The best yoyo in the world? Check out the recommendations from YoYoRecreation

The best yoyo in the world? Check out the recommendations from YoYoRecreation

ByEricMay 18, 2022

Autoscopy from yoyorecreation, which is the signature yo-yo of Hajime Miura, who has won six consecutive world yoyo championships.
No one can answer what the best yoyo brand in the world is if YoYoRecreation has never claimed to be the best.

YoYoRecreation is a Japanese company with a long history of producing high-quality yo-yos using cutting-edge technology. Recreational yo-yos are thought to be among the most suitable for competition use. This manufacturer provides a famous line of Yo-Yos for players that are picky and only want to play to their full potential. You will never forget the smoothness and overall performance of each Yo-Yo.

From the Sleipnir to the Draupnir, YoYoRecreation dictates the direction of yoyo design in the world. Their members also represent the highest level of competition, whether it’s Hajime Murai, Toru Miyazaki, or Arata Imai, they all work together with YoYoRecreation to continue to shake up our perceptions of the limits of the yoyo.

This yoyo was designed by Yoyorecreation to solve the problem of inner ring bimetal designs by wrapping the calls from the internal to the outer rim, making a never seen construction for bimetals. While solving this problem, they created a tank of a yoyo, too, making this yoyo exceptional for any style(literally, maybe if you want to do 4a with it, but please don’t).

It has a 7075 body with stainless steel rings and a comfortable rounded v shape. This bi-metal design is exceptional in that while inner ring bimetals are already durable to withstand heavy impacts, the ring is stretched to the outside, providing additional spin power to make this yoyo even more stable on the string totalling up to a healthy weight of 66.8 grams.

Playability-wise, this yoyo is a powerhouse. While the technical and long combo style of yoyoing is what the anomaly is suited for, speed and horizontal tricks can also be done quickly because it is not cumbersome. On stage, it’s a great yoyo for 3a and 5a use, which is more commonly used due to its exceptional durability, stability, and compact size. Some famous users include Mizuki Takimoto, Minato Furuta, Yuki Sakamoto, and Toru Miyazaki.

This yoyo is a great addition to your collection due to its innovative design and impressive build, sure to last for a long time in your yoyoing journey!

We all know a boy from the future — Arata Imai, and he has a competitive career dating back to 2012. It was only INEVITABLE that Yoyorecreation would create a competitive powerhouse signature based on Arata’s needs! Featuring robust stainless rims and a fast-playing flared v shape design for severe speed and control to power through long and intricate tech combos.

The INEVITABLE shape dictates a compelling throwing experience, with a solid idle feel as you throw it. 65.5g of weight is not overly taxing on your fingers, and thanks to the importance of the bi-metal, it is guaranteed to be stable at high speeds.

INEVITABLE also performs particularly well in the horizontal tricks, thanks to a simple line that doesn’t let it make too much contact with the ball. But due to the width, this is probably a higher demand on the thrower’s control.

You’ll know who this yoyo is from before you see its name. Toru 0.9, the prototype of Toru Miyazaki’s signature model, indeed does what it means to be a “signature model.”

Toru Miyazaki has a beautiful playstyle. His patterns are structured with speed and rhythm. He has been working with Yoyorecreation to develop an idea of the signature yoyo to keep up with those overwhelmingly tricky tricks. It conveys a solid presence and has a slightly smaller and broader body than the current mainstream yoyo when thrown without feeling overly heavy. The thick and wide stainless steel rims offer great spin time to support long strokes and uncompromising performance.

We all know that the toru 0.9 existed before the toru 0.99, which seems to be a more satisfying expression from yoyorecreation for the Toru 0.99. At the same time, some people talked of it being similar to the WILL of the yoyofactory, but we all know that the yoyo design has a different feel to the yoyo in throwing due to the weight distribution in the same shape.

Going back to the toru 0.99, I wondered why Toru would make a shape like this (we all know he used to compete with inevitable) until I threw the 0.99, and it all made sense. The Toru 0.99 has a compelling feel, as the weight is concentrated on the outer ring, which makes it move without dragging. The larger width also ensures that it is more suitable for tech combos, arm combos, and horizontal tricks.

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Eric is a yo-yo designer. He has designed yo-yos for SLUSNY and YoYoSam brands. Eric has over six years of yo-yo experience. He is also a yo-yo collector, having purchased more than 100 yo-yos at yo-yo stores such as SLUSNY, YoYoSam, etc. His yo-yo series includes professional yo-yo brands such as YoYoFactory, Duncan, and YoYoRecreation.