The best beginner yoyos ? Check Out The Recommendations From MagicYoYo

The best beginner yoyos ? Check Out The Recommendations From MagicYoYo

ByEricApr 26, 2022

Rex is magicyoyo's best yoyo, made of titanium alloy.
Macigyoyo Company is a Chinese yoyo manufacturer established in 2004 as a GT Int Group - TND Toys subsidiary. Macigyoyo is the best choice for yoyo beginners. Their stated purpose is to introduce a wide range of high-quality yoyo at an affordable price, focusing on metal yo-yos.

Macigyoyo now offers nine yo-yo series, each with its letter prefix: D, K, M, N, T, V, Y, and Z. In addition to these lines, they also make solitary and collaborative luxury yo-yos.

Crystal K2 is the perfect affordable injection-molded plastic yoyo from MagicYoyo for total beginners or someone looking for decent plastic in the collection.

It can handle all advanced tricks and longer combos. It is suitable for a range of schemes from 1A, 3A, or 5A. It’s durable, so that that5A wouldn’t be a problem.

You can buy it on MagicYoyo’s official website. Yoyo comes with both responsive and unresponsive bearings. If you are a total newbie with a slim responsive approach, you can learn basic tricks and elements first, and then you can change yoyo to unresponsive. Unresponsive means that yoyo doesn’t come back to your hand. You have to learn a trick called Bind.

Feel on the string/Smoothness:

I was impressed by spin time (perfect for cheap plastic). Yoyo is smooth for plastic, but it does have a strong vibe. Also, it has a fingerspin cup, so finger spins are easy and fun. Grinds can’t be done; it’s too sticky. Overall a decent package with everything. From beginner to advanced player.


  • diameter: 55.50 mm
  • width: 43.00 mm
  • gap width: 4.00 mm
  • weight: 65,5 g
  • material: Polycarbonate
  • bearing: Unresponsive/Responsive MY bearing
  • pads: yellow MagicYoyo pads

You get a great, durable yoyo with a longer spin time and some excellent transparent design for a friendly price.

A Great Beginner Yo-Yo. This review will be kind of short mainly because it is a simple yoyo that does its job. The MagicYoyo N12 Shark Honor was my first 1A (String tricks) yoyo several years ago.

First, I would recommend this yoyo to a beginner because of the low price and pretty average specs, giving you a decent feel for most yoyos.

The shape looks and feels semi-organic since it is rounded on the outer parts of the yoyo cups and then has a sharp V shape in the middle. It has thick cups that allow for dings on them, trust me, I have dinged mine too many times while learning new tricks!

As for the feel of the yoyo, it is still relatively stable after having it for a couple of years, although the bearing has become a little responsive, even after cleaning it as many times as I could. As for the negative aspects of the yoyo, it can go fast but tends to tilt quickly when you do, and as I said, my bearing has become responsive, which could be due to me or perhaps the yoyo.

Overall, I would say that this is a great yoyo to start with, and the price is excellent for its qualities.

N5 Desperado - Your first 5A yoyo.

Desperado is a low-cost yoyo starting only at 10$. You can easily buy it on Aliexpress or the official Magic yoyo website. It’s a small, wide throw perfect for your first 5A beginnings. You can purchase multiple of them, and your journey can begin!

Yoyo comes in three different colorways, and in the package, you will find some spare strings, a bag, and a glove.


  • diameter: 50.80 mm
  • width: 45.3 mm
  • gap width: 4.72 mm
  • weight: 69.5 mm
  • material: 6061 aluminum
  • bearing: standard concave MagicYoyo bearing
  • pads: yellow MagicYoyo pads


The bead blast of a yoyo is shiny, so finger spins and fingerprints are complex, but it can be done. There are also some engravings.


Yoyo is extensive and small. That’s why it’s a good choice for the 5A style. It has a few inside cuts, and that’s it. Be careful because it’s sharp.


I can’t complain. Mine came smoothly without visible vibe—no string vibe, very smooth for 10$ yoyo.

Feel on string:

Yoyo feels solid. Not so stable in the world, and also spin time could be better, but it’s not competition throw. Also, you can feel its weight. Just a fun throw to carry around. Binds are slippery, so using a fat string is the best way to avoid it.

For 10$, you can go wrong with this one. Solid beginner 5A throw. It’s durable and cheap. So if you are thinking about 5A, go for it and buy multiple.

N8 - A Great Small size Yo-Yo

Here is the Magic Yo-yo N8, which I honestly bought just because it was cheap and tiny. So if you want an undersized yoyo, go ahead and buy this. It is a dense yoyo and very heavy for its size. Mine is pretty smooth, but it quickly tilts when the string touches the sides of the yoyo, and it doesn’t spin for very long.

It is possible to do finger spins but challenging due to the previously mentioned aspects, and the finish easily sticks to fingers. It does well with slower short tricks, but quick combos or longer tricks aren’t as easy to go through.

Overall, it isn’t the best choice for a beginner or regular yoyo, but if I went back in time, I would have probably still bought it because it is nice to experiment with more undersized yoyos. See how certain tricks affect them.

Thanks to the Authors: Yolek#0280,Ced#2813, LX_Emergency#6115, and Arc1#6730 from Discord server - Thrower Center.

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