The 8 Most Handsome Demon Slayer Figures in Aniplex

The 8 Most Handsome Demon Slayer Figures in Aniplex

ByAruaMar 29, 2022


Since the launch of Demon Slayer on April 7, 2019, it has gained a lot of attention and popularity once it started. But in July 2021, with the appearance of the second season, Demon Slayer is still unabated, and ushered in the second wave of popularity, which naturally became the focus of attention in the circle, and as the copyright owner of “Demon Slayer” - Aniplex naturally Created figures in various character shapes! This list takes you to see if there are any of your favorite characters!

  • Kitchen Gate Tanjiro God of Fire Kagura · Biluotian 1/8 figure with a total height of about 28 cm. The figure is three-dimensionalized using the “God of Fire Kagura · Biluoten”, which was used by Tanjiro Kamado in the play when he was struggling to cut off his neck in the duel against Nightmare. Kamado Tanjiro is still dressed in chess pieces, with a firm expression on his face, and he wields the Japanese round sword vigorously in his hand. The base under the figure’s feet is made of Nightmare’s vertebrae.

  • Kamado Tanjirou is a kind and gentle boy, the eldest son who values his family and is serious and stubborn. This figure combines characters and special effects to restore the scene when Kamado Tanjirou used the full concentration. The flame of Kagura, the Kagura of Fire, surrounding the sun blade is displayed through transparent special effects and relaxed painting. The fluttering of the flame of Kagura, the God of Fire, is restored with dynamic modeling effects. 360 degrees can feel the handsomeness of Kamado Tanjirou.

  • The full height of the 1/8th figure of Nezuko’s bloody version is about 20 cm. The figure adopts the shape of Nezuko who was bound by spider silk and used “Blood Blast” to burn all the spider silk when he fought against the fifth of the fifth in the spider mountain in Nada. Nezuko is frozen in a restrained posture, and at the same time, there are silk threads that are burned by blood explosions. It can be seen that the special effects are also bursting from the hands.

  • Demonstrates Nezuko’s flamboyant and characteristic blood ghost flame during battle. Fluttering hair and undulating flame effects have been meticulously sculpted. This highly detailed 1/8 scale figure captures Nezuko’s Art of Gorefiend: The Moment of Exploding Blood! A lot of transparent parts are used to create her blood magic effect. Those who like Nezuko must have this figure. Special attention was paid to the fact that this figure recreates Nezuko’s skin and nails, while her eyes and facial expressions perfectly capture the intensity of the battle. Plus, the dynamic composition and poses are shaped in such a way that the characters look bigger than life!

  • Hashibira Inosuke figure With special effects inspired by the breath of the beast through transparent material and dynamic shapes, Inosuke’s wildness is perfectly captured as he strikes an aggressive pose ready to join the fight with his twin Nichirin swords. The figure has amazing detail, including his incredibly muscular physique and the weathered wrap around the hilt. In addition to his signature boar mask, the figure includes a face piece that can be swapped out to showcase Inosuke’s strikingly charming face.
  • ConoFig - New series of figures from Aniplex!This figure uses the state he was in when he was asleep. His posture is very handsome, which is the opposite of his usual timid appearance. The blade pattern of the sun blade is a lightning pattern, the blade is white with golden protrusions, and the handle is white. With a golden triangle pattern, the scabbard is also white. Since the protagonist has only his knife that does not break often, it seems to be the hardest knife.
    A passive, timid boy who has absolutely no confidence in his strength as a swordsman. He is afraid and avoids fighting with ghosts. When he is nervous to the limit, he will fall asleep and enter a semi-awakened state, displaying his original strength.
  • The total height of the PUP Butterfly Ninja Figure is about 15 cm. The insect column of the Ghost Killing Team, a girl with a beautiful face. PUP’s Butterfly Ninja retains most of the character’s characteristics on a low-cost basis. The smile on the long face, pupilless eyes, and the iconic butterfly headdress and butterfly wing pattern feather weave, which also uses gradient colors. Wearing a sun wheel sword on the waist.

  • Shinobu Kocho always has a smile on his face, a female swordsman who is proficient in toxicology and pharmacy, and is good at poisoning ghosts. This beautiful and elegant 1/8 scale figure features enduring a gravity-defying pose as butterflies appear to surround her. The sheer butterfly effect details paired with the charming smile on her face provide collectors with an elegant figure that captures the essence of Shinobu Kocho!
  • The Kyojuro 1/8th figure of “Devil Slayer: Wireless Train” is about 20 cm high and was created using the visual image of the theatrical version. As the flame pillar of the current ghost killing team, Purgatory Kyojuro’s mighty sword stood upright, the cloak behind him fluttered upward like a flame, and a circle of flames composed of transparent parts was on the ground. The iconic Sun Knife is bright red all over with a flame blade pattern. Lian Guo Jingjurou has long yellow and red hair, sword eyebrows, and a pair of piercing eyes. He is cheerful, enthusiastic, and has a loud voice, but he can’t understand the words of the people around him, but he has the temperament of a commander.
  • Uzui Tengen’s new figure adheres to the production spirit of the Bandai Soul Figure brand, restores the character settings in full details, and the overall workmanship is exquisite and expressive. The posture is domineering and cool, and it is very worthwhile for fans to start!

  • FiguratsZERO Yujun Tianyuan figure is about 14 cm high. The figure is made of Tian Yuan’s modeling when You Guo and Shang Xian were fighting. The iconic white ponytail and jewel-encrusted headband, and the red eye makeup on the left eye is a confident smile. The sleeveless Ghost Killing team uniform showed two strong arms, and Tian Yuan’s arm muscles were tense and blue veins bursting out, holding the double sun blade crossed. The depiction is very detailed. It has a black blade with a golden blade and a chain sun blade, and the words “Evil Ghost Killing” are also engraved on the blade. The large amount of dust raised by the sword under his feet is made of translucent material.

  • Uzui Tengen is a man with a very “gorgeous” appearance and behavior. He not only takes “gorgeous” as his mantra, but also calls himself the “god of festivals” in charge of gorgeousness. Uzui Tengen also loves the three wives he met when he was a ninja very much.

  • This figure is based on the illustration of Tomioka Yiyu Tomioka, which was sold at the C97 Aniplex booth. As a user of water breathing, he was created with a three-dimensional effect.This Giyu Tomioka figure uses the dynamic shape of Giyu Tomioka, the water column of the Ghost Killing Team. The part of the breath of water is treated with transparent parts, and the whole is more layered. The moment of the battle of the soft and powerful water column is three-dimensional, and the figures are vivid.

Each figure has its own unique charm, and the second season of Demon Slayer has ended. Let us look forward to the broadcast of the third season of Demon Slayer!

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