Top 10 Gory Anime Products That Are a Must Buy

Top 10 Gory Anime Products That Are a Must Buy

ByRosalindJun 20, 2022

from googleWe live in an era where everyone is a huge fan of anime, and most of the time, we give our heart and soul into expressing our love for our favorite content. When it comes to anime though, aside from anime conventions and online arguments, there aren’t many ways that fans can truly express themselves and their love for their favorite anime. This is why anime merchandise has become such a huge deal in recent times.

There has been a huge spike in anime merchandise’s value in recent years, and if you’re interested in acquiring some for your own self, we’ve got a list of recommendations. Here’s the ten best merchandise items from gory anime that you can buy right now!

This action-packed sculpture is a must have for any and all Attack on Titan fans. The series is known for its 3D maneuverability gear, and how the Survey Corps manipulate their bodies in the air to fight titans. Well, there’s no sculpture set out there that showcases this better than the Levi Renewal Set!

We’ve been missing the 3D maneuverability gear action from the earlier seasons of Attack on Titan. This sculpture of Levi jumping from a tree with his swords out is exactly the kind of nostalgia that Attack on Titan fans are thirsting for!

Not only because he is one of the most resilient but also because he went through some of the most terrifying things and came out with the skin intact. This is why Tokyo Ghoul struck a chord with people, and now Kaneki has been immortalized in the form of this beautiful figure that comes in two different variants.

If you’re a huge Tokyo Ghoul fan like us, you need this figure in your collection as it’s genuinely the most accurate representation of Kaneki in figurine form. It comes with his face showing, as well as a variant where he’s wearing the iconic mask!

Gantz fans have been deeply in love with the show, and in particular the characters. If you’ve seen Gantz:O then you should know which character we’re being specific about. Reika is essentially a Goddess, one who fights aliens with extreme skill and precision, and now her essence has been recaptured to perfection in this beautiful, incredibly artistic figurine.

Just look at this figure, how it’s brimming with detail on even the most miniscule levels. This figurine is a must have for all Gantz fans, not only because it’s such a premium design, but because it’s accurate to the way Reika looks in the series. Master sculptor Shin Tanabe has recreated the character’s 3DCG model very faithfully, along with edges, curves, and all the bells and whistles we love Reika for.

When it comes to obscure 90s anime, it’s hard to find them on streaming platforms and it’s honestly a hassle when it comes to purchasing them in box sets. However, to make things a bit easier, we’ve managed to find a Genocyber Blu-ray box set that you just need to own if you’re an enthusiast of body horror and cyberpunk gore galore!

This set contains all five episodes of the short anime OVA collection, and each one is in the highest quality that you’ll find for an anime this old. It’s a necessity to add this to tour collection, so take a gander and decide for yourself, we know it’s going to be an instant buy.

Blood-C is a much lighter series when it starts, but the terrifying and grotesque monsters that Saya fights throughout the series, along with some of the most horrifying moments in anime history make it a gore enthusiast’s dream! This anime holds nothing back, and will push you to your very limit each second of its run time after the first few episodes.

Of course, if you’re looking to dive into this series and start watching, we recommend the blu-ray version as compared to the network aired version due to the quality of animation. The Blu-ray airs out all of the kinks and problems in the network version, and brings an even saucier anime than before to vision. This limited blu-ray comes with a gorgeous cover art and the whole season to keep you satiated!

Nothing in the whole action and adventure genre can hold a candle to the thrill and intensity of Deadman Wonderland. This is one anime where you will be so hooked into what’s happening, that you won’t be aware of everything around you for the most part. There’s also a huge amount of gore, and the series features some of the most gorgeous art design and animation work we’ve ever seen.

This is why we recommend you watch it at the highest visual fidelity, and therefore invest in the Deadman Wonderland Essentials Blu-ray set!

Finding a high-quality print of an anime classic can become a daunting task for any collection. That is a particularly big reason why many people don’t own Shigurui: Death Frenzy as part of their collection. This medieval anime set in feudal Japan is one that knows no bounds, and lets nothing limit its creativity and vision. This is why it was such a controversial series when it first aired, and why you should own the complete series of this classic anime in the master print!

This Blu-ray set for Shigurui: Death Frenzy has everything you need for the ultimate viewing experience, with all 12 episodes, English subtitles and improved animation quality. There’s nothing better than watching an anime classic at the highest level!

The characters in Terra Formars are what make this series so absolutely gut-wrenching to watch. Not knowing which characters are safe, and which characters are unsafe is something that always keeps you on your toes. One character in particular who we care about a bit too deeply is Michelle K. Davis. Michelle is such an endearing character and a genuinely natural born leader!

Michelle has been sculpted to perfection in her officer’s suit in this beautiful 1/8th scale figurine. The design and modeling of this sculpture is absolute perfection, as it looks completely accurate to the manga and is bristling with detail in the suit design, down to the very vial she’s holding in her hand and the horns protruding from her head. The anime is on the way, so if you want to add this to your collection, there’s no better time than right now!

Elfen Lied is an anime classic, an example of how extreme gore and physical violence can cause a ton of controversy, but also immortalize the vision you have created for your story. There’s almost little to no distinction between other anime and Elfen Lied, it’s a completely different thing of its own that relies on its mutant and alienated characters to tell a human story of isolation, loss, love and despair.

The human emotions on screen can be understood quite easily, however, the pure visceral gore in this anime deserves to be watched at the highest quality standards. This is why we recommend you check out the Elfen Lied Blu-ray box. This set includes the entire first season from beginning to end, along with a limited and beautiful cover art that encapsulates the series’ main character’s journey.

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