The first choice of yoyo beginner? Check out 4 yo-yo recommendations from yoyotricks

The first choice of yoyo beginner? Check out 4 yo-yo recommendations from yoyotricks

ByEricMay 23, 2022

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If a yoyo beginner, from how to buy the first yoyo to how to learn yoyo tricks are questions to think about, but Yoyotricks can put you to solve these problems.

Yoyotricks is a website from the US that provides systematic yoyo instructional materials and guides for buying yoyos for new yoyos. They also work with major brands to launch yoyo or kits for newbies; here are 4 yoyos you can find at yoyotricks.

Replay - Maybe the best first yoyo

It’s the signature yoyo of Gentry Stein. In 2015, Gentry Stein won the US Championship with this yo-yo and proved that this yoyo is genuinely incredible, and even with a plastic throw, you can win any kind of competition.

When Replay Pro was released, it set a whole new standard among plastic yoyos. It’s suitable for intermediate and advanced layers, whether they intend to compete or throw just for fun.

It is an old plastic yoyo and used to be the best one. However, there are much better throws on the market right now. I am not saying it’s terrible, but it’s not the best plastic yoyo in 2022.

Yoyo is on the heavy side, which means that spin time and stability are the advantages of this throw. Yoyo has cups that can’t be removed, and because of that, finger spins are impossible to do. The axle is oversized and fixed to the place with a nut. It means that if you strip the axle, you will not be able to remove it.

If you are looking for your first unresponsive yoyo, this is a good choice of price-performance ratio. It cost only 16$. YoyoFactory made a lot of color combinations so everyone could choose what suits them best. Replay Pro is a uniquely successful yoyo, and everyone should try it!

K8 - A good yoyo for beginner

The Magicyoyo K8 is a yoyo that seems to be often overlooked, which is a bit of a shame since it’s probably one of their better designs from that era. As of the writing of this review, they are still in stock in several places, so picking one up shouldn’t be too hard for most people. However, there are a few versions that people should be aware of before making their decision. The main differences are the finish. Even though there are many colorways, only two come with a blasted grind-friendly finish, as far as I’m aware, and those are the Red+Black and the Aqua+Lavender ones. All the others are a more raw or polished finish, and some even come with plastic cup inserts, which are theoretically designed for finger spinning. However, in reality, it probably actually finger spins better without those cups. So my advice has always been to stick with the Red+Black and the Aqua+Lavender ones when you choose to pick one up.

So those notes aside, what makes this yoyo so good? Shape-wise, it’s a classic “competition” V. Still, it has a massive diameter and a finely balanced weight distribution. It combines power, stability, and agility all in one package. It also makes it still controllable and returnable at very low RPM, so you can take your time learning new tricks or power it through your long combos.

Its mono-metal design saves costs and increases durability on impact, but as should be evident from the last paragraph, it manages to do this without compromising performance. It is a bit heavier, but it doesn’t necessarily feel heavy on the string, and the three models I’ve tested were all smooth as glass.

The end verdict is that this is a great affordable all-rounder that is not just excellent for 1A but also a good choice for 3A and 5. Ass a bonus, it’s got one of the most delightful ringings sounds, resulting in a super satisfying pinging sound on binds and regens.

Flight is the old classic 4A yoyo. Almost every legend was starting with this one. 4A yoyo means that the string is not attached to the yoyo. An off-string yoyo is an entirely different world; it opens many new possibilities.

Flight is perfect, yoyo, to begin with, this style of play. The first advantage is the price. It goes around 20$. If you broke it or something, you can quickly get a new one.

But to do some harm and damage on Flight is cchallenging. That thing is very durable. I am not a professional 4A player, but I dropped it countless times when I was learning the basics, mainly binds, and it still plays great.

The yoyo has perfect width of 57.5 mm. It’s wide enough but not extremely large or too small. It also has an adorable smooth bead blast, and because of that, it’s easier to create creative fingerspin tricks. But it doesn’t hdoesa n’tingerspin hub.

The flight had an exact shape so that nothing interferes with the string; for example, it does not get stuck on sharp edges. The gap is smaller, so the binds are tight; for some people, maybe too close. It also comes with a lot of great color combinations.

The sage is an excellent beginner yo-yo, suitable for kids and adults who are just starting to learn 1A tricks and the fundamentals of the hobby.

The yo-yo fits very comfortably in the hand of anyone; it has a good weight, so you learn to throw better, in my opinion. Its plastic, so if you hit or bop yourself, it won’t hurt as much – it still will hurt, though – the “V” shape makes it easy to get the yo-yo on the string when you are learning tricks, so for beginners, it makes it easy and you’ll want to keep at it to master the trick. Back to the weight, it will sleep well for plastic, so you can take your time learning the basics of, say, picture tricks.

Buy a better string; the one it comes with is not the best to learn. Also, it might go way too short, so you will need a line that fits your body type.

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