Not Satisfied with The Basic Yo-Yo? Here Are 3 Advanced Yo-Yos Recommended from YoYoFactory.

Not Satisfied with The Basic Yo-Yo? Here Are 3 Advanced Yo-Yos Recommended from YoYoFactory.

ByNateMay 24, 2022

Chico's Gentry Stein wins national yo-yo competition
Once you’ve completed the basic moves of yoyotricks, you begin to learn the signature combo of the world yo-yo champion, and that’s when you find you’re not satisfied with the $20 yo-yo in your hands. And yoyofactory has prepared a better option for you; here are 3 yoyofactory advanced yoyo reviews.

Horizon - Paul Kerbel's Signature yoyo

The Horizon is a yoyo by YoYoFactory and was used by the World Finalist of 2014, Paul Kerbel. First off, I like the name, and I would say that it fits the yoyo’s shape. The yoyo has a relatively large diameter of just about 59mm and a contrastingly small width of about 42.5mm. Moreover, the yoyo has comparably sharp indents in the catch zone, making it look good while also adding to that thin feel. I love the feeling of thinness, and just the overall design of the yoyo is appealing to me.

Aside from the design, the yoyo gives a stable throw with its rim weight and doesn’t tilt too quickly. I would say that the yoyo feels heavy but also fast simultaneously, most likely due to its skinny shape. This allows it to carry its weight better and move with less air resistance. The yoyo does have a good feel when returning to the hand and does well with binds, including grind binds. The smooth finish allows for many grinds and finger spins; however, I have trouble with my finger spins on this yoyo. One of this yoyo’s downsides is its high walls, making it slightly more challenging to do rejections, but it isn’t a deal-breaker.

So, with all of these details, I most likely wouldn’t recommend this as a beginner yoyo, but as you get more used to yoyoing, this would be an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. Overall, the Horizon is sturdy, dense, elegant, and worth the price of $45.

Element is the signature yoyo of Gentry Stein, the world yoyo Champion. It’s another yoyo in his Shutter lineup. The element looks similar to the shutter but with some enhanced elements. The first difference is the size. Yoyo is extensive. Another difference is the Delrin ring around the bearing seat, which causes less friction with string and adds more spin time. Element comes with four colors representing Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. This throw was meant to be the FUN throw, and IT IS!


  • Diameter: 56.00 mm
  • Width: 48.92 mm
  • Gap Width: 4.62 mm
  • Weight: 65.53 g
  • Bearing Size: Size C center track
  • Response: 19 mm white pads
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum


  • out of the box, it’s 9-10, very smooth, and can be tuned to perfection
  • no string vibe
  • no grind vibe
  • bearing is quiet, long spinning


  • very beautiful soft anodization great for all kinds of grinds
  • fingerspin hole, like on shutter
  • a lot of cuts inside yoyo make it unique
  • nice minimalistic engravings
  • maybe a more giant yoyo for small hands

Feel on the string:

  • the most floaty throw I have ever tried; it stays in the air for so long
  • very satisfying binds
  • stability is pretty good because of the shape
  • it plays light; it’s very maneuverable even though it’s a wide yoyo
  • a very fun throw, and it doesn’t mean you can’t compete with it; you definitely can!


  • perfect everyday carry for everyone
  • reasonable price starting at 55$
  • a lot of fun
  • in my opinion, very underrated throw
  • you should try it!

This signature design from Kacper Palatynski borrows a lot from the Shutter series. The Width, Gap, and diameter, even the shape, are all very reminiscent of the Shutter Wide Angle.

Everything is just a little bit more, though. It’s a fraction wider, a fraction bigger, and the gap is a little bit heavier. Instead of being monumental aluminum, it’s a bi-metal with stainless steel rims for increased stability and power.

There’s an excellent thumb-grind lip that locks the thumbnail right in place. The finish is smooth, and the colorways are great (I bought mine primarily based on the gorgeous orange/teal colorway, knowing very little about it). The cup is suitable for finger spins but not as good as a finger dimple. Finger grinds are a dream with the finish and the vast open space to land the yoyo.

There’s an extra Delrin ring next to the bearing to reduce string friction while spinning. I don’t know for sure if it helps. But it’s an exciting piece of technology, and indeed, the Flame does not lack spin time while playing. So maybe it’s effective.
Due to its wide catch zone and stability because of the Bi-metal design, it is also well suited for horizontal tricks, and this yoyo is a competition machine.

Kacper’s signature is subtly lasered on one of the stainless rings, and the lasers/etched flame logo inside the cup blends in nicely.

Price-wise it’s not a cheap yoyo. But at around $100 original price, it’s also not expensive considering its competitive bi-metal design.

So is it nothing but positive about this dream throw? Well, not quite. I can not, of course, speak for all examples of this yoyo. But quality control wise I’ve been a little letdown.
First off, there are the pads. I’m currently on my third set of friction pads because two pairs just… came loose.
Second, I love thumb grinds and highly enjoy them, so I do them quite a lot. But on the inside of the rim, where my nail grinds against the cup, the anodization has almost completely worn away. This should not be possible because the human thumbnail is typically softer than aluminum ano.
The third is the packaging. You get a nice hard plastic transparent case with most YYF more expensive yoyos and even some less expensive ones. This was true for the Shutter, which is a $45 yoyo. So when I buy $100, that’s what I’m expecting. Yet it came in a cheap cardboard box. The premium throw should have premium packaging if at all possible.

I’ve contacted Yoyofactory about the ano, and they apologized and gave me a partial refund after inspecting the pictures. So as a company, I can’t fault them for acting the way they should.

Should you get the Flame? WItplays like a dream, and I love it very much. But at the regular price with the issues I’ve encountered, I can not recommend it if you can find it for a reasonable price. Or don’t mind some cosmetic defects and having to do some.

Thanks to the Authors: GhostOfSin#9899, LX_Emergency#6115, and JustinL#3462 from Discord server - Thrower Center.

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