TOP 5 Ladder Bookcases to use up vertical space in your home without taking up any floor space

TOP 5 Ladder Bookcases to use up vertical space in your home without taking up any floor space

BygothamAug 16, 2022

Ladder bookshelves are the perfect way to use up vertical space in your home without taking up any floor space. They’re simple, elegant, and versatile, and they’ll blend in and compliment a wide range of decor without adding clutter or bulk to a room.

So, let’s have a look at these 5 Modern Ladder Bookcase to add clutter or bulk to a room.

1. Kanissa 85’’ H x 30’’ W Steel Ladder Bookcase

Add some industrial flair to your farmhouse décor with this Kanissa ladder bookcase. It’s made with a metal frame for a rustic look and mounts to the wall for stability. Plus, the included wall-mounting hardware makes it easy to install. Six ample shelves provide plenty of space for books, plants, bar essentials, or anything else you want to display.

Kanissa 85'' H x 30'' W Steel Ladder Bookcase
USD 239.99

2. Saruhan Solid Wood Ladder Bookcase

Looking for a stylish way to display your books and favorite potted plants? Check out this Saruhan ladder bookcase! Made from solid pine wood, it features a unique angled silhouette and a neutral finish that makes it easy to pair with any type of home décor.

3. Vaughn Etagere Bookcase

Looking for a modern industrial bookcase to spruce up your living room or den? This clean-lined etagere bookcase from Vaughn is perfect! It’s 65" tall frame is crafted from metal with a gray finish, and it features an open design with five tiers of asymmetrical shelf space made from engineered wood. Each spot is ideal for displaying your favorite book collection, a mini succulent (or two), and accent pieces. We also love how the gray laminate on the shelves give it a concrete look for an extra layer of rustic charm in your space.

Vaughn 65'' H x 33.1'' W Etagere Bookcase
USD 99.99

4. Natrona Solid Wood Ladder Bookcase

Looking for a unique way to store your books and knick-knacks? Look no further than this Natrona 72.5’’ H x 25.25’’ W Solid Wood Ladder Bookcase! This ladder-style bookshelf has a clean, open silhouette with five tiers, perfect for showing off your favorite titles, knickknacks, and framed photos. It’s designed to fit easily into taller, narrow spaces and is made from engineered wood for a sturdy build. Plus, it’s painted in a neutral hue to let your stuff shine.

5. Flythe 70.87’’ H x 23.62’’ W Metal Ladder Bookcase

Introducing the Flythe ladder bookcase! This stylish and practical bookshelf is perfect for any room in your home. The sleek metal frame and five open shelves provide ample space for displaying your books, plants, and other favorite decor items. The vertical design is perfect for small spaces, and the ladder-inspired layout adds a touch of whimsy to your décor.

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