Top 12 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Products

Top 12 Best Zenitsu Agatsuma Products

ByRosalindJul 20, 2022

DescriptionZenitsu is among the most fan-favorite characters due to him being cute, weak, tough, and crazy at the same time. His personality can transition from being a baby to a full-grown adult in a matter of seconds and due to being so adorable, he’s loved by millions of Demon Slayer fans online. And when it comes to Zenitsu’s products, things get interesting. That’s why we have made this list of the top 12 best Zenitsu Agatsuma products that you buy right now.


The Megahouse Look Up series Zenitsu incorporates a cute small figure that shows us the true essence of the thunder-breathing demon slayer. In his normal form when he’s conscious, Zenitsu is as cute as cuteness gets. And that’s why this Look Up series figure has him sitting while having his hands on the lap where he’s just staring at you with a cute face. Looks pretty cute, right?

The Look-Up series figures have a moveable joint, so no matter how tall you are, you can adjust the neck of Zenitsu and he will look straight into your eyes all the time. This small figure can be put anywhere you think people would see and that’s why it is one of the bests Zenitsu products of all time.

2. Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer Nendoroid Swacchao! Figure

Nendoroid products are always eye-candy to see. This Zenitsu Nendoroid is one of the most high-quality and cutest figures where you will see him sitting with a chair looking all charming. With the chair, you can actually put the figurine everywhere since it makes the whole thing easier for you.

Moreover, the ideal place for this Nendoroid is on the edge of your table or shelf and you’ll be set for life. The Nendoroid also contains his katana and although it is not usable, from an aesthetic point of view, it looks amazing. So if you want to collect something that will not only look amazing but you can display it anywhere, then the Zenitsu Nendoroid Swacchao is the way to go.

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma (Re-run) Demon Slayer Nendoroid Figure

Another Nendoroid on our list, this one is unique. It comes with a total of four interchangeable face plates which includes a normal expression, a blushing expression, a scared expression, and the one that everyone loves, the sleeping expression.

There are some optional parts as well which include Zenitsu’s Nichirin sword along with his bent legs part that you can mount in order to recreate your favorite Zenitsu moment from the Anime. This Nendoroid can be tweaked to create Zenitsu’s First Form: Thunderclap and Flash attack. So if you love to change the looks of your action figures, this Zenitsu Rerun Nendoroid will do the trick for you.

4. Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer Pop-Up Parade Figure

One of the most high-quality products on our list, the Zenitsu Pop-Up Parade Figure incorporates a startled Zenitsu after seeing his opponent. Even in a panic situation, he looks cute and adorable, and the way this product is built, you will love seeing it with your other Demon Slayer products collection.

The product was originally released to be displayed among Nezuko’s Pop-Up Parade, however, it can also be used separately depending on the situation. The Pop-Up Parade figures are economical and ideal if you want to give them to a Zenitsu fan.

5. Zenitsu Agatsuma Standing Scared Ver Demon Slayer Prize Figure

As Zenitsu’s primary persona is all cowardly, most products include him being scared of something. Well, in this figure, Zenitsu is standing while being scared of the danger. It includes him wearing his famous Demon Slayer Corps outfit and as you can see, our boy is scared but it’s just a slight sorrow and sadness vibe on his face. It also includes Zenitsu carrying a Katana that is tied to his belt and the quality is just amazing.
The character design on this product is flawless and it comes at a very economical price.

6. Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer Vibration Stars Prize Figure

If you don’t like the goofy Zenitsu, then this product will surely interest you. It features sleeping Zenitsu and as we all know, he’s dangerous. By using his attack ten-fold, he’s going to destroy his opponent and no matter how fast they are, the attack will still be lethal.

The product also includes his beautiful clothes that are flying in the air while Zenitsu is calm and ready to throw hands on his opponents.

7. Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer DX Edition Figma Figure

One of the most diverse and high-quality products on our list, the Demon Slayer Zenitsu Figma Figure has a lot going on. There are a lot of joints that are moveable and changeable in the figure. You can make a variety of scenes from the Anime as you’re getting various face plates. There are also katanas with a couple of variations from his thunder breathing and that’s precisely why this product is one of the best you can buy right now.

8. Figuarts Zero Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Zenitsu Agatsuma: Thunder Breathing (Re-run)

Another premium product on our list, the Figuarts Zero Demon Slayer includes sleeping Zenitsu in his Thunder Breathing stance. There’s also thunder gathering around him and in this figure, Zenitsu has already pulled out his sword and attacked the enemy.
The electricity is crackling all around him as he dashes forward at a lightning-fast speed. Adding this figure to your collection might be the smartest move.

9. Zenitsu Agatsuma Thunderclap and Flash Ver Demon Slayer Figuarts Figure

One of the highest quality products that are a great bank for the buck, this Flash Ver Zenitsu figure is something you should definitely add to your collection. Aside from just yellow thunder, there’s also a white one and the overall figure quality looks pristine.
With his eyes closed, this Zenitsu figure has got him frozen before he’s just about to unleash the deadly fast attack. So if you want something that will look crazily insane on your desk or anywhere, consider choosing this figure out.

10. Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer Big Plush

The cuteness doesn’t end yet. This big plush was made by FURYU and it incorporates cute Zenitsu in a sitting position waiting for you to cuddle it. So if you’re into cute stuff, this is something that you can display or you can even sleep with it at your bedside and the thunder breather will protect you from all sorts of negative energy.

11. Zenitsu Agatsuma Demon Slayer MEJ Lay-Down Plush

Just like the sitting big plush, this is a lay-down figure but it incorporates the overall Zenitsu vibe a little better due to him being tired. The premise of this plush is that Zenitsu used all his energy and now he’s almost unconscious or just getting comfortable. Just looking at this plush makes you feel like you want to fall asleep. Moreover, the quality of this plush is awesome thanks to the smooth and silky fabric used.

12. Zenitsu Agatsuma’s Nichirin Sword Demon Slayer Proplica

If you are going into an Anime con and want to buy something that will amaze all Anime fans, then this Zenitsu’s Nichirin Sword will do the trick for you. It is an amazing premium sword for the price and even though it is not made to actually fight, the prop looks amazing, letting you practice all the thunder breathing moves.


Zenitsu is surely one of the most interesting characters to look at no matter which personality of his we talk about. He’s goofy, he can be a little stupid at times, and he has a seriois side to him as well. That’s why we have included diverse products that capture every single emotion of Zenitsu.

Rosalind is a professional Comic Costume Player. She is a makeup artist and tattoo artist. Her studio has been established for eight years and has many clients, including people who love anime as much as she does. Rosalind loves anime very much and has collected more than 600 anime-related products. Due to her pursuit of detail and perfection, the selection of figurines and anime peripherals is very strict.