Top 5 Shower Shelf Options for both New and Old Showers

Top 5 Shower Shelf Options for both New and Old Showers

BySamseaJul 25, 2022

DescriptionA ledge that is constructed in front of a shower wall is called a shower shelf. Because there is no top part or canopy above the storage shelf, it is different from a niche. In contrast to a shower niche, which may be any size or form, a shower shelf typically looks best when it fills the whole length or breadth of your shower. As a shower shelf really resides inside the shower area rather than within a wall, it does require more space than integrating a niche.

When it comes to the layout and use of a room, corners are frequently ignored. The uncomfortable area may appear daunting. Corner shelf ideas can, however, make use of a variety of spaces, including an empty corner in the living room and a small niche in the kitchen. These innovative corner shelf designs optimize storage while enhancing design.

1- Glass Corner Shower Shelves

The Glass Corner Shower Shelf has lowest tile on both walls must be notched at the grout line in order to accommodate the glass tabs that are typically included on the wall side of this shelf. The glass corner shelf and anything else you decide to put on it will be securely supported if the tiles, mortar, and grout are done correctly. One of this sort of shower shelf’s main benefits is its strength and stability.

A glass shower corner shelf is the one for you if you’re going for a contemporary, minimalist look. This offers a straightforward yet stylish method for decorating your bathroom interiors while keeping them practical for everyday usage. Additionally, it provides your shower area a more fresh and airy atmosphere while giving the appearance of greater space. Additionally, soap frequently leaves behind product residue and hard water marks on glass, which can make it appear filthy.


  • Can be added to any design setting
  • Being adaptable
  • Durable in nature


  • Untemper glass shelving is risky.

2- Tile Corner Shelves

Tile Corner Shelves are incredibly sturdy and a preferred DIY shower storage solution. If you prefer that your shelves blend in with the surrounding tile, these are particularly popular because they are inexpensive, simple to manufacture, and will exactly match your shower wall tile. As an alternative, some individuals prefer to tile over the shelf ledge after creating it with a timber frame. This tactic is not advised since any wood framing that enters the shower’s wet region is a terrible idea.

Tile Corner Shelves could lead to eventual swelling, cracked grout, decay, and mold. No matter how thoroughly you waterproof this framed shelf before tiling, a little quantity of moisture will still get inside. Using a piece of foam shower board like the Wedi Building Board might be a better choice. It is sturdy and less vulnerable to water penetration because your shelf may be built with just one piece of foam board. In other words, as it is not a retrofit style shelf, a shower that already exists cannot accommodate its installation.


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • stronger shelf
  • Absorb a small amount of moisture


  • Not installable in an existing shower

3- Ceramic Corner Shelves

Ceramic corner shelves are glazed and fired in a kiln, with the majority of the materials being ceramic and porcelain on occasion. These shelves now have a sturdy, weatherproof coating. These shelves tend to have a more conventional appearance because this is an extremely old technique, and all the first wall-hung soap dishes were manufactured this way. A closer examination reveals that the tabs on the edges are considered too large to mount into the grout lines of an existing shower, despite the fact that they appear to be designed to do so. The fact that these shelves are affordable and sturdy is one of their main advantages.

Ceramic corner shelves also have the advantage of being available in a variety of colors, making it simpler to match them to the color of your tiles. They are highly susceptible to chipping before and after installation.


  • Durable waterproof shelf
  • Available in different colors


  • Quite vulnerable to chipping before and after installation.

4- Stone Corner Shelves

Stone Corner Shelves is another straightforward built-in storage solution are these three triangle shelves. Each member of your family can have a place for storage thanks to the ability to stack corner shelves one on top of the other. Built-in shower shelves do take up a little amount of prime shower space, which can be a disadvantage if you have a smaller shower. This shower shelf design is fantastic since it can be made inexpensively.

Stone Corner Shelves is much more structurally sound than tile, and has a more polished, appealing appearance. During the installation of shower wall tiles, a stone corner shelf can support a tremendous amount of weight when it is embedded in thin-set mortar, making it ideal for use as a corner foot rest or shelf. The typical thickness of stone pieces like these is 2 cm, while certain stone variations can come in 3 cm thicknesses for a bolder appearance.


  • Structurally solid than tile
  • Support a tremendous amount of weight.


  • During installation and handling, fractures may occur

5- Retrofit Corner Shower Shelves

Retrofit Corner Shower Shelves have a very thin profile, can match most metallic fixture finishes, and can be placed in the corner of practically any existing tiled shower wall, stainless steel corner shower shelves are among the most popular corner shelves. The use of a retrofit corner shower shelf, which is stylish, robust, and doesn’t harm the waterproofing membrane is the most straightforward method of adding a corner shelf to an existing tiled shower wall.

Retrofit Corner Shower Shelves belongs in both the preceding and this section since it may be placed quickly during a complete redesign OR in an existing shower as long as the grout lines are 1/8 inch or greater.


  • Having a very thin profile
  • Can be easily installed


  • Available in different sizes

How much does shower shelf cost?

Your shower shelf’s price will rely on a variety of elements, but most importantly, its size. In general, larger projects cost more to complete in crafts like carpentry, waterproofing, and tiling. If your niche is integrated into a load-bearing or structural wall, that cost should also be taken into account. In this instance, it might also be necessary to use a beam or lintel to support the wall above the niche entrance.

Along with size, your tile cuts’ external corner finish will have an impact on cost. The cost of labor for a mitered tile finish is normally higher and is calculated per linear metre. Although installing tiles with butt joints or using a tile trim is more economical, mitering typically results in a finish that is smoother.


The shelving in line is perfect for use in bathrooms and showers. They are installed utilizing our proprietary tongue and groove technique with no hardware needed. Because there is no hardware, there is no corrosion or rust marks. They have the practicality of a shelf while also adding a touch of refinement to any bathroom. Glass is one of the most adaptable materials for design and goes well with any aesthetic.

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