Top 5 Electric Shock and Wooden Roulette for Casino Party in 2022

Top 5 Electric Shock and Wooden Roulette for Casino Party in 2022

ByJonathanJun 10, 2022

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Lightning reaction shocking is an electrifyingly entertaining game that tests your reflexes. The lightning reaction shocking game requires players to simultaneously hold on to the handles while they wait for the green light to turn green.
Only the player who presses the trigger on the handle gets shocked. The Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game is the ultimate nerve-racking game. You can choose from mild or high-level shocks. To avoid a shock, be the first one to press your button when the light turns on.
Roulette table game is very easy to learn if you understand all the possible bets. Once all the bets have been placed using colored chips to identify each player, the Croupier stops betting and spins the wheel. The croupier will announce the outcome, collect all winning bets, and pay out the winners’ profits if the ball stops in one of the slot machines.
Some casinos and houses may also play additional rules. The La Partage and En Prison roulette table game rules effectively reduce the casino edge for even-money wagers by halving the advantage. Playing at home? Decide at the beginning which of the following rules you want to use.

It’s a fun Ireav Electric Lucky Finger Roulette Shocking Game. In a stressful atmosphere, players will decide who the next victim is by using the flashing red light and the rapid background sound. Lightning Reaction Reloaded promises hours of laughter and fun as your friends are zapped.
Ireav Electric Lucky Finger Roulette Shocking Game Red lights will cause shock to fingers. Two blinking red lights circle the finger. When the red light fast turns to the opposite finger position, press the start button. The other finger will be shocked. This will create a more joyful and climactic party atmosphere.


  • Circled by blinking red lights
  • Stimulating and fun
  • Roulette mode and Lucky mode


  • Safety concerns

It’s a great party Electric Finger Lie Detector for family and friends. This is a great game to play on family game nights. Game Player Place Your Finger into The Small, Light Random rotation.
When the voice stops sobbing, The Indicator Light which refers to The Game Player will indicate that “Loser Fingers” has occurred. Electric Finger Lie Detector not a professional tool for polygraphing, so it does not provide 100% accuracy. However, this toy is great fun to share with friends.

Funtoyworld Lucky Electric Finger Lie Detector is a great toy for friends to play with, especially when it comes to truth party games. There are two types of punishment functions for the polygraph: Vibration or Electric Shock.
In Funtoyworld Lucky Electric Finger the tester’s fingers should be placed on the sensing slots. The lie detector will punish the liar if his heartbeat accelerates. In this game, Game Player’s Fate Do Not Lose Your Head. This is a shocking drinking game.
2-6 Play, Game player, put your finger into the small, light random rotation, when the voice stops sobbing, which refers to The Game Player. 'Loser’ Fingers will be a shock.

This professional European roulette wheel professional roulette wheel is made of high-quality wooden and has the best craftsmanship. It has a high gloss surface and a strong bearing. This roulette wheel can be used at any official casino event or poker room.
Roulette is made from medium-density fiberboard wood. The rotor is made from solid aluminum and a chrome tower. It is durable and beautiful. You can use the roulette with confidence because it has a wooden surface made of high-gloss paint. It is fast and strong enough to support heavy loads.
Professional roulette wheel European roulette wheels are made from high-quality wood and have the best craftsmanship. This product is beautiful, durable, well-made, and can be used at any official casino event or poker room.

This solid wood carousel has a silver carrying handle and eight compartments for your chips. It also holds two decks of playing cards. The carousel’s handle makes it easy to transport and store.
This Suited Poker Chip Set in Wooden Carousel is ideal for any at-home gaming night or poker lover. It includes a set of poker chips and a revolving casino caddy.


  • Casino Game Night
  • Spinning Wood Carousel
  • Night of Gaming and Poker Set


  • When you are cashing in and don’t stop the action.

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