Top 4 Bed Bug Exterminators Of 2022

Top 4 Bed Bug Exterminators Of 2022

BygothamJul 27, 2022

DescriptionBed bugs are an unwelcome household insect that can contaminate mattresses, linens, couches, and chairs as well as leave their victims with itchy, painful welts on their skin after feeding on their blood. Additionally, because they are so challenging to eradicate, individuals frequently discard any surface where they have made an appearance. The greatest bed bug exterminator should be hired in order to get rid of bed bugs because of their tenacity. To rid the infested areas of the bed bugs and stop them from re-infesting, exterminator services combine chemical and non-chemical treatments.

When bed bugs feed on the blood of their hosts, they can contaminate mattresses, linens, couches, and chairs as well as inflict itchy, painful welts on the skin. It’s crucial to work with the best bed bug exterminator to get rid of these pests because of their tenacity. To eradicate the bed bugs from the infested regions and stop them from re-infesting, exterminator services utilize a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments. Here are some recommendations for the top bed bug exterminators along with some advice for hiring them.

What to Take into Account When Selecting the Right Bed Bug Exterminator for You

Before hiring an exterminator, customers who conduct an online search for the “best bug exterminator near me” should take some criteria into account. Customers should be aware of their particular conditions and the various treatment strategies each exterminator uses since each infestation presents its own set of special obstacles.

Schedule Service Area

A lot of clients will search for “bed bug treatment near me” and choose a service based on the results. Customers must, however, confirm that the exterminator they are choosing is licensed to operate in their region. A customer’s capacity to live and work in their home is directly impacted by a bed bug infestation. You shouldn’t hire a bed bug exterminator if they don’t respond right away or can’t survey the area in a reasonable amount of time.

Licensing, Certification, and Insurance for Technicians

The majority of bed bug exterminators are theoretically qualified to deal with many types of pests, including rats, cockroaches, and fleas. They are usually insured as well, so the client is not responsible for any on-site accidents. Customers seeking to engage a bed bug exterminator should confirm the professional’s credentials, including their licensure, qualifications, and insurance.


Many bed bug exterminators promise that their work will be done quickly and effectively. Typically, the guarantee states that the exterminator will return and treat the house at no additional cost to the client if bed bugs reappear in the residence within a predetermined time frame. The greatest bed bug services will provide this promise as a sign of good customer service since they are so certain that their methods will totally clear a home of bed bugs.

Customer Service

An infestation of bed bugs can be very stressful for a client, thus exterminators should provide a good client experience throughout the procedure. Providers should be able to address any queries and issues raised by clients and should do so promptly. Exterminators should offer 24/7 customer service.

Here are our top recommendations for the top service providers after researching the many bed bug exterminators available.

1- Orkin

Orkin is a nationwide pest control company with more than a century of industry experience. Nearly 8,000 team members of the business must complete at least 160 hours of pest control training. The National Pest Management Association has certified technicians as Quality Pros a third-party designation that denotes a high degree of competence and proficiency. Customers gain confidence from this level of transparency and understand that the technician is capable and will do the task thoroughly.

Orkin can accommodate the majority of potential clients. Customers can contact customer service solely by phone, although it is open around the clock so they can get assistance whenever they become aware of a bed insect infestation.


  • The use of an integrated pest control strategy reduces the need for chemical treatments by preventing pest activity.
  • Technicians complete 160 hours of award-winning training.
  • Having more than 400 locations across the country


2- Terminix

The Terminix is well-known in the pest management industry and offers exterminators statewide. Many clients may find it less stressful to use Terminix because there is no need to make any preparations, like as bagging up infested goods, prior to the arrival of its personnel. In order to reassure consumers that their houses will continue to be safeguarded, the firm also provides a hefty 6-month retreatment guarantee.

It can be a little challenging for people to locate and use Terminix’s online scheduling option. However, homeowners may always give the business a call to schedule treatment swiftly and conveniently. Clients can also consult Terminix’s large online library of entomology resources.


  • No need for the customer to get their house ready for the specialist to come
  • Generous 6-month retreatment guarantee
  • Comprehensive blogs and resources for pest management


3- Ehrlich Pest Control

Customers wishing to avoid bed bug infestations and other pest problems can take advantage of Ehrlich Pest Control’s specialized plans. To ensure that consumers get rid of bed bugs and keep them away permanently, Ehrlich Pest Control employs cutting-edge detection and prevention techniques. Customers can email service requests, but an Ehrlich person will contact them back to book the appointment. Customers can only schedule appointments over the phone. When treating a home, technicians employ passive, active, and canine detection techniques. With Ehrlich’s multimodal detection method, every bed bug in the house is found and can be eliminated effectively.


  • The pestfree365 programmer offers year-round treatment and prevention for 36 of the most prevalent house pests.
  • Comprehensive bed bug detection procedure using canine, passive, and active techniques


4- Rentokil

Rentokil has the tools necessary to handle bed bug prevention and infestation in a variety of commercial settings, including hotels and healthcare facilities.

Ehrlich Pest Control on the East Coast, Western Exterminator on the West Coast, and Presto X in the Midwest and South are just a few of the significant parent firms that Rentokil oversees. Larger, commercial operations that home exterminators are unable to manage can be handled by the Rentokil family of brands. To ensure that every business receives the most effective care possible, technicians concentrate their bed bug treatment techniques according to industry. It is obvious that there is a focus on continuing education for exterminators because Rentokil professionals have access to regular webinars and educational materials.


  • Targeted bed bug and pest management services for various business industries
  • Offers a distinctive combination of treatments and methods for continuing protection.
  • Focus on a certain industry, including webinars, checklists, and more


Benefits of Hiring the Best Bed Bug Exterminator for You

Without using additional chemicals or inefficient treatments, a professional can make sure that pests are eradicated from the house safely and effectively.

  1. Bed bug exterminators can identify issues before they worsen, helping you save money and avert further infestations.
  2. Experts understand the risks of pesticides and have strategies to avoid using the harmful chemicals until absolutely required. They are equipped with powerful tools and are educated in the safe fumigation of a home and in the extermination of bed bugs without causing damage.

How Do I Know I Have Bed Bugs?

You can surely check your surroundings for the existence of bed bugs because they are visible and are about the size of an apple seed.

  • Examine your skin for bites: Bed bug bites are typically swollen bumps with a red spot in the middle, similar to mosquito bites. While sleeping, these bites frequently appear in a series, usually consisting of three bites, on the arms, legs, and other exposed places.
  • Look for any rusty spots or bloodstains. Additionally typical are rusty stains from their feces in your mattress. Make sure to check all of your sheets, the mattress, and perhaps even the walls for these traces.
  • Check for eggs or skin shedding: Molted skin or eggs may indicate the presence of bed bugs in your mattress. If you don’t know what you’re searching for, this can be a challenging endeavor, though an expert could surely do it.
  • The nose can tell: Bed bugs can be identified by their odor. In order to find them, some pest treatment businesses employ trained canines. It is possible that you will detect an unpleasant, musty smell in the event of a severe infestation.


Q1- How long does it take a pest control professional to eliminate bed bugs?
An exterminator often has to do two to four treatments over a three to six-week period in order to completely eradicate bed bugs from the property.

Q2- Why are bed bug treatments so costly?
Given their resistance to typical pesticides, bed bugs are hard to eradicate. To effectively cure bed bugs and eradicate them permanently, specialist tools and chemicals are needed.


Both Orkin and Terminix are excellent choices for homeowners wishing to hire a seasoned bed bug exterminator. Orkin has been providing its services for more than a century and has made a name for itself because to its nationwide service network and simple booking method. Terminix is yet another top pick.

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