Satoru Gojo | The strongest magician! Pick the best 10 Satoru Gojo figures!

Satoru Gojo | The strongest magician! Pick the best 10 Satoru Gojo figures!

ByAruaMar 29, 2022

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Since the broadcast of “Curse Back to War”, the name “Satoru Gojo” has been mentioned all the time. In the anime, whether it is background, qualifications, or even appearance, it is a superior existence. Although Satoru Gojo’s character seems to be wild and unruly, he is very decent inside. It is precisely the black belly that fascinates me, so the appearance of the character Satoru Gojo will make people so popular, as if it has realized everyone’s heart. That “ideal look”. This list of figures is created for Satoru Gojo. If you are also a Satoru Gojo fan, keep reading.

The most popular Gojo Satoru life-size figure:

  • Gojo Satoru’s life-size figure over 190cm at the “Curse Back to War” animation planning exhibition in July, both in detail and overall effect, is the figure that best fits Gojo Satoru’s image so far. Everyone was feeling “Finally a good-looking Gojo Satoru figure!” .

  • But Gojo-sensei’s perfect appearance and image can’t even be shown in figures. Only in comics and animations can his invincible personality be vividly reflected.

  • The price of such a well-made figure is naturally not low. The official price is 26,180 yen, which is about 1,500 yuan. This price is higher than the price of the same type of figure, but this price is indeed in line with the positioning of this figure. Regarding the release time of this figure, it is officially scheduled for February 2022, and it will take a long time to wait until it is released.

Wujo Satoru original painting figure:

  • The prototype of this figure is CHIGA, and the material is PVC. The overall shape perfectly shows the full personality of Gojo Go, The appearance of the hand-made promotional image does restore the original cartoon, but it always feels completely different from the original painting, with a not very smart look.but so cute.

  • This figure uses a 1:7 ratio, and the price is set at 17,950 yen. In addition to the slightly broken face, this Gojo Satoru figure also has advantages. Its clothing and appearance are very textured. Especially Wujo Satoru’s long legs restored the setting of the original “Curse Back to War”.

  • At the same time, the Wujou figure base is not an ordinary base with a general style, but a blue gradient matching base, which seems to be in line with Wujou’s temperament.

FiguartsZERO Gojo Satoru:

  • is about 18cm tall. The figure adopts the “virtual 茈” posture composed of Gojo Satoru taking off the blindfold and using the forward-turning technique “Cang” and the flipping technique “He”. After Gojo Satoru took off his blindfold, his white hair fell down, and his beautiful eyes and handsome face were matched with a black uniform of the high school of magic, very handsome. The huge dark purple translucent special effect piece composed of the spell is also full of momentum.

  • Bandai Spirits collectible toy division TAMASHII NATIONS launched this static series FiguartsZERO new product,The pre-sale will start on March 2, and the official release is scheduled for July 2022.

Gojo Satoru: Infinite Empty Place Ver.1/7 Figure:

The overall height is about 33 cm. The figure adopts the posture of Gojo Satoru who easily copes with the mantra spirit with one hand in his pocket. Under the white hair and black blindfold is a calm smile. The magma bursting out by the leaky coral behind it was made of translucent material, but the magma that was blocked by Gojo Satoru’s power did not hurt it in the slightest. He raised his right hand in a gesture of unfolding the “boundless space”. At the same time, the official also provided an expression replacement part that showed “six eyes” blue eyes when he was not wearing a blindfold.

This Gojo Satoru’s figure is made of PVC and ABS, and there is a hint of evil in his handsomeness. the special effects background behind it is very sensual. The translucent material shows the appearance of special effects. The details of the base under the feet are also very well handled. It depicts the scene of stepping on magma, The scene is full.

the most popular one the Megahouse Look Up Q-version figure:

  • which is different from the usual figure of jumping around and making trouble everywhere. He bends his knees and closes his legs, his hands rest on his knees quietly, he raises his head at a 45-degree angle, and smiles with watery blue eyes. Looking at you, isn’t this contrasting cuteness even more exciting, giving rise to the urge to take it home?

  • The size of 110mm can be held in the palm of the hand, and even the strongest human beings can’t help but have a desire to protect.

ARTFX J Gojo Satoru 1/8 Figure:

  • This Kotobukiya ARTFX J figure shows the form of Gojo Satoru when he uses the phantom “茈” move in battle in the comics.

  • ARTFX J Gojo Satoru 1/8 figure is about 25.5 cm in height. Gojo Satoru, who was produced by the original illustration prototype, was dressed in a black uniform of a high school in spells and seemed to reach out to use his abilities, and the surface of the clothing was painted with bright colors to show the texture of the clothing. At the same time, the white hair is displayed with translucent materials, and the iconic blue eyes and the surrounding white eyelashes are carefully painted.

  • The official bonus is Gojo Satoru’s usual expression replacement part wearing a blindfold.

It can be seen that the overall body shape of this figure is very good. Even the scarf to the clothes, the folds in each part have been realistically shaped, and there are many accessories with different actions. Although it is a movable figure, it can still be realized naturally. The restoration of the image can show more images of Satoru Gojo.

Gojo Satoru’s Instant Noodles Figure:

  • In addition to viewing and collecting, this kind of instant noodles can also be used for pressing instant noodles. Many netizens saw this figure and said that with this “Five Enlightenment” figure, there will be something to press instant noodles.

  • The action of this Wujo Satoru’s Jingpin figure is also more restored to the comics, which perfectly expresses his character.Many friends thought that the price of Wutiaowu’s “pressed instant noodles” figure should be relatively expensive, but after understanding it, they found that its price is not particularly high, not even 100 yuan.

This figure is a Nendoroid version of Satoru Gojo. It’s super cute, isn’t it? It’s very different from the usual image of Satoru Gojo. The smiley shape of scissors really softens people’s hearts. I want to take it home immediately!

Gojo Satoru is so handsome! Do you like this list? Go buy it now!

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