The Best Accessories For Selfies in 2022!

The Best Accessories For Selfies in 2022!

ByOliverApr 06, 2022

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While the cameras may deliver masterpiece selfies, it is also absurdly expensive. This is a conundrum for you and your selfie-obsessed friends. But there’s hope! There are plenty of cheap gadgets out there that can enhance photos so they look just as good as the camera’s. From a light beloved by beauty bloggers to a tiny phone stand, here are all the devices sure to please any serious selfie artist.

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light

Without a doubt, the easiest way to step up your selfie game is to add more light to your photos. Once you use something like this clip-on ring light from Meifigno Selfie Ring Light, you’ll get better highlights and focus.

We don’t think all girls can take it when they have the perfect made-up on and not enough light to reflect the beauty of their face. the Meifigno Selfie Ring Light is designed to clip onto any smartphone and provide soft lighting from all sides of the phone’s camera. A Youtuber provides a detailed review of this product.

Install 360 ONE R Invisible Selfie Stick

When traveling as a group, it can so awkward to take a selfie that has everyone’s face in it. When this happens, this amazing stick can come into assistance!

Weighing only 162 grams and able to be adjusted as short as 23.5cm, it’s super lightweight to pack and carry around with you. Though the lightweight, made of aviation aluminum material, it is super durable.

When taking pictures, you can extract this selfie stick to as long as 120 cm, what’s even better, you can connect this stick to your Apple Watch or AirPods, and use them as a remote control to take photos!

Another amazing feature is that it is automatically concealed in photos and videos by advanced algorithms! Check out this video taken by it, see if this is what you want!

EVICRE Selfie Stick With Light

This device is like a stick, a light, and a tripod combined, and this makes it more versatile! You can use it when traveling, at a party, or live streaming outdoors. It’s so useful on so many occasions, I strongly suggest you get one of these sticks.

This phone holder can be perfectly compatible with all cell phones. Combine the functions of the selfie stick, phone tripod stand, and floor tripod. Makes it very suitable for taking selfies, group photos, and facetime.

The fill light comes with 3 lighting modes: White, Warm, Natural, each mode has 2 adjustable brightness. It provides different brightness to outline facial lines, taking your selfies to the next level!

And it works with all smartphones and has an LED ring light that mimics studio-style lighting, so you can take great studio-style in dimly lit areas. This means that whether you’re a beauty blogger in need or just a girl who wants to take great-looking photos, it’s for you.

You might be worrying, is it clumsy with all these functions? No! Not at all! Made from aluminum alloy, it weighs only 4.8 oz weight, so convenient that you can put it in a pocket or bag. Whenever you want to record a beautiful moment, it always is there!


Taking beautiful selfies or clean cinematic shots is difficult when your hands are shaking. Therefore, to get the best results from your smartphone’s front or back camera, you will want to use a gimbal stabilizer to take near-professional shoots with just your smartphone.

We highly recommend that everyone who loves to shoot videos get a DJI OM 5, we think it is the best helper for outdoor shooting. Whether you’re taking pictures of yourself or recording your videos, its stabilizer does a great job of preventing excess shaking in your hands.

Check out this video if you want to know more about this stabilizer! This video shows off many features exclusive to videos, like DJI’s unique shooting software and the DJI OM 5’s hardware.

With this stabilizer, we can get not only perfect portrait photos but also complete innovation in the presentation of portraits within the video.

Premium HD Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter

It can be a hard time to find someone to help shoot group photos, and you can’t take pictures when your phone is too far away from you. Well, it won’t be a problem if you have this little device with you!

Pair this remote control with your phone via Bluetooth, and you can control your device’s shutter release and capture pictures from up to 30 feet away!

Hena shows how the Bluetooth Selfie Remote works and shows us how it helps us take selfies in this video. We also recognize henna’s high praise for this device, which is small and portable, yet the wireless function allows the phone to shoot regardless of physical distance.

It is a really good choice for you to use for selfies because it does not appear inside our photos like a selfie stick, which makes the photo morpurerth only the subject of the person.


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