The Best Humidifier To Help You Breath Easy!

The Best Humidifier To Help You Breath Easy!

ByOliverApr 02, 2022

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According to Dr. Ken Spaeth, a New York-based physician specializing in occupational and environmental medicine, humans are most comfortable when indoor humidity levels are between 40 and 50 percent. “Below 40 percent air is considered dry, which can cause eyes, throats, [and] sinuses to dry out,” Dr. Spaeth says. “Greater than 50 percent relative humidity can promote mold growth.”

And if you are like me, getting nose-itchy and face-dryness once the air is too dry, then you may consider investing in a humidifier! But it can be confusing since there are so many humidifier types and brands to choose from. Well, don’t worry, We combined our insights with our independent research to bring you this list of the best humidifier for you to get!

  • Best Overall: The LEVOIT Dual 100 Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser

  • Best Budget: Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Best for Large Rooms: Levoit Humidifier for Large Bedrooms

  • Best Humidifier/Diffuser Combo: Halo XL Humidifier & Diffuser

  • Best for Quiet Operation: Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Best for Nurseries: TaoTronics 3-IN-1 Humidifier with Essential Oil Diffuser and Night Light

Halo XL Humidifier and Diffuser

Imagine this, after a long day of work, you finally get home, and you turn on the humidifier in your room and drop a few essential oil, and a cool mist with calming scents fill the air, how nice is that?

If this calming atmosphere is what you are looking for, I recommend you check out this Halo XL Humidifier and Diffuser two in one. This is both a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. It’s very easy to use, one click and it is all set.

The humidifier fills the air with clean moisture and healthy humidification to support your skincare, helping to make skin hydrated, soft, and supple.

Add a few drops of a calming oil such as lavender, peppermint, or any other natural fragrance of your choice to the diffuser to enjoy the room-filling fragrance.

The LEVOIT Dual 100 Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser

If you are looking for a humidifier that offers both sleek, minimalist design and reliable results, then the LEVOIT Dual 100 Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser is what you are looking for.

The model Dual 100 has a mist output of up to 220 ml/h and a 3-foot mist height, able to increase the room humidity by four percent within an hour. The 1.8-liter tank size is big enough to keep a medium-sized room like a bedroom, and you don’t have to worry about constant refills.

And it has a humidity sensor, which reads the room’s current relative humidity level and automatically adjusts mist level, maintaining comfortable humidity at all times. You don’t have to worry about over-humidifying your space.

It’s also has a large opening, which makes refilling and cleaning the tank easy. Enjoy the convenience of a thoughtfully-designed product!

Levoit Humidifier for Large Bedrooms

Some rooms are huge, and an ordinary humidifier can not boost the indoor humidity level high enough, our the water in the tank runs out too quickly and you will have to refill it ten times a day. If this is the case, I suggest you check out this humidifier with a super large water tank!

With a mist output of up to 500 mL/hr, this humidifier can easily handle spaces as large as 753 ft² / 70 m². The large 6-liter tank allows you to humidify continuously for up to 50 hours, saving you the trouble of frequent refills.

And this humidifier is unique for its warm mist feature, which offers up to 4x faster humidification than other leading cool-mist humidifiers and provides greater relief from symptoms caused by winter colds and the flu.

Another cool feature is the convenient remote control, this is useful when you are in bed and don’t want to get up.The convenient remote control lets you quickly turn on the humidifier from across the room whenever you need it.

Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier

When you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, the last thing you want to hear is a machine rumbling. If you have ever been bothered by the noise of a humidifier, check out this one with zero sound.

The Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier has a barely noticeable noise level. It also features adjustable mist output control & an illuminated water window with adjustable tank light.

At the bottom of this humidifier is an essential oil tray, add a few drops of your favorite oils there for added aromatherapy comfort.

Another cool design is once the water runs out, it’ll automatically shut off so you know it’s time to fill up the tank again.

Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier

If you are on a budget or don’t want to spend too much money on a humidifier, but still want a fun function humidifier with great built quality, go with the Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier!

It has a large water tank, capable of storing liquid up to 2.5L, offers a full 24 hours of humidification in small or medium-size spaces. Boasting a 360-degree nozzle, this humidifier automatically releases moisture into the areas that need it most.

Weighing at just two pounds, it’s also incredibly lightweight, allowing you to move it from room to room with ease. And it provides super quiet mist - less than 30dB, designed with ultrasonic technology, because of that, it’s an excellent option for bedrooms or nurseries.

TaoTronics 3-IN-1 Humidifier with Essential Oil Diffuser and Night Light

Babies have sensitive skin and get easily irritated if the air is too dry. It’s crucial to find a humidifier that is safe for babies to use.

The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier is our pick for nurseries and kids’ rooms because of its affordable price point, whimsical whale design and BPA-free plastic exterio.

Made of BPA-free material, it is safe & healthy for babies and pregnant moms. The 2.5-liter tank provides up to 30 hours of continuous mist with an operating noise level of just 26 decibels without beeping, fan running, or water dripping sounds.

This three-in-one machine can be used as a cool mist humidifier, an essential oil diffuser and as a soothing bedroom light for little ones. Press and hold the night light button, you can create a gentle glow and smoothly adjust the night light, perfect for night time breastfeeding and to help babies get a restful sleep.

Well, hope you have an idea what humidifier to get after reading this article. Stay healthy and allergic-free in the spring!