The choice of the World yoyo champion! Check out the recommendations from C3YOYODESIGN

The choice of the World yoyo champion! Check out the recommendations from C3YOYODESIGN

ByEricMay 17, 2022

The Delphinium is the 3rd mono titanium yoyo from C3yoyodesign. It is also c3yoyodesign's most expensive yoyo to date.
After Peter pong used a berserker to get his first European YoYo Champion title in 2012 EYYC, C3yoyodesign made its voice heard around the world. Ten years have made this yoyo brand from Hong Kong, China, one of the most well-known yoyo companies globally, with everyone from yoyo beginners to the World yoyo champion using C3yoyodesign's products.

Over the years, C3yoyodesign has made impressive bimetal models, including the crown and berserker series, and now the galaxy series, with three versions of the galaxy diver, the original 7075, the cheaper 6061 version, and the upgraded 7075 v2, which is the model I’ll be reviewing today.

It has a 7075 body with overhanging thick stainless steel rings, making this very yoyo rim weighted while having an appropriate amount of float with a weight of 65g. It sports a wide H shape with multiple cuts to push as much weight as possible to the rims and has a comprehensive profile of 50mm, making this yoyo very easy to land tricks on and great for 1a and 5a. It sports an axle nub for more excellent durability and extended axle use.

Playability-wise, it is very stable yet easy to control and move, great for speedy, banger, and hook/whip tricks. For 5a, it’s perfect for schemes that involve many catches like aerials and bee stings while still easy to do more technical 5a tricks, which world champion Sora Ishikawa is famous for.

This yoyo is a great performer both on stage and off stage. With great control and stability comes greater confidence!

C3yoyodesign is a trendy yoyo brand based in Hong Kong. They have been creating high-quality competition designs for several years and have a strong competition team. The Re: Master Galaxy is the second yoyo in the Galaxy lineup. The galaxy lineup was created to see how much performance you could pack into a super-wide yoyo.

The RE: Master Galaxy is an ultra-wide, v-shaped yoyo with flat rims. It has several body cuts and an added midweight step in the cup to aid stability. The yoyo comes in many different splash style colorings.

The Re: Master Galaxy was my first superwide yoyo, and I was surprised at how quickly I could adjust to its width. After playing exclusively with this yoyo for about an hour, it will start to feel normal. Switching to more narrow throws then becomes weird. If you are constantly changing between yoyos, the remaster galaxy tends to feel like a novelty yoyo. The extra width does make it less forgiving on the throw. If you are sloppy, the yoyo will tilt. The extra-wide design does many tricks, a lot more difficult as well. At 52mm wide, this yoyo is a monster, and it will try to grab any string near it. This makes it unique for the hop and hook tricks but hard to execute dense tech-style maneuvers.

The Re: Master Galaxy is a lot of fun. Its wide shape is super floaty and super catchable. It also is super smooth at about a 9 out of 10 on the smoothness scale. After several years and a few drops, this yoyo is still as smooth as when I got it. This is a yoyo where you can try big and strange tricks to allow you to increase in creativity.

Final Thoughts:
The Re: the master galaxy is a fun superwide design that performs pretty well for its width. It is super fun and inspires creativity. If you can find one of these yoyos second-hand, I suggest you get one. I would also suggest trying a Galaxy Diver or even the new Neo Master galaxy if you want something similar.

I dare say that Speedaholic XX from c3yoyodesign is one of the best plastic yoyo available. It was designed in Hong Kong and made of machined plastic with CNC precision. At first glance, you will know that this is not an ordinary plastic throw: incredible bead blast, a distinctive metal center with fingers in the hub, and a very decent design. The Speedaholic XX plays more like a metal yoyo. I recommend Speedaholic XX to all intermediate and intermediate beginner yoyos. For the price of around 30$, it’s a steal.


  • Diameter: 57.95 mm
  • Width: 46.15 mm
  • Gap Width: 4.65 mm
  • Weight: 66.5 grams
  • Bearing Size: Concave bearing sice C
  • Response: 19 mm pads
  • Material: Machined Plastic


  • because of machined plastic, yoyo is very soft and good for all grinds
  • built-in shiny fingerspin dimple is fantastic for the most extended finger spins ever
  • friendly and comfortable H shape with some fancy engravings


  • did you ever use glass-smooth plastic yoyo? No? Well, just buy yourself Speedaholic XX
  • bearing is not that loud; with a little bit of lube, it’s better

Feel on the string:

  • floaty feeling
  • lots of spin time for plastic throw
  • weight distribution is amazing
  • stability is not that bad
  • it can go fast
  • satisfying binds, but it needs fat strings

Overall just fantastic plastic throw for 30 bucks. Everything is great. I don’t have any cons because there are none. Recommend it!

This is the first collaboration yoyo between C3yoyodesign and Porykon and the second yoyo under the C3 crossover line. This yoyo was made as an excellent yoyo for both 1a and 5a performances. Polygon’s owner Denny Ko liked the Gamma crash and has been using it for a long time, and now, with the chance to collaborate, he further elevated the Gamma crash to play even better for 5a.

There are two versions of this yoyo, one made of machined polycarbonate and another from Delrin, but both fitted with stainless steel rings just like the Gamma crash. It has a wide H-S shape with multiple cuts going into the response area like the galaxy diver. It can even be considered that the porycrash is the plastic edition of the galaxy diver.

PPlayability-wise it plays fast for a hybrid yoyo yet has a solid and stable feeling like a bimetal on a diet. Worth mentioning is that the Delrin has a much heavier feel than the polycarbonate version. However, the main difference is just the materials used, allowing players to choose which version suits them better for their playstyle. I think the Delrin version is a better choice for 5a, and the machined polycarbonate version is better for 1a.

In summary, the porycrash is an excellent hybrid yoyo to own if you’re a fan of both 1a and 5a and sure to satisfy your needs for either style. If you’re into 5a, get the pork on edition because it comes with a limited edition custom-dyed portion counterweight to get started straight away!

Thanks to the Authors: Ced#2813, GhostOfSin#9899 and derfneb#21122 from Discord server - Thrower Center.

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