Top 10+ Best Demon Slayer Figures

Top 10+ Best Demon Slayer Figures

ByRosalindJun 10, 2022

Demon Slayer has some of the coolest and vivid looking characters in any Anime. Things take an interesting turn when looking at their figures.picture from animecorner
Demon Slayer has some of the coolest and vivid looking characters in any Anime. And when we shift the focus towards Demon Slayer figures, things take an interesting turn. There are so many unique characters in the series and fans love them. So whether you want your room to be filled with interesting figures or want to add some of the finest looking Demon Slayer products, we have got you covered.
The Demon Slayer franchise has grown a lot in recent years. Thanks to its unique animation, characters, and storyline, the trend of products has been accelerating just like much other Anime like One Piece. However, amidst a lot of great Anime, Demon Slayer will stay as one of the best action Anime forever.
That’s why, if you’re confused about where you can find demon slayer figures, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the top 10+ best demon slayer figures of all time.

Tanjiro is the main character and the most popular one in Demon Slayer. This figure from SEGA Goods is one of the most economical yet premium figures you can buy. The figure incorporates Tanjiro wearing his green kimono outfit along with his hand on the blade that we’ve been seeing throughout the series.
This Tanjiro figure was designed in a way that it can be displayed along with Nezuko’s figure which is sold separately. Once you bring both figures together, you’ll be able to see Tanjiro holding Nezuko’s hand which makes it a cute figure to own.
The product comes with a premium design which will make sure to spark your Demon Slayer figure collection. Tanjiro Kamado Sibling Bonds comes with an 8-inch figure and is sold separately from the Nezuko Sibling Bonds version. So having both characters together will complete the collection. However, they both can be used separately as they’re designed smartly.

Nezuko Kamado is Tanjiro’s sister who everyone adores like their own little sister. This Sibling Bonds Demon Slayer Prize figure goes hand in hand with the Tanjiro variant. This Nezuko figure contains her wearing the usual pink kimono outfit as we’ve seen in the Anime. Her beautiful hair is flowing softly, making everyone eager to buy the product.
And as you can put it with Tanjiro’s Prize figure, both look amazing with each other. The attention to detail on this figure is unreal as it looks like it was printed right from the actual Anime. Other than displaying it in your collection, you can give the Nezuko Sibling Bonds to someone who actually owns the Tanjiro Kamado Sibling Bonds version. This will make their collection great.

Kanroji Mitsuri is amongst one of the most fan-favorite hashiras from Demon Slayer. This is mainly due to her shy yet firm personality. Even though she looks weak, she is brutally strong but would still show the shy-er side to everyone.
But our action figure today is a cute one. Mitsuri is cute and everyone would agree. This Look Up series Kanroji Mitsuri is a Minifigure that would suit everywhere you put it. Whether you want to sit up on your makeup table or with your gaming PC, this Minifigure will give your room a bright and cute vibe. In this design, Mitsuri is in a sitting post while looking upward so it looks like she’s looking right at you which makes this figure very immersive. The figure has a neck join so you can always adjust the angle.

Zenitsu is the cutest character from Demon Slayer and is also one of the protagonists of the series. Being a user of Thunder Breathing, you wouldn’t believe how cute he is. However, the thing that’s even cuter in this Look Up figure.
The Agatsuma Zenitsu Look Up series features Zenitsu with a puppy face sitting while looking at you with those cute eyes. If you are into cute stuff and want to light up your collection with the thunder-breathing Zenitsu, then this figure will surely be your cup of tea.

When we talk about high-quality action figures, the Tanjiro Kamado Pain Version is the most premium you’ll get to see on the market. This breathtaking figure captures tanjiro who’s right in the middle of using one of his famous techniques. The technique portrayed in this version is the Water Breathing Tenth Form: Constant Flux!.
This action figure looks beautiful and it feels awesome in your hand as well. It has everything that will rock your collection while catching the eyes of any viewer who’ll be spectating. The Tanjiro action figure is highly detailed and it feels like you’re watching an actual fight happening in the Demon Slayer series.
You can also see Tanjiro’s expression of stress, power, and a little bit of anxiety which makes this statue figure quite a premium one to own. So if you want to add a new Demon Slayer statue, then this figure will be an ideal addition to your collection.

Even though Kokushibo is not known by a lot of Anime fans due to his limited appearance in Anime, manga fans will recognize this overpowered beast. Being the coolest character from the series, there are a lot of fans of the Upper Moon 1 and this JianKe Studio Demon Slayer figure is a rare piece to own.
The action figure is sculpted with high-quality material and it looks premium no matter which angle you decide to watch it from. With Upper Moon 1 in action, this might be the coolest-looking Demon Slayer figure ever.
Kokushibo is an extraordinarily strong demon just behind Muzan. He was able to overpower many strong Demon Slayer characters like Genya, and more. So if you want to own something that has a huge meaning behind it and would still look better than most action figures, then consider choosing this one.

One of the major antagonists and a strong Upper Moon, Doma is just below Kokushibo which tells us how strong he is. Being an Upper Moon, he has killed so many innocent women and acts like a total sadist in the series.
This ⅙ Scale Statue contains a Doma Buddha action figure which just looks amazing. With his high-quality appearance, having this on your table all the time will exert those badass vibes on you. This figure is also one of the most premium figures in the Twelve Kizuki collection.

Akaza had a huge part in the Mugen Train series due to his infamous fight with Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. Being an Upper Moon 3, he’s strong, handsome, and just badass enough to have a premium action figure being made on him.
This JianKe Studio Demon Slayer Akaza figure captures the moment when he was fighting against Rengoku, trying his best to penetrate the Flame Hashira’s defense. His beautiful blue technique with a fixed post stance makes this a fierce Demon Slayer action figure.

The FiGPiN figure is an interesting figure that you can display anytime, anywhere. It comes with a useful pin on the back with a high-quality display case which makes it an ideal display item.
The unique part about this Mitsuri FiGPiN figure is that it can be worn anywhere with your personal accessory due to it having a pin backer. So if you want something of economical cost which will let the world know that you are a Mitsuri fan, this item will be an ideal one to own.

When it comes to cute stuff, Demon Slayer doesn’t come slow. Inosuke Hashiribra MEJ Lay-Down Plush is a cute toy that you can own and have at your bedside. Even though Inosuke would love to act tough, it just makes him 100 times cuter.
The urge to squish this toy will be unreal due to the cuteness it exerts. So if you’re into cute stuff, definitely go for this one.

The Flame Hashira looks cute in a plushy form. This toy comes from the new series of Demon Slayer products manufactured by FURYU. It is high quality, warm, detailed, soft, and cuddly. So if you want your bedside toy to be this plush toy, then consider choosing this Rengoku Big Plus as it will take you on a trip on the Mugen train.

The number of Demon Slayer figures that you can get in today’s world is amazing. But to get the quality ones, you have to do some research and that’s what we precisely did for you. So if you want to own some of the highest quality Demon Slayer figures, then you should consider choosing one of the aforementioned figures.

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