Massage guns | Explore the 5 benefits of massage guns that soothe muscles and joints

Massage guns | Explore the 5 benefits of massage guns that soothe muscles and joints

ByLeafJun 24, 2022

from Tom's GuidePlanning to run 400 miles this time or your task is to achieve that specific body structure? Then, all you need is to take good care of your body so that you may work in properly for longer hours. Well, a proper diet and good rest play an important role in renovating your body. But do you think it’s enough? Maybe not! Because there is a possibility that you may have a strained foot or face backache. So, there will be a choice whether you will back off from your goal or go for the solutions. I hope that you will choose the latter. In this regard, you need to make awesome choices such as having the best massage gun that will relieve pain in no time and give you nice results.

What is a Massage Gun?

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A massage gun is like a small handled device that looks like a drill that gives you awesome results. It is medically proven so there is so much risk in using it. It is used as a type of “percussion (vibration) therapy” that helps in improving soreness and mobility in muscles. So, this massage gun will aid in attaining muscle recovery as well. Having different properties and functions there are various massage guns you can find on the market.

What does a massage gun do actually?

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  • Increases blood flow

  • Loosen up tight spots

  • Combat DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

  • Promotes muscle flexibility

  • Ease muscle soreness

  • Improves muscle length

  • Reduce inflammation

5 benefits of massage gun that will change your life

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There are thousands of benefits that you will get from the massage gun which will help you to stimulate the nerves that increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage which plays an important role in gaining muscle flexibility and joint mobility. Here are 5 benefits of a massage gun.

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1. Increases blood flow

A reliable massage gun promotes blood flow and you can have better results. All you need to do is to apply a massage gun to the targeted area it will create a rippling effect along your body and you may feel a sensation.

The vibration of the massage gun enhances the rate of blood getting to the area and thus giving you relief from pain. So, as a result, the targeted muscle gets a higher level of fresh blood that is filled with oxygen and nutrients which are essential for muscle recovery. Therefore, if you are having swelling and inflammation then with the massage gun you can cure them as well.

2. Boost Lymphatic Drainage

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With the massage gun, you can give a boost to the lymphatic system which will help fight infections and you can regain strength. As the lymphatic system is responsible for our immunity and it protects us from illness and disease, and if it works efficiently then it fights against infections as well by moving lymph fluid from body tissue and finally gets rid of toxins.

Therefore, by reducing the amount of lymph fluid via sweat, excretion or urine, etc. the muscles can perform well and you won’t feel heavy after a workout. So, using this massage gun you can have relief to your body and you can perform well.

3. Incredible Joint Mobility

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A reliable massage gun helps you to have better joint mobility. As our muscles are connected via tendons to the bony origins so when massaging with the massage gun indirectly improves the mobility of the joints as well. For example, if you relax some tension from your muscle and help it to soothe then. Subsequently, the tension on the joints will also be reduced to a greater extent.

In this regard, a reliable massage gun for joints helps them to improve hamstring flexibility which results in providing you relief from tightness as well. In a research in 2019, it was found that the massage gun works wonders for knees.

4. Improves Muscle Flexibility

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With the massage gun, you can get instant relief from soreness and stress in the body and you will feel quite better. The massage gun for muscles helps you to release tension as with it the fluid deeply in the muscles which will enhance tissue metabolism and give you instant relief from pain.

In a study in 2013, it’s been said that massage guns for muscles do miracles for increasing the hamstring flexibility. With the massage, you can help the muscles and thousands of fibers to get relaxed and less taut.

5. Encourages Muscles Recovery and Reduces DOMS

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If we talk about the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) then you should have known how much stiff feeling you will face whenever you’re doing any unfamiliar exercise or an intense exercise. Mostly the main cause of DOMS is due to overtraining muscles due to exercise or eccentrically loading muscles etc.

So, the massage gun for combating DOMS helps you to reduce pain and soreness in muscles by recovering them. In a study conducted in 2014, it has been found that using a massage gun for at least 5 minutes after an arm workout helps you to reduce post-training stiffness and you will feel quite better.

Why buying a Massage Gun Is a Must?

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The most important question is should I buy a massage gun or not? I mean is it worth it? And the answer is “YES” because you would be amazed to see its properties and the functionality is awesome that in no time you will get relieved from any pain in your body.

Whether it’s flexibility in your muscle that you’re looking for or you need a quick way to boost your blood circulation, you can get it all with a reliable massage gun.

You may feel a reduction in soreness in the targeted area and increased mobility. So, if you are feeling any pain in your body then this is like a gift to you.

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No matter what criteria of workout you’re doing maybe you need to just open up your tight muscles before the workout then you can use this massage gun and have a nice experience.

With the best massage gun, you can accelerate the growth of tissue. All you need to do is to just target the infected area and move slowly up and down for 30 seconds and there you go you can have instant relief from pain.

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To conclude, a reliable massage gun helps you to get instant relief from pain. Whether you have soreness in muscles or suffering from DOMS with the best massage gun you can get instant relief. These massage guns are reliable and medically approved so if you feel that they will cause damage to your body then there is no need to worry about it. Try not to overuse it on daily basis but use it on alternate days and get awesome results.

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