Not sure what to look for when buying camping chairs? Keep reading this camping chair buying guide

Not sure what to look for when buying camping chairs? Keep reading this camping chair buying guide

ByAruaJul 11, 2022

DescriptionIf you love camping then you would probably know that no camping trip is complete without a camping chair. These chairs are designed to be used outdoors especially in the wilderness and can withstand conditions that normal chairs simply cant.

So unless you have a really good back and can sit on rocks and gravel you will eventually need to buy a camping chair for your next camping trip.

With that said there are simply too many different camping chairs that you can get online and from camping gear stores. Someone who is buying their very first camping chair it can be confusing to pick the right camping chair that suits their needs.

So in order to make it easier for you to pick the right camping chair for yourself we have created this helpful camping chair buying guide. We suggest you read until the end to know what factors to consider when buying a camping chair.

What is a camping chair?

A camping chair is a seat with a backrest that can be inflated, folded, or collapsed into a small form. There are many different kinds of camping chairs on the market today. A typical camping chair has four legs, a straight back, and a flat, usually cloth-covered seat.

But the main common thing about almost all camping chairs is that they are small when folded, which makes them easy to carry. Most of the time, these camping chairs are used in parks, gardens, beaches, tents, and other places outside.

Don’t forget that a camping chair will be as expensive as it is comfortable. Camping can be a lot of fun, but only if you have everything you need and want. A camp chair is one of the things you need to have a great time camping.

Things to consider when buying a camping chair

Now that you know what a camping chair is here are some important things to consider when buying a camping chair:

Consider the material of the camping chair:

First, thing you should know when buying a camping chair is what goes into making the camping chair . When shopping for a camping chair, you can choose from many different kinds of materials.

But the legs and body frames of most new models are made of aluminum. Aluminum is a good material option for camping chairs because it is strong but at the same time it is light so you can easily carry it in your bag pack.

Plus, aluminum doesn’t rust making it ideal to use in camping chairs that will come in contact with water often.

Consider the portability of the camping chair:

Before you choose a camping chair, think about how you will carry and store it. A good camping chair should fold up and fit neatly into their own carry bags, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one that fits your space needs.

You shouldn’t have any trouble putting it in a backpack or securing it outside the backpack for a hike.

Consider your budget:

The camping chairs’ main purpose is to make sure you are comfortable on your trips. So the more comfort you want to squeeze out of a camp chair, the more you will have to spend on it.

Since there are many different kinds of camping chairs, you can choose one that fits within your budget. However you shouldn’t ignore the above-mentioned factors in pursuit of a cheap camping chair.

Weight of the camping chair: When buying a camping chair, you should also pay attention to how much it weighs. Lower back pain is a serious risk that comes with carrying heavy gear and equipment for a long time during a camping trip.

So, before you buy a camping chair, you need to think about how much it weighs overall. The best chair to choose is one that weighs less than 2 pounds.

Operational complexity of the camping chair:

How hard or complicated it is to set up or use camping chair is a major factor to consider when buying one. Before you buy a camp chair, make sure you can figure out how to assemble and disassemble it quickly. A camping chair that takes a long time to set up could affect your ability to relax when you want to.


So there you have it now that you know what factors need to be considered when buying a camping chair you can make a more informed buying decision.

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