The Best Smartphones From CES In 2022!

The Best Smartphones From CES In 2022!

ByOliverApr 02, 2022

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At the annual CES technology conference, lots of manufacturers have brought new products, we got a glimpse of a color-changing car, an oddly cute robot, tablets that put a gaming laptop to shame, crazy-fast silicon from Intel, and a spaceship-like router with motorized antennae, among other marvels.

But let’s not forget, smartphones also play an important role at the CES, we’ve reviewed some of the phones mentioned at the conference, and here are the top 5 of them!

📱 Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G UW

Phones are fragile, if you are an extreme sports lover, it can be hard to find a phone you need. Well, this super-tough phone may end your search.

The Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G UW is probably one of the toughest phones in the market. Designed for users who demand extreme durability, this crazy phone can take a beating, a dunk, and probably a close encounter with a battle tank, and live to tell the tale.

As the phone’s name implies, this new Kyocera device works on Verizon’s mmWave (UWB) network, which is the fastest version of 5G. Another way to put it, coverage is limited and will remain so for years to come.

📱 Galaxy S21 FE

The Galaxy S21 FE is perfect for those looking for a convenient, inexpensive phone. It is an excellent mid-range phone.

It is designed to rival the best phones in the market. The phone has a smaller screen and size, allowing it to be operated with one hand. Because of its size, it is super portable and great to handle! At CES, it was hard to find a phone as slim as this one.

A mid-range price point with the most powerful performance means Samsung expects a lot from its market feedback. Reviewed by famous tech YouTuber Pocketnow, he argues that this is a better phone than its predecessor and gives it a ‘Much better’ rating.

📱 TCL 30 V 5G

Maybe you are on a budget, or you want a phone that has simple features and offers a smooth user experience. We believe this is the phone to look out for at CES because it has excellent value for money.

Compared to its predecessor, it has a better camera, larger screen, and battery.
The best part is that this phone is a joint venture between TCL and Verizon, and with a phone card contract, it only costs only $299.99.We heard at Kevin Breeze’s first use at CES that this is an option for telcos to launch high-speed 5G networks without spending too much money.

The TCL 30 V 5G is the best choice for those who just need a simple feature phone and want a backup phone.

📱 Vivo V23

It is the best phone for selfie lovers I found at CES.

The V23 Pro30 Pro main selfie camera is the highest-resolution sensor we’ve seen on a front-facing camera globally.The system also has a built-in beauty mode and the ability to record 4K videos, which means that all videos can be automatically ‘beautified’, just like how portrait mode retouches things with still images.In Dominic Preston’s article is described the V23 Pro as a powerful selfie shooter with an excellent design.

In addition, in a world of countless boring, similar-looking smartphones, the Vivo V23 stands out - well, the gold one we tested does.

📱 One PLus 10 Pro

Want a phone that has no shortcomings from battery life to camera quality? This One Plus 10 Pro is what you are looking for!

The collaboration between OnePlus and Suha Camera makes its photography outstanding in terms of both colcolord sharpness, so both photography enthusiasts and everyday users can use OnePlus to capture the beautiful moments in their lives. This is the reason why it is getting so much attention at CES. One Youtuber- Danny Winget - thinks the phone’s camera has exceeded his expectations

For those who like to read electronically The Oxygen UI on the board the OnePlus 10 Pro is the simplest operating system, it has no ads and no superfluous features. This is where we experienced the superiority of its product at CES.


  • The Most Outstanding High-end Smartphones: One PLus 10 Pro
  • The Best Midrange Phone: Galaxy S21 FE
  • Best Budget Mobile Phone Under $300: TCL 30 V 5G
  • The Best Phone For Selfie Lovers: Vivo V23
  • The Best Phone For Outdoor Sports: Kyocera Duraforce Ultra 5G UW