Top 5 Metallic and Adorable Enamel Pins of 2022

Top 5 Metallic and Adorable Enamel Pins of 2022

ByrayyyJun 27, 2022

The trend for enamel cute pins is not new. Lapels are a fashion trend that has been around for decades. However, they were only used in a very limited niche due to their conservative nature. You could only wear enamel pins to formal occasions, and even then you had to follow a strict set of rules.

Although they look simple, enamel cute pins production takes a lot more thought and careful execution. To achieve the perfect cute pins, many metals are used.

Your pin’s appearanceis not only affected by the materials used, but also by its cost, perceived quality, and colors. If you choose the right materials, your pin will be stylish, durable, and a hit. However, if you use the wrong materials, your pin may be fragile, unattractive, and difficult to move.

We have 5 top-rated enamel cute pins that will satisfy your needs.

1. Red Dress Hello Kitty Enamel Pin

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? It’s important to be proud of your love for Hello Kitty and display it! This enamel pin is a great way to show your pride!

Red Dress Hello Kitty Enamel pin is for intended use only. You should not choose an enamel pin. Hard enamel pins have a smooth surface due to their intricate perimeter cuts and iconic smooth finishes.

  • Check it out for more info:


•	Enamel pin measuring 25mm x 30mm
•	Design and polished
•	The most adorable pin


•	It is small in size

2. Ghost Cat Enamel Pin

This Salem is for your cat if she’s more Nermal than Mrs. Norris. This goth-tastic collection includes a Ghost Cat Enamel Pin and other morbid curiosities.

It’s perfect for those who love sarcasm, snark, and dark humor. Hard enamel pin with Punky Pins logo reverse. Ghost Cat Enamel Pin can help you find the perfect gift for someone special.


•	1.5 inches wide and 2mm thick
•	Hard Enamel colors
•	Stamped brass with copper or gold metal plated


•	High prices

3. Pin with Cats and Caffeine Enamel

The Cats and Caffeine Enamel pin includes one tiny pin that’s perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion. It can be worn on your collar, jacket, backpack, or grouped with other pins in your purse, sweater, or on your neck.

It’s so fashionable to have a Caffeine Enamel pin with cats. These pins are personal and great for expressing yourself. You can find a wide range of creative, colorful, and beautiful designs. These are great for embellishing your home. You can make a statement using your selections. There are so many options!


•	A stylish and adorable cat
•	Creative and colorful design
•	Ideal for coffee lovers


•	You don't have much

4. Ghost Cat Pin

This little guy is not scary, but it’s a little sparkly. This 'Lil cutie is not scary, however. Even on the worst days, our Ghost Cat Pin will bring a smile to your face.

Creepy’s first product, the Ghost Cat enamel pin, was born out of the shadows back. Are you going somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine? This Ghost Cat Pin will do the trick.

Check it out for more info:


•	Measures approximately 33mm x 29mm
•	Soft enamel pin
•	Perfect design


•	Others are more expensive

5. Pin for Hiding from Life Cat Enamel

You should choose an enamel pin, just like the Hiding from Life Cat Enamel Pin. Hard enamel pins have a smooth surface, thanks to their intricate perimeter cuts and iconic smooth finishes.

If quality, durability, and a shiny finish matter to you, Hiding From Life Cat hard enamel pins are the best choice. This enamel pin design is the second most in-demand and is of the highest quality.

Check it out for more info:


•	Cute ginger and white cat hid in a bag
•	Measures approximately 35mm x 28mm
•	This card was presented on a Punky Pins back card


•	None

These are the Top Considerations When Selecting Enamel Pins:

Design and size

Is the design scalable? In an effort to save costs and get contracts, vendors may suggest smaller pins. It is worse if you choose a pin that is too small to fit your design. A pin that is difficult to read is not something anyone wants! Ultimate Promotions makes sure that our customers are aware of design issues before placing an order for a pin.

Exclusivity and Versatility

Because of their flexibility, enamel pins are a popular choice. You can only wear one or two enamel pins at a time. They can be worn in multiple places and you can have many of them.

These are small works of art that can be sold and marketed as such. They are now far more important and elegant than they were when they started out as DIY accessories. They are usually between $8-12 dollars but some cost much more.

Enamel Quality

Is the paint in good condition? If the samples are light in color, check closely for any imperfections or swirls from dirt on the base metal. Also, look out for any dust or specks in the paint.

Are your enamel colors rich and vibrant? Are you able to see high and low points where they shouldn’t? Is your pin buffed to a shine or is it merely dull? Is the enamel covering all of the pins or was there a small area that was missed in the enamel laying process?

Final Words

Hard enamel cute pins are a popular choice. They should be your first choice if you desire an enamel cute pins with a shiny and sleek finish. The final polishing gives the cute pins a shiny finish that creates a jewelry-quality look.

You can also find cute designs that are mostly preferred. There are entire subcultures with enamel pins made for fashion. Cute pins can be customized to suit your personal style with unlimited creativity. These accessories are small and can be placed in almost any place. Enamel pins are open to all kinds of creativity because they don’t have a fixed design.

If you are looking for enamel cute pins with a high gloss finish, these enamel cute pins are the best choice.