purchasing the Anya Forger Palm Size Spy x Family G.E.M. Figure!

GEM Series Figure Anya Forger Spy Palm Size Figure Series is a warm welcome from the SPY x FAMILY family to the line-up! Tiny cute forms with large eyes have been recreated well! You must introduce this character as Anya into your household.


  • The perfect 6cm size
  • Adorable Anya Forger Figure
  • Made from high-quality ABS plating


  • More expensive

With their life-like eyes and simple articulated faces, their slack and elegant appearances are bound to be awe-inspiring. Today, Yor of the show “SPY x FAMILY” joins the show! The figure features Yor Forger Figuarts miniature figure from the anime Spy x Family licensed and manufactured by Bandai Nations.

The dynamic pose fits the character perfectly, and it is certain to stand out on your shelves for years to be. As one of the series’ most prominent characters and heroes, Yor Forger is a well-loved choice for collectors.


  • Included is the main body, as well as additional arms that come with stands.
  • Around 3.5 inches tall
  • Adorable design


  • Don’t have a lot

Spy x Family It’s Yor has vibrant colors and seamless lines making this adorable plush perfect for everyone who loves it! Include your most loved characters from the well-known SpyxFamily, Anya Forger, or Yor Forger Plush to your collection of plushies now! Approximately 20 cm, the perfect size for anyone.

It was measured by hand and could be a 12cm difference. Thanks for your patience. Made from high-end PP Cotton, eco-friendly super soft short plush. Restored to perfection the character from the animated.


  • Made with high-end material Plush as well as cotton
  • Approximately 20cm is a good size
  • Character figure that has been fully restored


  • It’s not a good idea to use plastic manufactured figures

Buying Guide:

Decide to Display the Figure Packaged or Unpackaged

When you purchase a figure, make sure beforehand if the figure will be displayed on the packaging it comes in. This can be a major factor in the price paid. If the collector wishes to display the figure in a different place than the packaging that retails, they may purchase an unopened figurine. But, the condition is an important consideration when purchasing open figures.

Be selective about condition

When purchasing action figures that are packaged for retail The packaging for retail should be pristine. The presence of major folds bends, and marks could significantly decrease the value of an item.

Figures that are opened are much more difficult to sell and, unless extremely rare, should be in perfect condition. Figures that are opened must be offered at an additional discount if they don’t come with an original package and printed materials.

Price listed

A common error that novice collectors commit is to take a price that is listed as the final price. In reality, the price that is listed is the seller’s ideal scenario and they are willing to make concessions.

Final Words

Did you find your favorite SPY x FAMILY characters figures? They are taken from popular anime shows However, there are more options to choose from.

You must determine if you are buying for a long-term investment or to sell quickly, because this can impact the kind of action figure that you buy and the amount you spend.

There’s an endless array of action figures from SPY x FAMILY that are available, featuring diverse characters and characters along with a myriad of stories and themes We recommend those who are new to collecting to keep to one or two themes to keep the control over their collection.

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