Top 5 Modern and Magnetic Chess Boards - best tabletop toys

Top 5 Modern and Magnetic Chess Boards - best tabletop toys

BySibylJun 02, 2022

Chess Boards from GoogleThe chess board allows you to put all that you’ve learned and practiced into action. Without a board, you can’t play the best openings in chess. Chess players have the opportunity to do just that. It is possible to choose the chess board that best suits your needs without visiting a chess shop.
The choice of a chess board and set of chess depends on practicality and personal preferences. Knowing what you are looking for will simplify things. It is a mistake to go into an auto yard without knowing what you’re seeking. It’s possible to get a perfect board, but it is likely you’ll have to compromise on some aspects.

This board is made from premium quality wood and has magnetic properties. This ensures that your chess pieces are secure even in strong winds and bumps. The board’s surface is also scratch-resistant, which will be appreciated by players. The contents of the box are equally stunning.
This large magnetic chess set is made from premium quality wood with strong magnetism. This chess set is unique because of its magnetic design. The chess pieces will remain in their original positions, even if you flip the board upside down. There will be no more pieces that are lost when playing outdoors, in windy conditions, or while traveling. This makes chess more exciting and appealing

The clear pattern on the chess table. You can fold the wooden board as many times as you want, indoors or outdoors. The chessboard is a great alternative to electronic gadgets that kids love these days. It is made with exceptional craftsmanship and is a wonderful intellectual hobby for kids and adults.
Staunton chess pieces are handcrafted using carefully selected dutch wood by skilled artisans. Each slot will hold the chessmen. There is no need to rattle, lose pieces or make a mess. In the event of any misappropriation, extra queens and kings will be sent.


•	Strong and Foldable
•	Anti-scratching
•	Extra Kings Queens & Storage Slots


•	Quality is lower than with other options

Magnetically attached to the board, the hand-carved wood chess pieces are magnetically attached to it. This allows you to play the game on the road, in a car, airplane, or any other mobile vehicle.
This magnetic chess set is not only for adults who want to have fun, but it could also be used by children to stimulate their intelligence and educate them. Ideal for beginners and those who enjoy electronic gadgets.

The entire Chess Board is handcrafted with high-quality wooden material. Its smooth surface ensures optimal touch comfort while playing chess or checkers.
The lightweight and foldable design of the board makes it easy to carry around and makes it portable. Compact board size fits in your bag or luggage for travel. Large chess pieces are easy to handle, making them ideal for playing with comfort.


•	Magnetic chessmen
•	Easy to carry
•	Perfect enlightenment


•	The board is crowded with pieces

ChessGenius Pro is more challenging than its brother ChessGenius. This strong tool helps club and tournament players find their partners. Experienced players will be entertained by the opening libraries and analysis mode. The device is visually stunning with its noble chrome, black chrome, and figure felt figure. The ChessGenius Pro is a combination of performance and optics that create an unbeatable package.

ChessGenius Pro features the most recent MILLENNIUM HighSensitive Pressure Sensor Technology. Maximum gaming enjoyment is provided by the extra-large, easy-to-use chessboard. The large, illuminated LCD screen allows for virtual chessboard display and displays help and control functions.
There are 7 languages available for menus and help texts, as well as operating instructions. It also features better quality optics. It has a silver border around its chessboard and high-quality pieces made with chromed felt. This makes it a joy to look at.


•	Intelligent power supply recognition
•	Larger, more extensive opening libraries.
•	Lightning-fast response


•	Expensive

Magnetic Travel Chess set is the perfect choice if you are looking for a portable chess set that you can take on the road. The foldable chess set can be carried around in a small, lightweight bag and has magnetic pieces that attract to the board. Each chess piece is made of high-quality plastic which increases its durability. You’ll also receive a travel pouch that will allow you to easily store your new set of chess pieces.

Quadro Magnetic Travel Chess Set comes with everything you need to play chess while on the move. A drawstring bag to hold the pieces together, and a folding board that can be folded up for storage. The bottom of each magnetic piece is made from soft material to reduce noise and scratching.


•	Best travel set
•	Scratch-resistant
•	It's easy to store


•	Plastic-free is not the best option

Buying Guide:


Classic game costs can vary depending on the material and skill level. Expert-level games will be more costly than those for beginners. Handmade wood sets will also cost more than the plastic versions. A more durable and budget-friendly option might be better if you are buying for children.


There are many options for chess sets, from acrylic to plastic to wood. The material you choose can impact the weight and appearance of your chess sets.
You can display your chess set as a decorative piece by choosing a fashionable set of metal or acrylic. These materials are also easier to maintain than wooden sets. Although plastic is more durable and cheaper, it’s not as elegant in design.

Storage and Portability

Storage space is an important consideration when buying toys and board games. Many of the options in this list have convenient storage options such as compact boxes and drawers that can be used for individual pieces. You can fold some sets in half for easy transport.

Final Verdict

Hand-carved pieces will make a statement in any house and are easy to clean and maintain. This handmade game set is a hit with gamers of all skill levels.
Chess can improve your strategic thinking and analytical skills, and it allows you to spend more time with loved ones and friends. You should invest in a high-quality chessboard that will last for many years if you plan to play chess often or train your child to master it. Clear and fade-resistant markings are essential as they determine the moves. You can also take your portable chessboard along with you to picnics or other places if you purchase one.

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