The 3 best European yoyo players, view their signature yoyos in SLUSNY.

The 3 best European yoyo players, view their signature yoyos in SLUSNY.

ByEricJul 07, 2022

TOP3 of EYYC 1A Division, Photo by SLUSNY
EYYC is one of the most prestigious yoyo Competitions in the world, mainly organized by a yoyo shop - Slusny from the Czech Republic, in conjunction with the Czech Yoyo Association.

Affected by Covid, it was not easy to hold offline yoyo events in the past few years. Although people could find players online that they could communicate with (World YoYo Social Community Map ), the inability to throw face-to-face also led to the global yoyo community being depressed for a while, and the activation of EYYC is undoubted of great significance.

Slusny, one of the largest yoyo stores in Europe and even in the world, not only brings excellent products to the majority of players but also actively cultivates new players, organizes competitions, and provides quality yoyo advice.

Therefore, weshop and slusny have established a cooperation to introduce the top 3 characters of this EYYC 1A division, and all the yoyo they use can be found in weshop.

Jakub Dolejš in the stage, photo by Slusny
Jakub Dolejš, from Team Duncan, won the eyyc 1a category with his complex skills and firm stage control. His freestyle included various technical elements. Jakub Dolejš presented perfectly and was very good at moving the atmosphere on stage, making him win the EYYC 1A division with 94.3 points on the final score sheet. It is worth mentioning that Jakub Dolejš also won the 4A division and came second in 5A and 3A, which proves that Jakub Dolejš has a very comprehensive skill set. Undoubtedly, Jakub Dolejš will represent the highest level of European yoyo for a long time.

Here is the freestyle of Jakub Dolejš.

Jakub Dolejš is using Orbital GTX from Duncan. Despite being a signature yoyo of Tal Mordoch, Orbital GTX’s excellent performance satisfies most of the top yoyo players; after all, Orbital GTX has already helped two European champions to the throne.

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Michael Malík in the stage,photo by Slusny
Michael Malík, the player with the most Czech national titles, took second place in the 1a category of this eyyc. Michael Malík is very good at subtle trick control and perfectly combines trickery with the music.

Here is the freestyle of Michael Malík

As a member form Team YoYoFactory, his signature yoyo-Blade is also loved by the majority of yoyo players and is a huge seller, so keep checking slusny for restocking information and don’t miss it. You can also see more reviews of YoYoFactory by clicking here.

Matouš Tomeš in the stage,photo by Slusny
Matouš Tomeš, one of the most representative Czech players, scored an extra third place in the 1A division of EYYC this time. His tricks are very complex and have an extremely interactive ability with the audience, as you can see from the final score sheet Matouš Tomeš presentation with a score of 8.3.

Here is the freestyle of Matouš Tomeš.

The IQ of Matouš Tomeš’s Editions is also online at slusny, a product that yoyofactory strongly recommended this year, so if you are a fan of Matouš Tomeš, don’t miss it. You can also see more reviews of YoYoFactory by clicking here

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Special thanks to the Trapeze members from THROWER CENTRE.

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