The Top 5 Glassware to Boost Your Summer Beverages 2022

The Top 5 Glassware to Boost Your Summer Beverages 2022

ByLetiJul 20, 2022

Consider how essential a glass is to your kitchen. You use it to replenish yourself after your morning run, and at night, you fill it with your favorite wine. Lead-free glasses that can be stacked for easy storage and tempered glass that is shock-resistant to both hot and cold drinks are just a couple of the alternatives accessible to drinkers with a variety of lifestyles and aesthetic preferences. There are elegant crystal substitutes as well as durable tumblers available for upscale drinking. Each of these material options comes in a wide range of forms and sizes.

In reality, glassware consists of a vast range of cups, from regular water glasses to red and white wine glasses. Then there is specialist stemware, such as champagne flutes, anchor hocking glasses, vintage glasses, and other cups with a cocktail theme.

1- Libbey Polaris 16-Piece Tumbler Glasses Set

The Libbey all-purpose tumbler set satisfies a number of needs. They are substantial in your hands, have enough glasses to serve 16 people, and their curved design gives them an expensive appearance that belies their modest price. This 16-piece set comes with eight 17.75-ounce tumbler glasses and eight 15-ounce rock glasses. The Libbey sizes have a classic style, so they won’t go out of style over time.

Libbey Polaris glass looks to be lightweight and offers stability, despite being weighted and having a somewhat rounded bottom. This dishwasher-safe, lead-free set is made in America, is inexpensive, and goes well with any kind of decor. One of the best options for drinking glasses on the market for any occasion remains Libbey.

• Dishwasher-safe
• Durable quality
• Affordable

• Adjusting rounded bottoms could be difficult

2- Vibrant Splash Highball Glasses

Red Co.'s vibrant 13.25-ounce glasses feature various bottom colors, which is wonderful for two reasons. It makes it clear whose glass it is, doesn’t dominate in terms of elegance, and provides a dash of comedy. The colors are embedded into the bottom, so they won’t fade or wear out over time. The size is perfect for a glass of water, juice, smoothie, or drink.

Vibrant Splash Highball’s base of each glass is substantial and has a thick wall, which gives solidity to your beverage. Pour sparkling water into the Vibrant Splash Highball glass, and it feels delicate and lovely. Because of its weighted bottom, which provides it with excellent grip and stabilizes the glass, it is less likely to tumble over when you set it down. The ripples on the bottom of the glass control condensation when sipping a cold beverage on a hot day.

• Great for larger households
• Simple to clean
• a gorgeous but useful design

• Thin glass is fragile

3- Libbey Ascent 16-Piece Assorted Glassware Set

The Libbey’s Ascent glassware set is an extremely enticing option. If you’re restocking your glassware cabinet for the first time, perhaps following a move or for your very first apartment, the 16 glasses in a set consist of eight rocks glasses and eight spherical highball glasses. The rocks glasses each hold 13.3 ounces of liquor, while the highball glasses hold 16 ounces.

Libbey Ascent Assorted Glassware sells remarkably versatile, high-end, low-maintenance glasses. Make ice water with them or use them to mix up mocktails, cocktails, and cool punches. Due to the enormous capacity of both the rocks and highball glasses, you can make beverages that are significantly proportioned.

• Versatile
• Built to last
• Condensation-containing and efficient

• Oversized for small hands

4- Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware

The Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor range of glasses is the ideal choice for any event. Despite how they appear, they are composed of durable tempered glass that protects against thermal stress, breakage, chipping, and general wear. There are 12 glasses in a set, and each one holds 7.5 ounces of liquid, including wine, water, coffee, and sweets. When you’re finished with them, put them in the dishwasher. They are shielded from developing a hazy finish by the tempered finish.
The Essential Decor Glassware from Bormioli Rocco is thicker. It had the allure of a simple glass offered on an Italian terrace. When friends arrive, use these to serve Negronis, tiny pours of beer, sparkling water, or your preferred house wine.

• High-end appearance that requires little effort;
• Durable tempered glass construction
• Elegant and simple

• Small in size

5- Riedel Nick and Nora Cocktail Glasses

Nick and Nora Riedel Cocktail Glasses are designed with a basic, classic aesthetic that allows for versatile use in any bar programmer without sacrificing quality for durability. They are affordable and dishwasher-safe despite having an expensive and delicate appearance. The top of the glass is light and airy, yet the base is adequately weighted.

By delivering the beverage properly to the mid-palate so that you do not need to tilt your head back, the novel machine-made Cocktail glass Nick & Nora from the practical glass collection Riedel barware enables you to savor the beverage easily and beautifully.

• Elegant
• Affordable
• Surprisingly robust

• Noticeable seams in the stem
• The glasses are delicate.

Factors to Consider

To begin a collection of fine glassware, you must buy a set or more. The majority come in sets of six. Depending on how quickly you wash glassware and how many people live in your home, you may need more than one set or two. Those who frequently organize events should invest in a few sets to guarantee that there is adequate glassware for guests.

If you want to drink a lot of water at once and are looking for great water glasses, choose a greater volume of 16 ounces. A volume greater than this is too large for most glasses to hold. For individuals who prefer a smaller glass, however, a volume between 10 and 12 ounces is perfect for everyday use.


While soda-lime glass and the more robust silicate are frequently used to construct more affordable sets, crystal is used to make more expensive drinking glasses. When purchasing eye-wear, bear in mind that some materials, such tempered glass, work better in the freezer and microwave than others.


If you need a versatile glassware collection that you can use for a number of drinks, we suggest investing in one of the all-purpose designs that can carry a variety of liquids.


Q1- How are foggy drinking glasses cleaned?

If your glasses are foggy after being cleaned in the dishwasher, cloudy water is probably to blame. Since hard water is mineral-rich, your glasses will gradually fill up with calcium and other minerals. Use a dishcloth and a quick solution of white vinegar and water to quickly and gently clean the glasses.

Q2- Can you recycle drinking glasses?

The fact that drinking glasses cannot be recycled may surprise you. The majority of drinking glasses contain various additives to make them safe to drink from, however doing so modifies the glass’s melting point and prevents it from being processed by the vast majority of municipal recycling facilities.

Q3- Do drinking glasses work in a microwave?

Depending on the items you buy. Always check the manufacturer’s label for the words “microwave-safe.” Most tempered glass can also withstand freezing and microwaving, although soda glass should only be used for cold liquids. Handling glass with decorative or metallic trim requires caution. Glass can break when metal ignites in a microwave.


The material, volume, adaptability, and quantity in a set are the most important considerations when buying drinking glasses. We suggest choosing which features are most important to you before selecting which of these top selections should be in your kitchen. The Luminarc Tightrope Stack able Glasses, which took home the prize for Best Overall, merged a stylish design with a practical feature. They are lovely on the table, cozy in the hand, and easy to stack in the cabinet, which we appreciate.

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