One-stop Guide to Buying One-Piece Merchandise in 2022

One-stop Guide to Buying One-Piece Merchandise in 2022

ByRosalindJun 06, 2022

One-Piece from googleIn the following article, we are going to make you aware of the best One-piece official merchandise ideas. If you are a One Piece fan, then make sure that you read through this article. You are going to enjoy this article, happy reading!

One can find a slew of websites advertising “OFFICIAL ONE PIECE STUFF!!” That is bogus. Then there are sites like Etsy and Redbubble, where you may discover fantastic fan-created art. "It’s possible that the Fisher Tiger is "What’s that creature? No. THE HIPPO IS HERE "Is it possible to re-create t-shirts? This is the closest we’ll get to “official” items for those of us who won’t be able to visit the One Piece shops in Japan anytime soon. My list eliminates video games and the recently released trading card game.

One Piece is a great hit in Japan. Everyone, from the elderly to youngsters, enjoys One Piece manga. Due to the high demand for One Piece comic books, it is always the year’s best-selling volume. This has resulted in a slew of One Piece merchandise. A breakdown of the key elements is provided below:


When it comes to clothing, One Piece fans are spoilt for choice. Some of these items can be used as props by cosplayers. Depending on one’s level of commitment, One Piece merchandise can range from the humble to the extravagant. Some of the products include shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shoes, and kimonos.


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When it comes to cosplay and relaxing at home, one-piece kimonos are a must-have accessory. It might be difficult to get used to wearing a kimono if you’ve never done it before. It wasn’t until the Wano Arc that the characters of One Piece began to wear kimonos. Fans of One Piece may be interested in the following kimonos.
• Kimono in the Jinbe-style
• kimono with white-bearded aces of spades
• This is the Gol D. Roger’s Kimono


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Accessories are more popular among One Piece fans who don’t want their closets to be filled with the character’s apparel. It would be okay to wear something like this to a formal occasion or one where you’re not the centre of attention. Wristbands, neckpieces, and backpacks are some of the most popular One Piece accessories.

WT Centennial Commemorative Statue

When the results of the One Piece World Top 100 Character Vote were released, it was my favorite moment of the outbreak. There are subtitles for YouTube, so it’s a lot like the One Piece Academy Awards. If you don’t want to know the top three at risk of spoilers, Nami, Zoro, and Luffy were all in the running. After all, Oda had promised to offer new artwork for the most essential characters, so the addition of new characters was not a surprise. It’s also a great touch that Chopper is included in Luffy’s monument. Because he had his money stolen from him.

One Piece Color Walk Compilations

Some chapters of One Piece begin with enormous spreads, haven’t you? Which photos, even though they’ve only ever existed in black and white, give you the sense that they exist in color? A whole book devoted to these images? Isn’t that incredible? In addition to an array of other eye-catching visuals! The two Color Walk Compendiums now in circulation feature interviews with several well-known manga creators, including Eiichiro Oda.


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The One Piece necklace is also a hot item in the jewelry market right now. Even though they appear more attractive in the summer. In the winter, jewelry details are hidden behind extra layers of clothes. A few samples of high-quality jewelry:

•	The Dracula Mihawk Cross pendant
•	Licensed Ace Red Beads with Smileys
•	Bead Bracelet
•	Whitebeard Jolly Roger


When you hear about One Piece backpacks, you probably picture a child’s backpack. These backpacks, on the other hand, are available in a broad variety of designs. Because of the One Piece series’ distinctive design, each bag has a different flavor. A few solid options for a backpack are:

•	It's time for the official Ace Archival Backpack
•	With a straw hat, the Jolly Roger Knapsack

Home Decor Posters

Posters for One Piece are available in two styles. There is a piece of art on the wall in the first scenario, whereas there is a poster on the wall in the second. First, a canvas painting illustrating the One Piece series is employed. The “Wanted Posters” in the series are examples of the latter. Those who adore their favorite pirate will appreciate these. Posters may be personalized with the help of One-Piece fans, too. Decorate a space with posters like this one.

•	For the Wall: A Thousand Sunny Goes
•	This Painting of a Merry-Go-Round Hangs in the Room
•	Notices of Interest in All Straw Hat Types

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The Use of 3D Lighting Effects

Over the years, a few One Piece figures have been transformed into lamps. The PVC figurine of a One Piece character has LED lights connected to it. In addition, there are table lamps that employ lightbulbs for those who want a more simple approach. With the One-Piece lights, you can add some flair to any room.

A few instances of 3D lighting:
• Authentic Luffy Table Lamp
• Zoro’s LED light for the pirate hunter
• The Boa Hancock 3D Lamp

A Recipe Book for Pirates

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Everyone who watches anime knows how much they love the food they get to eat in the shows. In One Piece, the program’s principal protagonists are cooks, and as a result, the show is always awe-inducing and inspiring. For a long time, I’ve yearned for my own Pirate Bento. In contrast, One Piece: Pirate Recipes allows me to prepare my own Pirate Bento. I’m confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. I’ve thought about it. Having Sanji build one for me would be better than this. Sanji is listed as the author of this cookbook on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and elsewhere, so I can only hope for the best in terms of legitimacy.

This dish for bean sprouts contains anchovies, which are meant to be vegetarian. A Luffy-approved cookbook, of course, will have a lot of meat in it. Recipes for “Ladies Only” can be found as well.

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