Top 10 Best Kanao Products You Should Buy

Top 10 Best Kanao Products You Should Buy

ByAruaJun 20, 2022

Kanao image by anime-internetKanao is surely one of the most fan-favorite Demon Slayer characters of all time. This is due to her wholesome personality but fans do ship her with Tanjiro every once in a while. Even though Kanao had a lot of issues, her character development throughout the Anime has been insane. And when we talk about Kanao products, you know you’re in it for a squishy treat. This is because we’ve gathered the Top 10 best Kanao products you should buy right now. We’ve added a diverse set of unique products that incorporates a buyer of every type.
So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list.

Another high-quality Demon Slayer figure, this one features Kanao in the scene where she was standing in the garden of the Butterfly. It also features Kanao with a slight smile, meaning that she’s genuinely happy. Her beautiful Nichirin sword and uniform are captured in this figure and it genuinely looks like this is a panel from the manga as it is so high quality.

The cutest product on our list is this Kanao Demon Slayer plush. It has some of the softest materials used that will make you want to cuddle it every day. It looks amazing and features two plushies. One with a smiling Kanao and the other one with a cute surprised face.
The plush is in a lay-down post which makes it look cuter than anything. And with the innocent face, you would love Kanao looking at you all the time. So if you want to feature this plush on your bedroom, side table, or your work table, it’ll just look amazing overall.

Perching figures are one of the most economical and good-looking ones that you can buy today. It features a normal price tag and contains Kanao who is sitting with Onigiris in her lap. She’s also holding a cute scroll with a butterfly on it which makes her look 50 times cuter. The design is in a way where Kanao is sitting and can be put anywhere you want. This figure will look great on side tables or you can even make a custom box and put it on her.
The figure comes from SEGA which means that the quality isn’t compromised. You can make this figure sit on any edge and display her at the end of any shelf you want.

Keychains are quite important in today’s world. We live in a world where bikes, cars, and trucks are so common that if you lose your keys, you’re in for a very tiring evening. This is where Kanao’s kitty keychain comes in. It features a cute kitty Kanao who has her usual facial expressions while two paws forward, in a boxing manner.
Moreover, if you’re someone who loves Kanao or loses keys a lot of the time, then buying this product will surely spice things up for you. You can put multiple keys in this keychain or even hand this on your clothes if you just want to look like a fashion icon.

For avid Kanao fans out there, this is going to be their favorite figure of all. Kanao sitting in a cute manner in her usually almost purple attire, even though this one is a little provoking, there’s nothing wrong with it. This 3D figure contains Kanao who is always smiling calmly sitting in her usual Demon Slayer Corps uniform. Her cute gesture is able to make everyone fall in love with her and this scale item would look amazing with other GEM series figures since there are a lot of them out there.

Another cute Kanao figure on the list is this Look Up mini figure. It features a chibi version of Kanao who’s looking at you with a very cute poker face. There are many other Look Up series Demon Slayer figures but this one looks the cutest of them all. The neck contains a join so you can move it wherever you want and however you want. And if you put her up with other characters, she will surely look the cutest.

Prize figures are another economical solution that has a very nice quality. This Kanao SPM Prize figure contains Kanao running toward her opponents with a beautiful yet cute and graceful face. It also features Kanao having a sword in one hand and with the other, she uses it to get some speed. This is a beautiful figure that every fan of Demon Slayer should get. It is affordable, has great quality, and just looks good no matter where you put it.

But if your goal is to get the highest quality action figure, then this Nichirin Sword Version of Kanao will blow your mind. With her sword, she looks like she’s taking a step to use her breathing technique. Her hair is moving towards the right side, meaning that this figure is going to be most probably the Whirling Peach Sixth Form. Her Demon Slayer Corps jacket is removable so you can have two uniform versions of her.

Kanao is cute and that’s why this mini-figure of hers makes the most sense to own. It contains all the drama and the charm of Kanao in a small package that is bound to impress anyone who sees your mini-figure. It has the same eyes, clothes, and quality as the original Kanao Tsuyuri from Demon Slayer.
And since Kanao is supposed to be the cutest character, this mini-figure just nails that one. You’re going to get option fight arms of two types and a stand to make Kanao look as flawless as she is. So if you want to own something that will look cute in your collection, then this mini figure is the way to go.

For folks who are into cosplays, this Kanao wig is one of the cute and most high-quality wigs you can buy right now. In Anime cons, fans love to cosplay as their favorite characters. And if you’ve already bought the cosplay clothes of Kanao, then this wig will surely turn you into Kanao so you can recreate all the Flower Breathing poses.

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