The highest level of Chinese yoyo brand. Check out the recommendations from YoYoPalace

The highest level of Chinese yoyo brand. Check out the recommendations from YoYoPalace

ByEricApr 24, 2022

The Ethereal is an innovative new bi-metal design from YoYo Palace with a striking look and impressive performance!
If any brand could represent the highest level of yoyo brands in China, I think YoYoPalace would be in the top 3 of that ranking. YoYoPalace has been dropping a bomb with every new product since its inception, and its yoyo perfectly explains what a professional yoyo is. Ahmad Kharisma, one of the best yoyo player in the world, has also joined the YoYoPalace team, and I think that means a lot.

I am constantly impressed by the innovation of yoyopalace. The yoyopalace journey is the innovative signature yoyo of the dynamic competitor and tech guru Ahmad Kharisma. If you have not seen his tricks, I suggest you leave this review temporarily to watch what he can do. I also want to shout out to his youtube channel, which includes several unique and well-done yoyo tutorials. Step up your tech game by learning some of his tricks. Disclaimer: you may become an Ahmad Kharisma fanboy making it very difficult to refrain from buying this. The journey is a bimetal yoyo that has a thin 7075 body with not just a stainless steel rim but a uniquely constructed stainless steel inner cup insert.

The Journey has an organic v-shaped design that allows comfort and catchability. It is comfortable in hand and on the catch. It has an intense but aesthetically pleasing laser engraving that lists all of the contest wins, Ahmad Kharisma. The exciting thing about this yoyo is its inner cup stainless steel insert. It starts at the top edge of the inner cup and slopes down to a second inner rim that then slopes down to a seamless curve that fits the shape of the 7075 aluminum. I believe this allows for a hollow portion of the cup where there is space between the stainless steel and the 7075 aluminum. It would be exciting to see a cross-section of this yoyo to see precisely how the stainless steel interacts with the 7075 aluminum. The yoyo comes in a few muted solid colors that provide a professional-looking design. Though I understand this design choice, I prefer more vibrant colored yoyos.
Overall the design is striking in its uniqueness and sleekness.

The first thing I would like to mention is the witchcraft smoothness of the Journey. It has a complex, multi-material design that could have quickly introduced a fair amount of vibe. The journey, however, was constructed to be smooth. When I first bought it, it was very soft. I would put it at a 9 out of ten, meaning that I could not feel any vibe in play but could feel a very slight vibe when touching it with my finger. This puts it smoother than the vast majority of yoyos. Most yoyos that I receive are at about an 8 out of ten. I have only played one yoyo that I would consider a legit 10/10 with very few 9 out of ten yoyos. It has since taken minor damage causing it to be slightly less smooth but still great. The journey is relatively stable and has a good spin time. I have had it die out on me during some extra long combos, but nothing that affects its performance capabilities. The yoyo plays relatively light, allowing it to move quickly while allowing substantially long practice sessions with little fatigue. The yoyo has an excellent catch zone giving it an advantage when trying to hit more complicated tricks. I also have noticed that this yoyo is very controllable, meaning that the yoyo responds very well to movement without going out of control when pushed to higher speeds. The engraving makes finger spins unpleasant, and the finish is smooth but slightly sticky, causing the yoyo not to be excellent at grinds. Binds are reliable, and snags happen but very rarely.

The Journey has a unique feeling in play. The first adjective that comes to mind when playing with the yoyo is gentle. Though, this feeling can be confusing because you would typically attribute that feeling to yoyos that lack spin-time, stability, and power. This is not the case; the journey feels gentle while robust, long-spinning, and stable. Again, witchcraft!!! Yoyopalace may have contacted an unknown yoyo god that they have subsequently sold their souls to design such a confusing yet exhilarating yoyo. Maybe that is where their name comes from the yoyo palace of the yoyo god where the yoyopalace designers sold their souls.

Final Thoughts:
The Journey is innovative, unique, and helps support a great yoyo player. The price may be a little steep at 129.99, but the yoyo plays like nothing else and is very well thought out. This yoyo is a different and high-performing addition to anyone’s collection and has the potential to become a life-long favorite for many.

Magic YoYo N11 (Splash)

The Yoyopalace Ethereal is a bimetal (7075 and stainless steel) organic throw that seems to have kicked off a new trend in bi-metal design. The bimetal rim starts on the edge of the rim. It descends into the cup creating an outer rim/inner rim design that companies like yoyorecreation and Dual have since implemented.

The Ethereal has comfortable bulbous rims with a relatively steep slope that leads straight to the low-walled bearing seat. This gives the yoyo a unique but organic shape. The yoyo is comfortable in hand and on the catch. The ethereal seems to have a reasonably balanced weight distribution with even and thin walls in the aluminum. The majority of the weight and character of the yoyo comes from its bimetal ring. The bimetal ring kisses the slightly indented rim and descends a little over a centimeter down the cup, creating a unique and clean look. The yoyo comes in solid colorways, with only the special edition having any laser engravings. I enjoy the simplicity of the design in appearance and commend yoyopalace for maintaining a minimalist approach to the formation of the yoyo.

The Ethereal is stable on the string and provides adequate to good spin-times while providing satisfying binds. The gap-width and response system was well designed, giving consistent binds while avoiding snags. Though the yoyo has a somewhat wide design, the shape limits its catch zone. I have noticed this makes landing tricks a little more complex than standard performance-focused models, but the round shape does help with tech tricks allowing the yoyo to excel in tight mounts despite its somewhat wide design. The yoyo plays balanced, leaning slightly on the heavy side of the spectrum. While playing, you feel the momentum of the bimetal construction without feeling over-encumbered by its weight. The contrast between the importance of the body and the rims allows this yoyo to be very maneuverable. It is straightforward to change speeds with this yoyo going from slow to fast and fast back to slow with minimal effort. The yoyo seems to prefer a medium-speed style of play but has excellent versatility in speed, making it easy to adapt to the pace of the yoyo player. The flat inner cup makes finger spins rather tricky but doable. The finish is blasted but ever-so-slightly sticky. Combined with the shape, the yoyo is not-so-great for grind style tricks. The smoothness of this yoyo is acceptable for its exciting and unique design. IT WAS PRETTY SMOOTH when I got it, probably at an 8 out of 10, meaning that it felt smooth primarily in play, but you could feel the vibe on grinds and while touching the yoyo. After one hit to the floor, the yoyo decreased to about a 7 out of 10, meaning that you can feel the vibe in play but minimal enough to be ignored. I have heard certain yoyo players prefer this level of vibe for performance as it doesn’t inhibit freedom but allows you to determine how fast your yoyo is spinning more accurately.

The ethereal, though being by metal and having a long spin and maneuverable play, does not seem to have been designed specifically for competition. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used. It was used during the online world yoyo contest by an impressive 5a player, but it seems to be a more fun-focused throw. The unique bi-metal design gives the yoyo extraordinary power while also providing an enjoyable, possibly floaty, quality to play. I find this weight distribution very unmemorable and enjoyable. The comfortable catch paired with an adaptable/chill play makes this yoyo great for long sessions dedicated to just feeling the yoyo space lay.

Final Thoughts:
Yoyopalace created an innovative, versatile yoyo that can be used by both competitors and those looking to chill with a yoyo. The price may seem a little high at $99.99, but this yoyo has a very unique and enjoyable feeling that can’t be found anywhere else. The ethereal is for you looking for an organic yoyo that doesn’t skimp on power while providing a unique and satisfying feeling in play. I would recommend this yoyo to more advanced players rather than beginner players because I feel like the yoyo may not be as durable as other designs due to its unique bimetal rim. If you frequently hit your yoyo on the ground, you may see your 100-dollar yoyo turn vibey and uncomfortable in play.

 Answer  - Make your yoyo tricks smooth

As we all know by now, yoyopalace has established itself as an up-and-coming brand from China after its popular release of the code and its sponsorship of Ahmad Kharisma, putting them on the world map with subsequent sponsorships and releases. Amongst the layoffs, the answer was their ANSWER in furthering their innovation on yoyo designs with their integrated double rings stainless steel ring design. This means that their stainless steel ring is constructed in a way that has double rings on a single piece without using two separate calls for the job. This allows better durability, stability, and control in one design utilizing a flared-out curved H-shape using 7075 aluminum with flat rim edges, reducing agility while providing comfort and better grip. I have obtained one because of its excellent design and exciting feeling on the string.

On the string, it feels solid yet somewhat maneuverable and well balanced due to the bi-metal construction and lightweight of 65g, making this yoyo comfortable for all styles of play. However, due to its slightly narrow trapeze width of 32mm, it can be challenging to do banger and horizontal tricks, but for speed and technical tricks, it’s able to ease through them with plenty of spins left after each session.

Usually, for bimetal yoyos, precision can be hard sometimes due to the extreme nature of construction, making it vibey. However, the answer is well made that it remains as smooth as a brand new yoyo after the collision due to its ring construction and fitting.

Though this yoyo is sold out in most places due to its earlier release date since this review was done, this is a yoyo worth trying out from your friends if they have one; it’s an eye-opener to how bimetals can play and be made, surely making it a stand out piece in your collection!

This is an upgraded version of the Ethereal, designed to be more competition-friendly and more severe in playing yoyo. After its release, several players have been using it to compete in online contests and physical contests on stage.

It is made of 6061 aluminum with inner-to-outer stainless steel rings, similar to the Ethereal and several other designs outside of yoyopalace but with a much noticeable protrusion making it a slim M shape profile, making this yoyo have a lot of stability while making it durable at the same time, suited for a wide variety of styles and divisions. While the design may be such, it’s still very comfortable in hand with a sleek curve from the rounded chunky rims down to the response, making it a good grip.
It plays very stably and solidly, making it feel heavier than expected. It is perfect at those long technical combos while still having reasonable control of its pace mid-trick, making it ideal for competition. You can do speed combos with it, but you’ll need to make quite an effort to get it moving to run.

In summary, the mimic is an ideal yoyo for players with a tech-heavy style or for players looking for an affordable bimetal yoyo that plays with exceptional performance!

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Eric is a yo-yo designer. He has designed yo-yos for SLUSNY and YoYoSam brands. Eric has over six years of yo-yo experience. He is also a yo-yo collector, having purchased more than 100 yo-yos at yo-yo stores such as SLUSNY, YoYoSam, etc. His yo-yo series includes professional yo-yo brands such as YoYoFactory, Duncan, and YoYoRecreation.