The design aesthetics of the yoyo.Check out the recommendations from HUATIAN

The design aesthetics of the yoyo.Check out the recommendations from HUATIAN

ByEricMay 20, 2022

HUATIAN is a professional yoyo brand from China. All of our members are young and active. We hope to bring happiness to all over the world.
Huatian is a new yo-yo company based out of China with a really unique approach to yoyo design.Huatian believes that the best YO-YO only exists in the heart of the one who loves it. Instead of doing everything we can to cater to the trend, let us indulge in this fascinating little world. HUATIAN has never expected the approval of the masses, but in case you find some happiness from it, then we wish Huatian can be a small fantastic part of your great adventure.

In China, the most important consideration when designing a yoyo is how well it will be able to perform in competition. Because of this, it is somewhat rare for a Chinese yoyo company to focus on creating less competition-focused designs. Huatian is one of those proud few. They have been known for creating unique, fun designs that can be used for competition but are also intended to be unique and fun. The Pinecone Re is one of their newest models. It is based on the original pinecone, which was released several years ago. The original design’s purpose was to create a beautiful yoyo that takes design cues from pine cones in nature. The result was a very interesting-looking yoyo with an exciting inner cup and a comfortable V/H shape. The human Re is an updated version of the original to use the same design language while lowering the weight.

The Pinecone maintains the same V/H shape as the original, making it very comfortable in hand and on the catch. The unique thing about this yoyo, though, is the cup. It has several inner rims that are striking and elegant. The center has a soft spike that is there for aesthetic purposes. You would think that this would be to have a longer axle, but Huatian chose to shave weight by including a very short axle. This makes the yoyo possibly prone to stripping and hard to screw and unscrew. The original bearing was so tight on the bearing seat that I had to replace the path with one that has a slightly looser fit to correctly put the yoyo together after the first time I unscrewed it.

The Pinecone is a very stable and long spinning design. It has a heavier feeling on the string but prefers to play at a zippy mid-fast speed. It changes speed and direction incredibly well and performs well in speed-style play. Its slim design gives the yoyo a powerful feeling but requires more precision in space. The response system is too tight for my preferences. The yoyo is prone to snag both in play and on sloppy binds. The yoyo came decently smooth at about a 7 out of 10 on the smoothness scale, meaning that you could feel some vibe on the string and when touched.

The pinecone re has so much soul! Its enjoyable cup allows you to feel multiple areas of momentum, giving the yoyo so much personality on the string. The design also looks good and feels good in the hand. Its ability to change direction while contrasting with its heavy feeling give this yoyo a unique and enjoyable presence on the string. It reminds me of the yoyos of the early 2010s that were focused on mid-weight. I enjoy playing with this yoyo.

Final Thoughts:
The pinecone has its flaws, and I would never recommend it for competition, but it is so unique and fun. Though I would appreciate a more wide gap and a longer axle, I can’t put it down. It is constantly in my yoyo rotation and could add some spice to yours.

This is another yoyo made by the fantastic company, Huatian, and it maintains the feel of their other yoyos while also standing out in its way. Just looking at the specs, you can see that it has an average diameter, and its width is a few millimeters smaller than average, with a decent weight of 65 grams. For this reason, the yoyo does feel a little dense in a good way. It maintains the force of a throw well, allowing it to spin steadily for an exceptionable time. With its smaller width, it goes through any combo with fpowerand will enable it to go through the narrow gaps of many tech tricks. Now for the price, it usually is about $80, but I want to mention that I paid $32.99, well below the regular price. The yoyo comes entirely smooth out of the box, and you can’t even feel it on the string. I would say that it is resistant to tilting, and for that reason, it does well with a multitude of tricks. I enjoy doing my front-style combos with it, and it just blows through them. To add to that, when I do slack tricks with this yoyo, they are very satisfying.

Similar to the Huatian Flamingo, this yoyo floats, but when it lands back on the string, I would say that it carries its momentum a bit more due to its weight. Aside from how it plays, I would like to comment on its design since it is somewhat notable. On the inside of the cup, it has a variety of indents that produce the effect of there being many layers. For its shape, I would say that it has a more sharp geometric design instead of an organic one, and I am personally fond of those types of yoyos. Overall, it is a high-quality yoyo that feels very sturdy when thrown and packs a lot of punch.

I bought this yoyo not too long ago, and in that time, I have come to enjoy how different it feels compared to my other yoyos. I had never heard of the Huatian company when I first bought it, but I now regret that I hadn’t heard of them sooner!

When I bought the yoyo, it was $12.99 and not the regular $29.99, so I quickly bought another when I received it and felt how well it played. The feel of the yoyo can mainly be defined by the word floaty. It feels light to play with, yet it sustains a smooth and stable spin.

I would have probably compared it to butter when I first threw it, and it also has this hint of bouncy-ness, which interested me. When I did a few of my tricks with it, it felt effortless and straightforward to control. Adding to that, the more and more I used the yoyo, I kept having this feeling of satisfaction that I hadn’t felt with any other yoyo. It was the bind! So to give some context, I love to bind quickly, and when a yoyo returns to me with no loose string or snags, it makes the yoyo soooo much better.

For that reason, I love love love the binds that this yoyo provides. It always comes back tightly and falls into my hand like it was molded just for that instance in time. I can give it any speed of a bind, and it comes back without fail!

Overall, the price I paid for this was worth it, and I might have bought a third one if the sale was still going on. Last thing: check out Huatian yoyos! I had never heard of them, but I am glad that I now know about their yoyos.

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