Top 5 Large Size Cat Litter Mats Fits Under all Litter Boxes

Top 5 Large Size Cat Litter Mats Fits Under all Litter Boxes

ByRosalindJul 18, 2022

The best cat litter mats will catch any litter particles and keep your home and furballs’ paws clean. Large cat litter mat should has a slip-resistant, waterproof bottom to provide floor protection. Your space and personal preference will determine the style that you choose.

There are many options for mats, and we’ve compiled our top picks from Amazon Prime Day that will fit almost any budget. We have the right mat for you, whether you need something easy to clean or that can be used by multiple cats.

We’ll be sharing how each one works, its durability, size, cleaning ease, and more. A buyer’s guide has been added to our site to help you find the right cat litter mat for you. Let’s start with our cat litter mat reviews.

1. Gorilla Grip Litter Mat

Are you looking for a jumbo litter rug for your jumbo cat’s kitty? Gorilla grip offers a variety of sizes for this mat. The jumbo size can be used to cover two litter boxes side-by-side or to surround one as a litter trapping island.

The Gorilla Grip Litter mat is a technologically advanced mat that features deep grooves and superior mesh to capture litter. With thick coils on its topside, the mess stays on your floors. It traps litter that has been kicked and litter that is stuck on furry paws.

The mat’s slip-resistant backing stops it from sliding on the ground. This means that litter and other debris will stay right where your cat falls. Although it is expensive, we have given it some of our highest ratings.


•Deep grooves and thick coil captures are built-in
•Comfortable, ultra-soft fabric
•Slip-resistant and water-resistant


•It may not be large enough

2. Petmate reg tufted Litter Catcher Mat

A Petmate reg; tufted Litter Catcher Mat is a soft rubberized mat that traps litter and keeps floors clean. The webbed design traps litter as your cat leaves the litter pan, preventing otter from getting scatt.

This mat is made with durable and high-quality materials that will last many years. This mat will keep your home clean and prevent litter from accumulating on your floors and furniture.

You can keep litter out of the cat’s paws and in one spot. It’s easy and painless to clean. You just need to shake the litter off the mat and vacuum it up. The mat can be washed in cold water and dried in the air. This will prevent the mat from absorbing odor-causing bacteria.


•Available in 3 sizes
•It’s easy to clean and affordable
•Rubberized material that is durable and flexible



3. Catit Litter Mat, Large

Catit Litter Mat keeps your floor clean from cat litter. The mat’s non-slip surface helps keep it in place. It is very soft and comfortable to walk on. It is easy to vacuum, clean, and rinse.

Catit Litter Mat helps keep your floor clean. The mesh traps larger granules, while the pockets capture them. Catit Litter Mat Large is very soft and comfortable for your cat. There are two sizes of litter mats: Large and Small.


•The soft surface and less tracking
•Flexible fibers trap and dislodge paw litter.
•It is easy to clean and suitable for a variety of litter boxes
•Very affordable


•Some durability issues

4. Drymate Cat Litter Mat Stripes Black Paw

Protects floors with waterproof backing Available in many colors and designs. Select designs can be personalized with personalization. Mats are held in place by a slip-resistant backing.

Drymate Cat Litter Mats can help reduce litter tracking. The felt-like top layer makes it easy to use and has enough texture to help loosen litter. The backing of this litter mat is slip-resistant to prevent it from moving around and waterproof to protect your floor from any accidents.

A litter mat doesn’t have to be beautiful, right? There are many styles and colors available for Drymate Cat Litter Mats. Soft surface reduces litter tracking.


•Available in large sizes and multiple colors
•Highly durable and waterproof
•Mats are held in place by slip-resistant backing


•Some expensive

5. MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter Mat

The MIGHTY MONKEY Premium cat litter mat is another great option. This mat is non-toxic and free of phthalates. It has a deeply grooved mesh that traps cat litter from spreading. It can also be used to remove litter from your furball’s feet.

The mat is waterproof and leakproof so it will not damage your floor below. It also has a slip-resistant base that is safe for you and your pet. The MIGHTY MONKEY’s durable material won’t rip and tear.
It is also easy to clean. You can either shake it out, vacuum it, or use soap and water to rinse the surface.


•Paws are soft and durable
•Slip- and leak-resistant
•Simple to clean and effective


•It doesn’t come in small sizes


Q.1: Are cat litter mats effective?

Although cat litter mats may not be 100% effective, they can significantly reduce the amount of litter your cat takes with them to the litter box.
You have a greater chance of extra litter sticking to the floor and on the mat if it is larger. Place the cat litter mat on the side that your cat will use to step out of the box.

Q.2: Do you need a Littermate?

Although a litter mat isn’t necessary, many pet owners consider them to be a necessity for their litter box.

This is especially important if the litter box is located in an area that is used for other purposes such as a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. A cat litter mat is a must-have for cat owners due to its low price and functionality.

Final words:

There are many benefits to a cat litter mat. A cat litter mat can help keep your home clean and prevent odors from contaminating the area. It can provide your pet with a safe space for walking and protect them from any litter.

We hope that the reviews above have helped you narrow your search and help you find the right litter box mat from Amazon Prime Day. It can be hard to choose the right litter box mat from so many choices. However, we hope that the information presented will help you make an informed decision.

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