Six signs the pool pump is not working properly | 2022

Six signs the pool pump is not working properly | 2022

ByJonathanJun 20, 2022

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Proper filtration of the swimming pool is essential as, with time, you will feel that it looks turbid. This is the time when cool water looks dirty and cloudy. However, there comes the time when even if the pump is working correctly, it cannot clean the pool to the fullest.

Sometimes, there is malfunctioning in some part of the pool pump, and sometimes there might be a blockage in the system. In this situation, you should replace your entire pump or check why it is not working correctly.

In this post, we will discuss this in detail. What signs show why the pool pump is not working correctly?

Six signs why your pool pump is not working

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  • The pressure gauge reading is less than 12 PSI.

  • The pressure gauge at the side of the filter should give a reading between 12 and 17 PSI. Unfortunately, if your pressure gauge provides a pressure below 12 PSI, you should evaluate why it is showing external pressure.

  • The pool water is dirty despite running the pool pump.

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  • This is the most common sign when your pool pump is not working correctly. You can easily see that the pool water is dirty even if the pump runs.

  • The pool pump is not working even after backwashing the filter.

  • To check whether the pool pump is working correctly or not, ensure you backwash the filter. When you backwash the filter, all the dirt and debris are removed. The reason is that a clogged filter is responsible for causing a low-pressure gauge reading.

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1.Clogging of the skimmer basket.

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The skimmer basket is located on the side of the pool, along with other filter baskets interconnected with your pump system. If your skimmer basket is not cleaned correctly, your pool pump might not work properly. These skimmer baskets sometimes get clogs which can interfere with water flow and reduce the water pressure.

2.It is leaking water.

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Sometimes, there is a leakage beneath the pool pump, and it causes the lowering of the pressure. Also, due to leaking, the pool pump starts sucking problematic air.

3.It is making weird noises.

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If you think the pool pump is producing some sounds, such as the scratching sounds, it shows that it is not working correctly. In this condition, it needs more water and causes the lowering of the pressure.

Ensure you have also checked the skimmers so they will not be clogged with debris and dirt.

So there are some issues related to your pool pump, such as being too powerful for the pool where you have to clean it. If you face this kind of condition, then you have to upgrade your pool pump. Sometimes, the pump produces loud noise, which might be due to worn bearings. If the pool pump makes a humming noise, it shows something stuck in the impeller.

4.Importance of pool pump

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We know that your swimming pool is incomplete without a pool pump.
Therefore, everyone is aware of the importance of the pool pump as it is responsible for keeping your pool clean and clear.

If we talk about the pool pump, it is a device with a motor that sucks the pool water through different pipes. The water is then transferred from these pipes to the skimmer, where the most considerable debris is collected.

Then the water moves towards the filter, where the remaining waste is collected. It does not mean that this remaining debris is smaller particles that the skimmer cannot remove.


After cleaning this filter, they push the clean water back into the pool. Therefore, the first sign that your pool pump is not working correctly is that it looks dirty.

5.Should I keep the pool pump off or on?


Everyone wants to enjoy the morning near the pool, especially, if we have our own in our backyard. Sitting in the pool enjoying the water splashing is just a breeze. We could not want the complete list if the pool water is dirty. So we must maintain the cleanliness of our swimming pool as it is essential.

If we do not adequately preserve our collection, it could come up with many problems. The most important thing is that our pool must have the essential parts to maintain it.

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Maintaining the swimming pool’s critical equipment is crucial, especially keeping your pool pump running. This pump is responsible for pushing water from the filter. Unfortunately, sometimes, we do not maintain these parts and expect pools to remain clean and clear. So we should keep all the pool pump equipment for the pool’s everlasting cleaning.

6.How long should you keep your pool pump running?

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According to manufacturers, you should keep your pool pump running for at least 4 to 8 hours daily. However, it also depends on the pool pump you have in your swimming pool.

There are two types of pool pump Motors: single-phase and three-phase.

Three-phase Motors are best for larger pools as they consume less energy and deliver more power.
Single-phase pool pump motor is perfect for smaller pools, and it is necessary to keep it running for at least eight hours.

7.How long do pool pumps last?

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The lifespan of most pool pumps ranges from 8 to 12 years. However, if you think it is not working correctly, you should replace it.

Factors responsible for the longevity of the pump

There are different factors on which the life of the pump depends.

Type of pump

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Two types of pumps are present: single-speed and variable-speed pumps.

Single-speed pumps have less price, although they run at one speed. These pumps might wear down quickly.

On the other hand, variable speed pumps give you different speeds. It’s your choice whether you want slow or fast speeds of the pumps. Note that variable speed pumps are more energy-efficient and last longer.

Size of the pump

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The pool pump size is significant because installing a small pump for a big swimming pool has to work much harder. Ultimately, this thing decreases its life span.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How well can you maintain a swimming pool pump?
Like a car, where you can replace different parts on and off, similar is the case with a pool pump. It is unnecessary to replace the pump immediately; you can save money by replacing the malfunctioned parts.

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How does a pool pump system work?

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First of all, there is a suction pump that draws the pool water at high pressure. The pump draws the water through drains and skimmers, thus removing large debris during the journey.

When debris is removed, water flows through the filter, where it draws the dust.

From which material I can lubricate my pool pump?
Teflon is the best material to lubricate the pool pump. Usually, people use Teflon to lubricate the pump’s lid, filter tank, and O’rings.

Final words

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We all know very well that a pool pump is essential for the proper cleaning of the swimming pool. However, sometimes, we feel that the fuel pump is not working correctly.

In this post, we have discussed in detail different signs which show that the pool pump is not working correctly. However, the most important movement is the pool water becoming dirty and turbid.

I hope you like this post a lot as it reveals useful information about pool pumps. You can ask us in the comment section if you still have questions or suggestions.

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