The new anime series "Call of the Night", everything you need to know!

The new anime series "Call of the Night", everything you need to know!

ByRosalindJul 18, 2022

DescriptionThe new anime “Call of the Night” is adapted from the manga of the same name created by Kotoyama, and it will be announced in November 2021 that it will be animated. The film is animated by LIDENFILMS and will be broadcast on Fuji TV’s “noitaminA” schedule from July 7, 2022, and many people are already looking forward to it! After watching the first episode, the most intuitive feeling is that this is a work that is very suitable for “Shadow Space”. I just saw the contrast between the girl and the city night scene at the beginning, and I understood the beauty.So let me introduce you to this new anime:

Introduction to Call of the Night

The male protagonist YAMORI KO, 14 years old, is an ordinary Japanese junior high school student. Because he refused the confession of admiring his sister, he was ostracized and treated coldly by his classmates. As a result, I have a knot in my heart, I hate everything around me, I have no interest in going to school or anything, and I can’t sleep at night.

One day, while my parents were asleep, I sneaked out of the house by myself. Different from the hustle and bustle during the day, the night wind is pleasant, and the night illuminated by the lights makes the male protagonist feel the peace and freedom that he has never had before. YAMORI KO finds that night is his home.

While searching for a solution to insomnia, I strolled down the deserted streets. Looking at all the famous sayings, I am surprised that “wine” is so wonderful? A vending machine appeared on the street corner just in time. Just like Adam who stole the forbidden fruit, just when the male protagonist’s fingertips were only an inch away from the button, the female protagonist NANAKUSA NAZUNA dressed in black suddenly appeared and interrupted him.
After following the heroine home, NANAKUSA NAZUNA took a bite on the sleeping Xiaoguang’s neck and reminisced about the beauty of the meal, but was caught by the man who pretended to be sleeping. Thinking that the mosquitoes might be able to struggle again, but the late-night snack left on the corner of the mouth made this argument a little pale. Seeing that it was indisputable, he had to honestly explain his true identity as a vampire.

YAMORI KO, fascinated by NANAKUSA NAZUNA, asks her. “Please turn me into a vampire.” From the heroine’s mouth, she knew that being bitten by herself would not become a dependent. Only when Bread fell in love with eating her own vampire would she complete the transformation. At this moment, the male protagonist finally found the goal he wanted to pursue, instead of just doing the right thing as before. That is to fall in love with the heroine, and finally become a vampire like her.

Will YAMORI KO, who doesn’t understand love, fall in love with NANAKUSA NAZUNA and become a vampire?

Recommended reason:

unique idea

Night in the first episode of “Call of the Night” is not a simple concept of time, not just a period of time during which the sun can’t shine during the Earth’s 24-hour rotation, and as the animation puts it, “Waking up late is not just waking up”, It was distilled into the concept of “Night City”: the opposite of the city that repeats everyday life. This episode is based on this concept, and the composition and performance of the entire episode are carried out by transforming the “Night City” into a “Studio” by transforming the simple quiet night in the original comics.

stunning style

“Call of the Night” is not like the beautiful girl in the love theme. The overall style of painting is very unique, and Xinghe can’t describe it, but when you really watch it, you will be easily attracted.

The picture and dubbing are really good, and it is very comfortable to watch. It can be said that it is very restored to the comics. In addition, “Call of the Night” has added a lot of light effect filters, giving the night a unique sense of sacredness. (pink purple night sky), for those who stay up late, this unrealistic light may be real, the midnight city is another unfamiliar face (sometimes the night sky is really beautiful), cover up With the hallucinations of people’s complex emotions and thoughts, walking the streets of a city late at night is an experience far from everyday life, a lonely “party”.

novel plot

In the past love themes, many are the love of equal-class and same-age groups, and most of the animation performances are also, men occupy a strategic position in love. But “Call of the Night” is a bit different. Although the male is still the one who is the raider, the female protagonist is indeed the stronger one.

Who can refuse a role of a royal sister who likes to tell dirty stories? The key point is that the role of the royal sister becomes very innocent as soon as it reaches the moment of love. This difference in personality also makes the character of NANAKUSA NAZUNA have a strange charm. And the male protagonist is like a younger brother. When he learned that the female protagonist was going to suck the blood of others, the male protagonist was jealous, like a little woman.

Character introduction


protagonist. A 14-year-old, second-year junior high school student, attracted by the fun of “staying up late”. My grades were pretty good, and I had a good life at school, but truanted because I was tired of everything around me. Maybe because of this, I can’t sleep every night.
When I went out at night for the first time, I encountered seven herbal camelinas. Although she is a vampire, she wants to fall in love with Camelina in order to become a vampire.
According to NANAKUSA NAZUNA, his blood is delicious.
Specialty is pretending to sleep.


Residents of the night, vampires. It’s very free-spirited anyway.
I met Light one night and invited him: “Try to stay up all night until you are satisfied with who you are today.”
Attracted by the deliciousness of the blood of light, he decided to continue drinking his blood from now on.
He obviously likes to tell dirty jokes, but he is messed up in love. Shy easily.
Like beer very much.


YAMORI KO’s childhood sweetheart. He was considered to be a “friend who used to hang out with each other”.
I am used to getting up in the early morning for a walk to go to school, so I can meet YAMORI KO and NANAKUSA NAZUNA at night.
Been trying to pull YAMORI KO back to school.


vampire. I heard that NANAKUSA NAZUNA got along well with a human, so I came to approach YAMORI KO.
It seems that she has a bad relationship with NANAKUSA NAZUNA and is called “stinky bitch” by her.
Is the master of love.


vampire. In order to prevent more “human beings” who know about the existence of vampires, he plans to turn YAMORI KO into a vampire.
They are very good at increasing their relatives by making themselves popular.
Popularity MAX.


vampire. I am very interested in YAMORI KO who has a good relationship with NANAKUSA NAZUNA, so I take him away.
Popularity MAX.


vampire. He likes virginity, and uses superb words to make countless social circles fanatical.
Popularity MAX.


vampire. The first person is “servant”. Calling NANAKUSA NAZUNA “Miss Seven Herbs”, she is popular with both men and women.
Popularity MAX.


A second-year junior high school student with excellent grades and all-round sports, who regards YAMORI KO as a friend.
The family is from a flower shop, and is unrequitedly thinking of an older woman.


A boring man who likes KIKYO SERI. I got drunk after being dumped by my ex-girlfriend, and when I fell, I was approached by KIKYO SERI.
Commonly known as “Aqiu”.


A 24-year-old woman working in a publishing house. Some insomnia due to work fatigue, after being approached by NANAKUSA NAZUNA, a self-proclaimed sleeping house, he became a prisoner of NANAKUSA NAZUNA’s massage.


The whole anime is very recommended, both visual and plot!Overall, the content of the first chapter is still very good, let us look forward to the next exciting content.

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