The 5 Best Bracelets to Refresh Your Wrist

BySibylMay 16, 2022

from googleBracelets become a part of every woman’s life at a young age. Starting in delicate teenage years, wearing matching bracelets with the girl gang is a thing. As women grow older, this piece of jewelry adds a statement to their personality. Bracelets of different types speak a lot about the essence of a woman.

Delicate bracelets made with precious stones add grace and class. On the other hand, colorful beaded bracelets translate innocence, freedom and a fun-loving personality. Some women prefer all kinds of bracelets and choose one that fits an occasion.

These five bracelets are unique and offer both colors and personality for formal and casual occasions. Let’s take a look.

Groove Curb Chain Bracelet
Groove Curb Chain Bracelet
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The best thing about this Groove Curb Chain Bracelet is that it is handcrafted with care using 100% recycled material. You can get this link bracelet in either gold or silver. The sterling gold bracelet is crafted using 18k gold vermeil, while the sterling silver bracelet is made with solid silver. It takes several family-run workshops worldwide to produce one such bracelet. The features include:

•	Simple design
•	Handcrafted with love
•	Available in gold and silver
•	Supports multiple family-run workshops globally
•	Made with recycled gold

The price starts at $295, and we think the price does not do justice to the effort put into creating this beautiful piece of jewelry.

Slim Pave Oval Link Bracelet
Slim Pave Oval Link Bracelet
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This minimal design of the Slim Pave Oval Link Bracelet is an excellent addition to your wrist as part of layering. The soft silver curved chain adds class and feminine beauty to your hands. Other features include:

•	Eye-catching design
•	Great for layering
•	Available in two sizes
•	Ideal for a sentimental gift
•	Minimalistic design

Priced at $440, we think this sterling silver bracelet is a must addition to your jewelry collection.

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Unlike other gold and silver options available online, this Chunky Curb Bracelet is handmade. Since each gold plated bracelet is handcrafted and designed in Melbourne, you will be surprised by what you get. Although the design idea of this link bracelet is the same, no two bracelets will ever be the same. Owning a unique piece of jewelry is the dream of every woman and other features include:

•	Handmade in Melbourne
•	Unique design
•	Gold plated

Effortlessly chic, this bracelet is priced at a mere $183.59.

Shiny Rhinestone Bracelet
Shiny Rhinestone Bracelet
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The Shiny Rhinestone Bracelet adds class to any formal outfit. Pair this bracelet with a plain, silk dress for the added glamour every woman dream of. The features include:

•	Available in two attractive colors
•	Comfortable to wear
•	Made of crystal and brass
•	1.3 cm rhinestones secured with a clawed base
•	15 cm in length, which can go as long as 20 cm

Priced at only $80.94, this bracelet will add more value to any outfit.

Identity Bracelet I
Identity Bracelet I
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This classy Identity Bracelet is made with 100% recycled gold of 14k. You can also choose an option in sterling silver if you prefer. This is a classic, and every woman should own a link bracelet in her private collection. Having a sterling silver bracelet or a sterling gold bracelet in your collection is like an asset that adds value to your wealth. Other features include:

•	Made from recycled gold and silver
•	Classic design
•	Lightweight
•	Can be handed down to generations
•	Available in various sizes
•	Available in various thickness
•	Available in gold and silver

The starting price of the Identity Bracelet is $395 and goes as high as $2,000, depending on your choice.

Bracelets add a statement to your overall look and define your style. These five bracelet options can be layered with your watch or more beaded bracelets for added glamour. Nonetheless, you can wear them separately for a minimal look and a more significant impact.

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