Should you buy a BruMate Cooling Thermos?

Should you buy a BruMate Cooling Thermos?

BySibylJul 28, 2022

If you are feeling the heat of the summer, you aren’t alone. The summer sun has made it difficult to step outside without sweating profusely and losing precious hydration. So it has become more important than ever to carry cold water with you at all times, especially when you are outside or doing some strenuous activity.

While regular water bottles can’t keep your beverages cool for more than a few minutes, the BruMate Cooling Thermos can keep its content cold for hours so you don’t run out of ice-cold drinks when you need it the most. Not to mention, BruMate offers specially designed thermoses for various applications. So you can buy the right kind of thermos for each beverage as well.

With that being said a lot of people aren’t sure if buying a BruMate Cooling Thermos is a good idea or not. So in order to help you in deciding whether you should purchase this thermos or not we are going to explain the key reasons why buying a BruMate Cooling Thermos is a good idea. Not to mention we will explain everything you should know about this product so read on.

What exactly is a BruMate Cooling Thermos?

BruMate doesn’t just offer the cooling thermosm, in fact this company has a wide range of products, such as can coolers, coffee mugs, metal water bottles, and of course the thermos. These can be used for beer and seltzer, wine, water, cold drinks and, other types of beverages making them your perfect summer companion.

The BruMate Cooling Thermos is made to keep your favorite ice-cold drink cold. This product comes with specialized insulation that helps keep the cold inside and the heat out so that your drink can remain cooler for longer.

How is BruMate Cooling Thermos going to keep my beverages cold?

All of the BruMate products work based on a system called BevGuard. It’s a patented system that keeps your drink cold for hours.

The Brumate Cooling Thermos cooler and bottles are made of double-walled stainless steel with advanced vacuum insulation and a layer of copper in between. This combination of layers keeps your drinks cold without condensation or sweating which is common in regular water bottles and thermos.

The vacuum insulation technology used in this thermos is a great way to stop heat from moving from the outside to the inside so that the liquid stays cold for hours. Since heat can’t pass through space without air or another material, the temperature will stay the same whether the space is hot or cold. In addition to keeping your beverages cool, it can also work the other way around.

When it is wintertime, you can also use the Brumate Cooling Thermos to keep beverages hot because of the insulation they have to offer. So if you buy these thermos, you can use it all year round.

Is BruMate Cooling Thermos worth a shot?

This thermos stands out because of its beautiful colors and patterns, high quality, and great ability to keep things cold. BruMate is a reputed brand and is worth your trust as far as keeping your beverages cool is concerned.

Since BruMate is mostly used to store alcohol, its products are made for adults. As mentioned above their product range has cups and containers for wine, beer, or anything else adults like to drink. The designs are meant to hold alcoholic drinks, but they can technically hold any hot or cold liquid. Also, BruMate’s line of products for alcohol is unique, that gives you more than just insulation from your canister. The unique technology used in the making these coolers ensures that you don’t get the metallic taste in your beverage that you get from low-quality metal bottles.


There are simply too many cooling thermoses available in the market, however only a few of them can actually promise results. BruMate Cooling Thermos is one of the very few thermoses that have the technology behind them to actually keep the beverages cool. Not to mention, these thermoses are one of the very few that can keep the beverage fresh and prevent the metallic taste from forming in your beverage.

So based off of all what we have told in this article, it is obvious that a BruMate Cooling Thermos is definitely worth buying.

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