Top 5 Coolest Spy×Family Anime Figures of 2022

Top 5 Coolest Spy×Family Anime Figures of 2022

BySibylJun 24, 2022

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Spy×Family Anime Figuresis one of the most popular new shows of this year. It blends espionage action and slices of life from the home. It can also be humorous because of the main character’s inability to adjust to the domestic world.

A few fans have expressed their enthusiasm by creating fan art for the show. Anyone who has anime content through their social media accounts is likely to have seen fanart artwork for the series in a similar way to how other works like My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer have gained a devoted fan base over time.

SPY×FAMILY Anime figures are truly works of art. Even those who are not acquainted with this character or even the anime style will be amazed by the exquisite quality and detail that is incorporated into these figures.

SPY×FAMILY is one of the most anticipated new shows of this year. The main character, Loid, is a fantastic spy however there are better toys in terms of the ability to stealth and snoop. Here are the top 6 SPY×FAMILY toys of

Bandai Spirits are proud to announce the reissue of Anya Forger! The figure is meticulously designed and carefully sculpted exactly like Anya Forger from their respective series. The figure is shown in their most popular pose. You must get this to enhance your display by adding other Q pockets!

Your most loved ANYA FORGER from Bandai Spirits, re-envisioned in the most convenient and collectible palm-sized size! With realistic eyes and simple articulated, their squashed and elegant designs are guaranteed to enthrall.


  • Professionally designed with deep details
  • Created by Bandai Spirits
  • Convenient and collectible
  • Cost-effective in terms of price


  • Small in size

Minifigure “SPY×FAMILY” joins the Puchi-Rama line of figures featuring diorama-like characters! There are four available as well as one that remains to be kept secret until a particular figure is made public! Each one measures around 8cm.

Each feature is flawlessly captured in this model with her signature look to her hairstyle and her gravity-defying posture.


  • Comes in a Family Blind Box Set of 4
  • High-quality design and affordable cost
  • Each measure is approximately 8cm


  • Not have any

SPY×FAMILY is already looking to be an early frontrunner for this season and MegaHouse will not waste time in making it. Anya Forger to the G.E.M. Series as a miniature figurine! At 2.4" tall her adorable, tiny Chibi figure with sparkling eyes and a dazzling smile is just too cute to pass up from SPY×FAMILY comes a new Megahouse Figure featuring Anya Forger.

In the palms of your hands, this hand-sized model of adorable Anya is recreated in stunning details, from her pink long hair down to her charming smile. The best friend of Anya, Director Chimera is along for the ride too! Include her in your collection now before she’s gone for good. Make sure you include her in your family!


  • The palm-size is 2.4 inches
  • Cute Anya model with pink hair
  • High-end Sculpter Design


  • The price is very high

Your most loved Loid Forger by Bandai Spirits and reimagined as a handy and collectible palm-sized model! With realistic eyes and simple motion, their squiggled and elegant appearances are guaranteed to impress. The anime character Loid from “SPY×FAMILY” joins the mini-series of Figuarts!

The charisma of the character is reduced to the size of a palm. The TV anime SPY×FAMILY appears in a series of deformed figures with a lively look and simple movements!


  • Beautiful, high-end, and stylish figure
  • Collector’s palm-sized figurine
  • Made with high-quality ABS and PVC. ABS Materials


  • Need support to take it to stand

Yor Forger Bandai Spirits is an ideal and collectible palm-sized character! With life-like eyes and easy articulated, their squashed and fashionable appearances are bound to be awe-inspiring. Then Yor from the animated series “SPY×FAMILY” joins the cast!

It’s certainly a different pace from other figures from SPY×FAMILY, which makes it a favorite among collectors. Yor Forger is probably to be one of the most well-known characters from SPY the FAMILY.


  • Beautiful with beautiful details
  • The most stylish portrayals will surely enchant you
  • One of the most well-known characters


  • Do not Have any

The SPY×FAMILY are the most loved characters from anime. What’s your favorite kind of anime? Even if you’re not a big fan of anime, or you think of yourself as a fan who is a true diehard you’ll be impressed by the quality and precision in these SPY×FAMILY figures. They’ll be treasured by you the figures for a long time They’ll also increase in value.

If you have a particular character you’re keen on, you should immediately act on it. The SPY×FAMILY figures are famously sold in a matter of minutes and frequently will take pre-orders. One of the great things about collecting anime figurines is the thrill and excitement that comes with it!
Luckily, these fan-favorite collections are easily accessible online and are waiting for you to start collecting them.

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