The Most Badass Demon Slayer-sanemi shinazugawa The Wind Hashira

The Most Badass Demon Slayer-sanemi shinazugawa The Wind Hashira

ByMarchenJul 27, 2022

The Most Badass Demon Slayer-sanemi shinazugawa The Wind Hashira(wind pillar
In Demon Slayer, Sanemi Shinazugawa plays a significant supporting role. He is the current Wind Hashira and a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

In addition, Genya Shinazugawa, a Demon Slayer who fought with Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado, has an older brother named Sanemi. Sanemi fought the former Lower Rank One, Ubume, with the assistance of his partner Masachika Kumeno before turning into a Hashira, with Masachika’s death as a result.


The figure of wind hashira is strong, tall and lean.His height is about 5’11 according to officials.His age is 21. The man has black eyes and silver-colored hair. He has the white cape, and his demon hunter’s clothing is tucked in. His body is covered in crooked marks as a result of his numerous encounters with the demons and the use of his special blood.

He’s covered in a white long sleeve shirt with the kanji for “kill” carved on the back, white buckles around his shins, tabi socks, and a pair of white shoes with green straps. He also sports a green-tinted version of the regular Demon Slayer outfit that’s unbuttoned to reveal his chest and abs.

He loses his right middle finger and his right index finger in the fight with Kokushibo.


Sanemi is aggressive, fiery-tempered, outgoing, and headstrong. He is also frequently impetuous and quick to lash out. He frequently shows indifference to other people and has a very short fuse. But he is actually close to snake hashira obanai(AKA the snake guy in the demon slayers,serpent pillar).Only after discovering that Kagaya Ubuyashiki was far more than his outer appearance suggested did Sanemi show respect for him. Sanemi has also demonstrated a desire for combat, expressing his desire to face Upper-Rank demons and expressing his excitement upon encountering Kokushibo, an Upper-Rank One.

Sanemi has lost too many people he cared about in the past, which is why he acts in such a cold, nasty, and dismissive manner today. In the future, he can’t help but grin at his mother and other deceased loved ones to be able to see them again. Sanemi verbally assaults Genya when she joins the Demon Slayers to find him. However, Tanjiro Kamado can tell that Sanemi doesn’t really hate him and still harbors the same brotherly affection he did as a child. He sought to drive Genya away from him and the Demon Slayers so he wouldn’t be exposed to danger. Therefore he never verbally conveyed this.Sanemi is a fiery and snarky personality, as shown by his insanity and his lack of compassion or empathy. When he first met Tanjiro, Sanemi was immediately skeptical of Tanjiro’s explanations of Nezuko and slammed Tanjiro before slashing the box that contained Nezuko inside. This is completely the opposite reaction to the stone hashira-gyomei himejima.

He bears a profound hatred for demons and believes that humans and demons will never cohabit as a result of all the loved ones he lost to demons. It is really challenging to convince Sanemi to change his mind once he makes up his mind about something. He makes an attempt to stab through the box containing Nezuko since he does not believe Tanjiro’s assurance that she wouldn’t consume humans. After agitating her, he slices his own arm in an effort to provoke her into attacking him in response to the effect of his unique blood. Sanemi doesn’t really accept the Kamado siblings, even when she doesn’t, and Kagaya cites this as evidence Nezuko won’t attack people.

With the exception of Kagai Ubuyashiki, he treats everyone else with virtually complete disdain. Sanemi, despite his temperament, is tenacious and vehement about his convictions, even if that means defying any measures performed by his living relatives.

Back Stories

Sanemi genuinely cared for and loved his sibling. He even says he wishes Genya would get married and start a family. Sanemi exhibits intense rage and a certain emptiness toward Muzan after the struggle with Upper-Rank One, but he also cooperates more with people like Giyu, with whom he obviously did not get along. Sanemi exhibits unquestionable bravery and tenacity even after being expelled from the fight with Muzan. Sanemi almost died but surprisingly came back to life .After the final battle with Muzan and some time has passed, Sanemi is seen to have somewhat relaxed. Even despite their previous arguments, he can smile with Giyu. Surprisingly, he acknowledges his errors and apologizes to Nezuko for his behavior. And even smiled and tapped her head.

Breathing Type

A Breathing Style that Sanemi learned under the guidance of an unidentified cultivator and perfected with Masachika Kumeno. Sanemi is regarded as the generation’s most accomplished Wind Breathing user because he is a Wind Hashira. Kokushibo compared his proficiency with Wind Breathing to that of the first Wind Hashira from the Sengoku Era, the heyday of Demon Slayers.

Abilities &Powers

Sanemi is a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps and a solid and adept fighter. [5] He has repeatedly demonstrated his excellent skills and battle prowess. Sanemi was able to engage the Water Hashira in combat on an equal footing when sparring with Giyu Tomioka. Sanemi was seen to be able to defeat scores of Lower Rank demons in the Infinity Castle arc and subsequently to be able to stand his ground against Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo. In line with Kokushibo, Sanemi’s skills and physical prowess are at their pinnacle. Kokushibo added that Sanemi and Gyomei were among the Hashira’s highest-trained individuals. After Kokushibo was vanquished, Sanemi recovered quickly from the loss of his brother and went on to help the Demon Slayers battle Muzan Kibutsuji, putting up a brave fight of his own.

Sanemi is one of the strongest and most talented swordsmen in the entire organization and a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. [12] While receiving pillar training, he could spar with Giyu Tomioka, a very good swordsman in his own right, and match his competence. Sanemi was able to keep up with and impress Upper-Rank One, Kokushibo, a demon with millennia of swordsmanship experience because of his swordsmanship abilities. [13] In order to push Kokushibo away, Sanemi might also adapt to and combine the Stone Breathing techniques of Gyomei.

Weapon Used

Sanemi wields a green Nichirin katana that is standard in size and shape and has a jagged pattern that resembles the jaw of a beast. His hilt has an overlaying pattern in an abstract design with 8 points; each plate has a forest green center and a silver border. Sanemi’s blade is a Hashira and bears the engraving Destroy Demons on the side. Sanemi carries his katana in a conventional sword sheath that is a deep gray with silver marks that resemble scars.

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