Satisfy those Yo-Yo cravings - Check out the three best Yo-Yos from Recess.

Satisfy those Yo-Yo cravings - Check out the three best Yo-Yos from Recess.

ByEricMay 19, 2022

The newest release from Recess is the pro model for 2x Malaysian yoyo National Champion Zafran Aqil - The Tropic Alien!
Recess is a brand new company founded by World YoYo Champion, US National Yo-Yo Champion, and general yo-yo legend - Tyler Severance! Tyler Severance assembled an amazing team of talented players, and they’re doing a great job bringing that fun and exciting recess feeling back into the yo-yo world.

The Recess Tropic Alien is the signature model of 2x Malaysian National Champion Zafran Aqil. Recess is a company focused on creating fun yoyos, so when you pair their dedication to the love of throwing with a highly-skilled yoyo competitor, you get a well-balanced yoyo that can compete but also can be enjoyed in a more relaxed setting.

The Tropic Alien is a comfortable and unique V/H shaped yoyo. The yoyo is comfortable in both the hand and on the catch. Most of the weight is placed on the rims, but it also has a decent mid-weight due to a step in the cup. The width is pretty standard but seems slightly slim compared to current competition trends. The weight is also heavier than the current trends. The Tropic Alien has whimsical laser engravings and attractive color options that push the idea that this yoyo is meant to be fun. I have the space loot colorway, and it is gorgeous!

The tropic alien is long, spinning, and stable. I have not had any issues with the yoyo dying out during long combos, and I have been impressed by its binds. Binds have been consistent, and I have experienced little snag. Though the yoyo is not as comprehensive as current competition trends (45-48mm), I have not experienced difficulties with catchability.

This yoyo won’t give you many advantages when trying to hit difficult hooks and whips, but the
the width allows the yoyo to be very versatile, allowing the yoyo to perform well in tight mounts while also providing enough catchability to hit slacks, whips, hooks, and bangers. The finish is smooth, allowing for decent grinds, and the yoyo itself spins pretty smoothly. I would put it at an eight out often. It feels smooth primarily when playing, but you can feel some vibe when touching the yoyo with your finger. Finger spins are doable, but the laser engraving makes them feel unpleasant.
The yoyo feels balanced, leaning very slightly on the heavy end of the spectrum. It plays
lighter than a silenus but more severe than a Kenshin or a flank. If I were to compare the weight in play to any yoyo, it would be the recognition. The tropic alien prefers to operate at a mid-fast speed but can move quickly or slow down as desired.

This is where the Tropic Alien shines. It has excellent performance aspects, but you know it was meant to be fun when you throw it. The added midweight gives the yoyo a unique feel in
play, and the shape calls you back for more. I was experiencing a throwing crisis where I
had difficulty finding joy in throwing. During that time, the tropical alien was one of the few yoyos I owned that would give me pure pleasure while throwing.

Final Thoughts: This yoyo is currently one of my favorites. The design, beauty, performance,
and play speak to me on almost a spiritual level. From 49.99 to 54.99, the price is right. For me, this is a straightforward recommendation. Those looking for their first boutique yoyo, a competition level-up, or something fun will all find something to enjoy. Well done, Recess!!

Want something that almost plays like a full-size yoyo but is much easier to pocket? And that also won’t break the bank?

Don’t worry; Recess has something for you. This yoyo is just a little undersized. It’s undersized for an undersized yoyo.

But don’t let its tiny specs fool you. There’s plenty of mass for power, as you can see from the weight. This weight is concentrated in the rims to ensure long spin times and decent stability. It’s not the fastest yoyo to tilt. But because it’s narrow is also no comparison to the ultrawide full-size competitors you can find.

Good at finger grinds and Thumb grinds because of its excellent matte feeling finish and overhanging lip in the cup. It’s somehow not very good on finger spins. The engraving in the cup feels rough on the nail, and the large flat surface inside makes it wobble all over the place.

But it’s stable and robust. It is a little slow and “bricky,” but it doesn’t feel like a rock on a string……so if you want something fast, get something else.

But for fun, everyday carries that won’t make your jeans bulge too much or your bank account deflates too much; it’s a good choice.

Pricewise it sits at around $40 for an A grade. And when B grades show up, they’re about $15.

The Snack can be found at yoyoexpert and tricks, among others.

Joyride is a massive organic throw made by USA brand Recces, and in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with this one. Yoyo is designed in the USA and made in china. The price makes it very good for everyday carry. It cost 40$.


  • Diameter: 56.72 mm
  • Width: 44.7 mm
  • Gap Width: 4.50 mm
  • Weight: 66.16 g
  • Bearing Size: Size C center track
  • Response: 19mm Pad Size
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum


  • it’s O shape with some excellent additions to it
  • yoyo is big and pretty wide for an organic throw; it makes it easier to hit strings, and it’s more competitive than some other O shape throws
  • bead blast is fantastic, really soft, clean, smooth, and suitable for all grinds and finger spins
  • it also comes in black color without engravings which looks superb

Feel on the string:

  • a very light and floaty feel even though it has 66.16 g
  • fun throw
  • without any vibe, it’s smooth as butter
  • out of the box binds can be slippery, and fat strings are recommended
  • yoyo have plenty of stability and spin time for every combo you throw at it

I fan precise and awesome O shape yoyos, and Joyride is an excellent example. It has everything. A great package of fun, power, and beauty!

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Eric is a yo-yo designer. He has designed yo-yos for SLUSNY and YoYoSam brands. Eric has over six years of yo-yo experience. He is also a yo-yo collector, having purchased more than 100 yo-yos at yo-yo stores such as SLUSNY, YoYoSam, etc. His yo-yo series includes professional yo-yo brands such as YoYoFactory, Duncan, and YoYoRecreation.