These 6 Bracelets are Sure to Make Your Day Happy

These 6 Bracelets are Sure to Make Your Day Happy

BySibylMay 16, 2022

from googleWhen it comes to bracelets, there are a plethora of options waiting to be explored. From delicate link bracelets to chunky, colorful beaded bracelets, nothing is out of style. The uniqueness of a bracelet is what makes a fashion statement. Here are six bracelets that will make your day brighter and much shinier.

As the name suggests, this Rhinestone Bracelet will make you feel no less than a princess. The interweaving of rhinestones over a metal frame is joined together with an elastic band for added comfort. The beautiful shine of this bracelet can add glamour to the occasion. Other features include:

•	Imported
•	Shiny finish
•	High-quality rhinestone
•	Elastic band
•	Intricate design

Priced at only $8.99, we think this is an excellent pocket-friendly gift option.

The steel gray color of the beads is truly unique. This Gray Freshwater Pearl Bead Bracelet defines island life. It can either be worn alone or paired with a link bracelet, a beaded bracelet, and a pearl bracelet for a dramatic Hawaiian look. The features include:

•	Gray freshwater pearls
•	Beautiful design
•	Pearl bracelet
•	Adjustable length
•	18k gold-filled components

The price of this unique freshwater pearl bracelet is $60, and we think it is absolutely worth every penny.

Citrine Gem Toggle Bracelet

This crystal bracelet is a refreshing addition to any outfit. Made with colorful crystals and gemstones of different shapes, this adds both glamour and color to your personality. The features include:

•	Toggle closure
•	Gold-tone finish
•	Made with lead-free metal
•	Made with nickel-free metal
•	Exclusive design for WHBM

Priced at only $50, this makes a great gift for a special occasion.

Gemstone Beading Bracelet

Made with colorful beads and gemstones, this bracelet is great for adding colors to your wrist. It gives a great summer vibe, and is the perfect accessory for a day at the beach. Other features of this gemstone-beading bracelet include:

•	Handmade
•	Adjustable length
•	Lobster claw clasp

Priced at $58, this beaded bracelet is one of those that brings happiness along with colors.

This Gemstone Pearl Beading Bracelet is a great layering addition similar to the beaded bracelet mentioned above. It gives a voluminous look with added colors. The best part is that it is elastic without the hassle of a clasp. Other features include:

•	Symmetric design
•	Bright colors
•	Gemstone bracelet
•	Includes pearls
•	Beaded bracelet
•	Also available as an anklet

The price of this beaded bracelet is $58, which can differ if you choose an anklet instead.

Greca Medusa Bracelet
₩ 560,000

The Greca Medusa Bracelet is Versace’s runway unique bracelet with an intricate Greca pattern. This metal bracelet is made in Italy and will increase the value of your jewelry collection. It can be worn with any casual or formal outfit and would look good every time. Other features include:

•	Made in Italy
•	Runway style
•	Versace gold finish
•	Greca pattern
•	Medusa charm
•	Made of brass metal
•	15 cm in length

Priced at $542, this is a significant stylish investment in your wardrobe.

When shopping for bracelets online, first make sure to read the reviews. Secondly, try to buy from ventures that support and give back to communities. It is best to invest in something that holds sentimental value for jewelry. It feels great to have a story linked to a piece of jewelry you wear, don’t you agree?

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