The latest pre-sale 7 figures in Arknight

The latest pre-sale 7 figures in Arknight

ByAruaApr 13, 2022

Arknight is a two-dimensional strategy tower defense mobile game developed by Eagle Horn Network.Not only can you use various functions and abilities in the game to pass the level,and the characters in this popular game are even more lovable.The pre-sale Figures are also endless There are eight occupations in this game, and these eight occupations can be Figures divided into specific uses, performance on the battlefield and the skills of operators. The rich occupation type division allows players to maximize the use of players. Their subjective initiative, exploring the free team, discovering the system, and researching the skills of operators all make this game rich in playability, and the characters in it are loved by many players. So, this list will show you the most popular pre-sale merch characters from Arknight! If you’re interested, Just keep looking down!

  • Chinese model manufacturer HobbyMax has announced the launch of the popular mobile game “Arknight” Amiya Trainee Linker Ver.1/7 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in February 2023. This Figure is about 26.5cm in height.

  • Arknight, as the core heroine of the game, Amiya, and its specific related figures, the skin figure of the Amiya trainee linker, has been officially revealed and released after waiting for a period of time for the specific production decision to be made public. , the figure is made with the skin of Amiya’s “Apprentice Linker” in the game. The mysterious shop owner and Amiya sign a contract to help deliver food. Supported by Amiya’s cute rabbit, the girl in a light blue coat who delivered the takeaway held a helmet in her hand, and a water bottle hung on the side of the backpack on her back, with the “Rhode Island” logo on it. In addition to the character itself, the little penguin and blackboard beside him have also been restored. With the character body, the cute little penguin is wearing a functional suit. It guarantees the safety of Amiya on the way to deliver meals - not only fighting, but also working part-time, and the deluxe version will also come with a store signboard and a blue takeaway motorcycle.

  • Amiya is the public leader of Rhode Island and has the highest executive power internally. Although she looks like an immature girl from the outside, in fact, she is a qualified leader who is trusted by everyone.
  • Liangxiao Plastic Beauty, a subsidiary of Liangxiao Club, announced the launch of the popular mobile game “Tomorrow’s Ark” Ifrit 1/7 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in January 2023.

  • This figure is about 30 cm tall. It adopts the “Elite II” look of Ifrit from the original game. Ifrit, who can burn everything, has a confident smile on his face, and the short champagne-blond hair dyed black is the signature horns. The signature black northern line dress and white jacket. He is holding a rifle-type flame emitter attached to a large can on his back in his left hand, and waving flames in his right hand, very handsome.

  • Ifrit is a girl who is prone to get emotional, temporarily lacks a certain ability to distinguish between good and evil, and has a relatively young mental age. In extreme environments such as the battlefield, the instinctive side of her character will constantly drive her desperately to repel, or even annihilate all enemies who invade her domain. So even though she didn’t realize it, she still protected many people.
  • APEX-TOYS announced the launch of the popular mobile game “Arknight” Angelina Qianhang Yuange Ver.1/7 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in March 2023.

  • The figure is about 25 cm. The figure appears in the form of the event “Synesthesia of Temperament”. The messenger Angelina’s signature large curly double ponytail and beast ears is the girl’s faint shy smile. Wearing a dark thick satin dress, holding a trumpet in his hand as a member of the performance, with a big fluffy tail is very cute.

  • Angelina, like other high school students, is full of hope for the future, but also spends a lot of time on schoolwork and dressing up, likes trinkets and popular novels, and accidentally likes slightly retro music, Angelina’s Life should be normal and happy. And when Rhodes Island was looking for her, Angelina was traveling through the dark night of the city, gliding lightly between the buildings.
  • AniGift announced that it will launch the popular mobile game “Arknight”, Happy Happy Ver.1/7 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in June 2022.

  • This figure has a total height of about 31 cm. The figure is made with the middle-aged “Le Xiaoyao” skin portrait in the game. The white-haired Nian has two red horns on his head, the girl with vertical pupils has a lovely smile on her face, and the bun at the back of her head depicts the ends of her hair in detail. He was wearing a short white cheongsam with long white legs between the cheongsam and red tattoos on his thighs. The hands and forearms also have red decorations. Middle-aged weapon swords, shields, wood carving ornaments, wooden chairs, stone carving dragons, bonsai, fruit bowls and other accessories are also included.

  • Because Nian is not an employee of Rhodes Island, the operators of Rhodes Island did not comment well on her behavior. Fortunately, Nian did not have the habit of interfering with other people’s work, and most of the time she was just enjoying herself, which made many operators turn a blind eye to her. Although her attitude is a little bad, Nian is still a kind-hearted person. She can even be described as enthusiastic in front of the engineering operators.
  • Chinese model manufacturer Myethos announced the launch of the popular mobile game “Arknight” Surtr Molten Ver.1/7 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in September 2022.

  • The total height of this figure is about 29.5 cm. The mysterious Kaz girl Surtr is lying on her side on the palm of the rock, her bright red hair is matched with a pair of horns, and her red eyes and smile show the girl’s proud fighting power. A half-hung top is paired with a dress with a torn hem. On the side stands its iconic two-handed greatsword. The melting magma effect piece uses a translucent material to show a bright texture.

  • Surtr is a super popular and rare character in terms of strength. She has amnestic memory impairment due to the influence of ore disease. Her condition is also extremely rare in the pathology of ore disease. She is currently receiving treatment in Rhode Island. . And during the test, he showed a powerful combat capability for unknown reasons, and soon became a combat operator.
  • Liangxiao Plastic Beauty, a subsidiary of Liangxiao Club, announced the launch of the popular mobile game “Arknight” SilverAsh York’s Cold Wind Ver.1/8 figure, which is officially scheduled to be released in January 2023.

  • The total height of this figure is about 28 cm. The figure is made with the SilverAsh “York’s Cold Wind” skin vertical painting in the game. The chairman of the Kalan Trading Company, SilverAsh, is wearing a handsome coat, with a scarf with golden threads draped over his body, like his own animal ears and tail. The cute snow leopard in the briefcase held in his right hand stretches out his upper body, and on his left arm falls “Tenzing”. The confident smile is also full of charm. The special gift of Liangxiao Club is the silver-grey Q-version key ring.

  • SilverAsh is a man who loves literature and art, is keen on hunting and collecting, and is even very good at traditional Sherag sword skills. There are many shadows of traditional nobles in his style. However, Yinhui’s way of thinking and acting runs counter to the tradition, and is full of the progressive complex and fierceness endowed by modern education. Such a president of the Karan Trading Company is a controversial figure in Rhode Island.
  • Liangxiao Plastic Beauty, a subsidiary of Liangxiao Club, announced the launch of a new product Nendoroid No. 1679, a thorny Nendoroid from the popular mobile game “Arknight”, which is officially scheduled to be released in May 2022.

  • The 1679 Spiny Nendoroid is about 10 centimeters tall. The operator “Thorns”, who was born in Iberia and is proficient in swordsmanship and potion making, takes the form of a cute 2.5 head and body Nendoroid. The Nendoroid comes with three expression replacement parts: “Normal face”, which is usually expressionless, “Yawning face” with no motivation, and “Serious face” who is interested in things. At the same time, the accessories include Thorns’ unique short sword ordinary and"Supreme Art" two state versions, backpack, potion. Liangxiao Club will also launch the Nendoroid Plus acrylic key ring.

  • Thorns often focus too much on the preparation and extraction of potions, while ignoring other aspects - such as their appearance. Forgetting to put on a jacket, rolling up one of the trouser legs without knowing it, wearing holes in the clothes or even wearing them upside down are all commonplace. Don’t be surprised if you encounter such a thorn in the corridor. For swordsmen who pursue precision and efficiency, it is not cost-effective to spend too much effort to maintain appearance. Even if every hair is swelled and curled due to occasional experiments, the thorns can be let loose and withstand all Curious eyes, do their own thing without caring.

Figures have always been loved by everyone. Arknight is also one of my favorite games. I really like the characters in it, and I want to have the same model! These Arknight figures are available for pre-order today! I have already ordered 2 of them! If you see something you like, make an appointment now!

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