The world's first yoyo brand ! Check out the professional yoyo recommendations from Duncan yoyo.

The world's first yoyo brand ! Check out the professional yoyo recommendations from Duncan yoyo.

ByEricMay 13, 2022

Duncan yo-yos are widely recognized as the finest yo-yos in the entire world
Donald F. Duncan- the original creator of Duncan toys. It started with a passion when Donald F. Duncan first laid eyes on a yoyo back in 1928!

Back in the early days of yoyos, we used to use the classic imperial shape, also known as a looper. The perfect beginners throw in many hearts all over the world. However, Duncan was one of the first companies to help create a new style of yoyos. In 1958 Duncan produced their first butterfly shape yoyo after the initial idea to Reverse the original design of classic imperial yoyos and make a wider yoyo. They noticed it also increased the string gap size and helped open the world to the different styles of yoyoing. All these years later and Duncan is standing strong! Highly recommend Duncan toys for all ages.

The Duncan Freehand series is one of the most famous and nostalgic series of all time. This original freehand is one of the most important yoyos of all time, and I am happy that Duncan has been able to continue to make adjustments to the design over time. The freehand nextgen is not a new yoyo but it is still available on a few websites.

The Freehand nextgen takes design cues from previous generations but including plastic caps. Thes caps are removable and can be replaced with different colors. I have never done it, so I do not know how easy or difficult it is to accomplish or if it affects the way a yoyo plays. Duncan has focused on using bright colors that remind you that yoyos are toys and that they are supposed to be fun. The nextgen moves a little away from the traditional organic shape that you see in most of the freehand lineup by having a multistep comfortable v shaped design. The yoyo is very narrow for modern standards but is comfortable in the hand and on the catch.

The Freehand nextgen is surprisingly long spinning. At 61.6 grams you would think that it would have a weak spin and die out rather quickly, but it is actually pretty decent. It has a longer spin time than the skyva and can rival some modern plastic yoyos in spin time as well. The Freehand does suffer in other performance categories though. The width is very narrow, requiring more precision to complete tricks, and the response is a little slippy, making binds difficult. The yoyo is also not smooth. I would put it at a 5 out of 10 on the smoothness scale meaning that you can definitely feel vibe while playing but it doesn’t seem to affect spin times or playability. The Freehand Nextgen prefers to play on a medium speed and plays very balanced leaning slightly on the light end of the spectrum

Soul: The Duncan freehand feels and looks like a toy. When throwing it, you can forget and stress related to contests and just try to have fun. The vibe makes the yoyo very present on the string giving it a slightly unique feeling. If you get past the vibe it could seem like a characteristic of the yoyo, adding personality, rather than being a detriment. The Freehand Nextgen also comes with a counterweight and an extra bearing, so if you are looking to try 5a, you can get a yoyo, a counterweight and a bearing for the price of just a counterweight. Final Thoughts: The Freehand Nextgen is a worthy and fun addition to the Freehand lineup. With the price being just $11.99 you might as well go for it just to get a nice bearing, and a counterweight. The yoyo itself has its downsides, but it is usable and fun.

This is the third signature model of world champion Janos Karancz in the Grasshopper line. While there is the monometal and inner ring bimetal versions already made, this new edition has an outer ring design to suit his ever evolving tricks that requires more stability and spin times to pull off hislonger and more difficult combos.

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 44.58mm
Gap width: 4.58mm
Weight: 65.18g

It is made of 6061 aluminum with outer stainless steel rings, a design update compared to the previous versions. It still has the signature shape the Grasshopper line is known for, rounded H shape with a stepped response area for great comfort and better string rejection capability, suited for his signature rejection style tricks.

It plays very stable and long spinning, which is a common trait for the Grasshopper line but the GTX has these traits elevated to greater heights. It definitely is suited for technical tricks that involves longer combos. With its more balanced weight distribution due to the rings wrapping towards the inside of the yoyo, it makes it play smoother and less extreme, making it overall more fun to play with despite its stable and solid feeling of a heavier yoyo.

Quality control:
Nowadays, Duncan has improved on their overall machining and precision and this yoyo is no exception, making this yoyo very smooth, almost a 9.5-10/10 smoothness. One thing to note is that the bearing seat is a bit tight, which with constant removal of the bearing, it will wear the anodisation of the seat overtime.

This yoyo is suited for players who have a very technical style and for players who wants a smooth and stable feeling yoyo to both practice and compete with!

Designed by Takeshi Kamisato we have to talk about the Exit 8. Duncan has done it again with the help of Takeshi and his design. It is an under sized yoyo with a powerful yet floaty full sized feeling and the shape allows me to take great yoyo picture because its appearance is so finesse. I really do not worry about dropping the Exit 8 because it is super durable and the steel rings add such a super fun play. This is a really stable and reliable undersized throw that’s small enough to assist some tricks and still powerful enough to have a long spin time. Super fast for those of you who enjoy a fast and actuate yoyo!

Finger spins are possible and maybe thumb grinds if you’re good at them but its s fun challenge. No real place to lock in a finger spin. Functional finger dimples.


-Genuinely a 10/10 smoothness
-Very Stable

Any string will work. No need for super slim or smaller than original size to make this throw preform at its fullest

Also a bonus snap starting the yoyo is super fun and always comes back to the hand.

my only issues are the low dimples they don’t really allow for easy finger spins in the middle of the throw and personally I can’t pull start the yoyo easily as it slips off my finger and thumb

An addition to Duncan’s bi-metal (X) line and definitely one of my favorite throws. The engineering and design process for the HaymakerX was the most difficult to-date. Duncan’s team spent countless hours tuning the body and press fitting the stainless steel rings to ensure durability and stability on every throw. Now finding this yoyo may be difficult but definitely worth it being the heavier older brother then the original Haymaker. In my opinion it made me really want a Haymaker after throwing it to see the differences myself.

The Bearing I got is really great and I notice I have great spin time based on length and complexity of your throw and tricks/Combos.

The feel of this yoyo is really fun. Its only about an 8/10 in the Buy and sell condition i got it in but it plays like a 10/10 with noticeable 2/10 vibe on grinds and rolls however it stairs in place and benefits the throw info a fun way allowing for easy pops and hand hops! Super fun shape of the yoyo allows for a great throw and feeling.

How are fingerspins? Well I would like to be better but its definitely capable of finger spinning and once i master my spins I will always spin this yoyo. (My poor string is crying already). Really encourages you to try and finger pin with the welcoming cup shape.

Very fun. Great weight. Great shape. Good bearing. String size should not be a major issue as long as you don’t go too thick.

The rings are sturdy and i don’t for see moving or falling off any time soon. After many drops the spin hasn’t changed its remained the same maybe slightly better since i got lucky on my bounce. (I missed my bind*)

One last addition courtesy of my good friend sharing his opinion on the throw after finding one for himself

“I think it’s really good, but the GTR is still king. Mainly, the Haymaker on the return catch is a bit “sharp” because of it’s size and design. So it’s not “comfortable” but the performance is outstanding, very stable but feels floaty.” Thank you Nobotik for sharing your opinion!

This is something you’ll easily get used to and possibly even enjoy while doing combos!

vibe is there but could just be mine. Personally i enjoy this. (edit. This has been fixed. The yoyo brand new is completely “DEAD" smooth. I’ve had other players agree.

Price is higher than average bi metals however worth it is personal preference. I believe it was a fair price for the performance

Hard to find because its recommend as a highly quality throw. Also because it’s a retired yoyo that does still show up on the buy and sells occasionally

Thanks to the Authors: BlazedEnenra#1665, JustinL#3462 and derfneb#2112 from Discord server - Thrower Center.

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