The Best Nanami Kento Collectibles!

The Best Nanami Kento Collectibles!

ByAruaJun 16, 2022

Nanami Kento image from quotetheanimeIf you watched Jujutsu Kaisen, then there was no way you didn’t take extra notice of the famed 7:3 Sorcerer, namely Nanami Kento. As a 1st Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College, Nanami is unmistakable for his aesthetic and capabilities. Following his graduation from College, Kento-san initially chose to become a salary-man, only to return a few years later to become a Sorcerer. And one hell of a JJK Sorcerer he became!

The One and Only Kento-san

One can argue that Nanami is the best Supporting Character of Jujutsu Kaisen, and we would agree. Fair, tall and straight-laced, he is typically seen in his signature grey suit, spotted tie, black shoes and arm-less sunglasses. These looks, reinforced by his stoic, serious and reserved demeanor both inside and outside work, make him a fan favorite. Don’t judge this book by the cover though, because he is actually a very kind man who greatly values the lives of his companions. With the aim of helping as many people as possible, he strode right into our hearts!

“Nanamin” Collectibles of Value

By now, its obvious why you ought to have Nanami Collectibles of your own. If you display this bad-ass character in all his glory in your own room or home, you’ll become a very satisfied fan indeed. Don’t forget; every purchase you make aids all the people and organizations involved in its production, while also supporting the Original Creators. So without further ado, let’s check out our Top Picks for The Best Nanami Kento Collectibles…

Right off the bat, we have an unparalleled figurine of utmost quality! Everyone’s favorite senpai (other than Gojo) heads your way as a brand new Nendoroid of Kento Nanami from the Jujutsu Kaisen Anime series!
This ever-powerful Jujutsu user graces you with three different face types: standard, combat-focused and smiling expressions. It even comes with a number of accessories to suit each mood! You will feel awe-struck when his signature knife, famed 7:3 effect, classy smartphone and casse-croûte sandwich adorn your tabletop. But wait, it’s not over yet because Nanami-san comes with removable glasses that can be made to look reflective thanks to the included stickers. You’re probably already satisfied, but this set even includes special parts that make him look like he’s loosening his tie, for when he’s in serious mode!

What’s a collectible list without a stunning Prize Figure? That’s right, Tokyo Jujutsu High’s acclaimed alumnus and Grade 1 Sorcerer is ready for battle! Taito brings you this treasure at such an affordable price, displaying the stoic Kento Nanami from the Jujutsu Kaisen Anime series in all his glory!
Standing at 7.1", wearing his usual salary-man/businessman attire and his signature sunglasses, Kento-san means business whenever he loosens his tie and holds his blunt sword ready in his hand behind him. Food for thought: Why not have him stand next to Satoru, to show everyone just how much the duo contrast each other in their personality?

This Pop Up Parade figure of the bad-ass Jujutsu Sorcerer with swagger to spare finally joins the beloved POP series of affordable and easy to display collectibles! The one and only Good Smile Company alongside sculpting by HIROHITO, brings you this Grade 1 Sorcerer from JJK at 7.1" height, looking as stoic as ever with one hand casually in his pocket and the other loosening his tie.
To make the best of this entry, be sure to display him along with Satoru, Yuji, Megumi and Nobara within your prized collection and against a dark backdrop!

Soothe your soul with this Bandai Figuarts Mini figure series, dedicated to bringing our favorites to life as adorably squashed- down chibi versions of themselves. We waited long enough to witness Nanami’s turn and now this stoic & dapper Jujutsu Sorcerer finally enters the fray. At 3.5", the 7:3 Sorcerer strikes a characteristic pose featuring his signature sunglasses and offers a humble degree of posability. How? Because he comes complete with optional arm parts, giving you the freedom to display him in multiple ways!

Can you imagine a more suited character from Jujutsu Kaisen to adorn your noodles by sitting atop it calmly other than Nanami-san? Absolutely not! Presented to the world to behold with a very polite posture, Nanami will continue to drinking tea in style while you enjoy your mean. Just don’t be too surprised if he decided to borrow some of your Cup Noodle’s hot water to make that very tea!

“I’m going into Overtime now.” shudders
Those Curses better watch out, because Kento Nanami is loosening his tie and we all know what that means! Kotobukiya brings you this epic ArtFX J figure line and now the time is neigh for JJK’s powerful 7:3 Sorcerer. Standing fearlessly with his eyes fixated on his foes, cursed tool in hand, Kento-san is ready to invoke his signature technique: Overtime! Attention to detail is the prime focus, because so much effort has gone into accurately capturing the look of his suit, right down to every wrinkle. His professionally slicked-back hair and sunglasses have been faithfully recreated as well. This figure stands on an ink-like base to further enhance the Anime’s dark style, so don’t miss out on adding him to your beloved collection!

Nothing says “I adore this character” more than a Plush! Sitting at around 10" height, this lovable line of plushes bring your favorites to life in soft-to-the-touch form. Straight from the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, a brand new Sitting plush of Nanami-san is ready to adorn your bedside. Be sure to complete your collection with all of these JJK characters ASAP!

The time has finally arrived for fan-favorites Kento Nanami and Sukuna to join the Jujutsu Kaisen look up series! This Look up series of figures all sport sitting poses while looking up, making them perfect for display beside you while always looking you in the eyes. The necks are fitted with a joint, allowing them to always be looking right at you. You must not fail to display them alongside the other JJK characters from the Look Up series. What’s more, an additional gift accompanies your purchase: designed cushions boasting the featured characters for the figures to be displayed on!

You read that right; a Hikkake Figure of Nanami-san! Your favorite characters from JJK are back, hanging out in the cutest way possible in FuRyu’s Hikkake Figure series. These must-have re-release figures feature adorably posed chibis, small dangling legs and a cubical block base to display them on, with a design that represents each character proudly printed on the front. Take your pick between Satoru Gojo, Kento Nanami and Suguru Geto or straight-up get all three. At 4 inches height, these are perfect for PC decoration!

Bandai is not done yet, because here comes the Adverge Motion Line of Collectible Mini Figures Volume 2! This series continues to chibify your beloved characters from the popular JJK Anime and the second must-see Lineup is not to be underestimated. Each of these 2.2" figures capture a different character in one of their signature battle poses and is packed to the brim with charm & details. The complete lineup includes Yuji, Kento, Satoru, Suguru, Jogo, Mahito and (last but not least) Sukuna. This box set gives you easy access to all of them. While you’re at it, consider grabbing the Adverge Motion Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 1 Complete Box Set too!

That’s all for now…

We have reached the end of our esteemed list of The Best Nanami Kento Collectibles you need to get your hands on today! Found what you were looking for? Surely, there were some entries that won your heart over instantly or better yet, you loved every single one. Rest assured, these products are of top-notch quality and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. What are you waiting for? If you’re busy being enraptured by Kento Nanami, you can take some more time!

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