Plant Stands for Ultimate Home Décor

Plant Stands for Ultimate Home Décor

ByVernaMay 18, 2022

from googleIndoor plants have great mental and physical health benefits. Apart from added colors and an enhanced interior décor, indoor plants greatly improve your home’s outlook. With the growing popularity of indoor plants, the options for plant stands are also increasing. You can find several options from hanging plant stand to tiered plant stand and an assortment of single plant stand. Depending on your space, you can always choose without compromising on the final look.

The first plant stand on our list is made with biodegradable and eco-friendly stone. The best part about the Wise Egg plant stand by Studio A is that it is beautiful to look at and contains no resin. The fiberglass liner can be removed for easy cleaning and installed back without any hassle. The features include:

•	Brushed gold stand
•	Whitestone plant pot
•	Made with biodegradable material
•	Every piece is handcrafted and, therefore, unique

The price of this single plant stand starts at $497.50 and is absolutely worth its price.

When it comes to indoor plants, the best way to display them is by placing the plants on stands that elevate them. This metal plant stand by West elm is designed in collaboration with a Brooklyn-based plant Kween brand. The features include:

•	Lightweight, therefore, easy to carry
•	Single plant stand
•	Made of lightweight metal
•	Available in two colors
•	Aesthetically beautiful design

The price is a mere $59, which is a great investment for plant lovers.

Rattan Plant Stand

This single plant stand is a great addition to boho-style interior décor. With a simple plant pot that suspends on a bamboo stand, the rattan plant stand adds great taste to indoor plants. Other features include:

•	Single plant stand
•	Metal plant pot
•	Bamboo stand
•	Height of plant stand: 10-12 inches

The rattan plant stand by GreenWood is priced at $174, and since it is eco-friendly, we believe it is a great investment option.

This Adobe Rattan Planter by West elm is a great initiative to save the environment. The basket can be used as a hamper, but we think adding plants to it would be a better choice. The stylish single plant stand has other features like:

•	Stylish design
•	Multipurpose rattan basket
•	Available in two heights
•	Available in two designs
•	Eco-friendly

The price of this plant stand starts at $129 and goes as high as $199, depending on your choice of variation.

The slatted design of this single plant stand is a true definition of a modern yet minimalistic approach to interior décor. The slat black plant stand by Mark Tuckey x Adairs is a great option for space-saving and green interior. Other features include:

•	Made with solid Ash FSC
•	Made with certified timber
•	Elevated design
•	Available in black and gold

Priced at $149.99, this can also be a great housewarming present for your friends.

The streamline planter made with antique bronze looks beautiful and sleek. This 28-inches long plant stand can hold a selection of plants. It is great for the patio, and it adds color and class to your backyard while you host a BBQ night for family and friends. Other features include:

•	Available in two size and shape options
•	Antique bronzed color
•	Great for both indoors and outdoors
•	Single plant stand
•	Modern finish

The streamline planter by West elm is priced at $159 for the raised option and $69 for the low square box.

Indoor plants have proved to add colors and a sense of belonging to any space. Adding a variation to your favorite corner with options like a tiered plant stand, a single plant stand, or a hanging plant stand can liven it up. While the plant stand keeps your space clean, the plants add life to your home.