Massage Gun | Things You Should Consider Before Using a Massage Gun

Massage Gun | Things You Should Consider Before Using a Massage Gun

ByLeafJun 24, 2022

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Have you run 20 miles this time? It’s a big achievement right! But what if you are facing soreness in muscles or tightness in joints. You wouldn’t stop practicing or leave perusing your goal but instead, the smart way is to deal with it exquisitely such as using a massage gun. There are various massage guns available in the market and you will be amazed to see the latest features and the nice functionality that works wonders for you. Sounds nice! Isn’t it? But when it comes to buying one it’s not an easy task.

In this regard, we’ve gathered useful tips which will help you to get the perfect item without wasting money.

How does the massage gun work?

Before jumping into the variations of massage guns it is better to know about the massage guns and how exactly they work and why they are considered the best tool. For example, if you are facing a muscle knot which happens usually when small bundles of muscle fiber are stuck in a contracted state. So, with a massage gun, it is like percussive therapy which helps you to alleviate discomfort in no time.

A massage gun stimulus the muscles that spread the fibers out and back and resolves the tightness or knots that are present at that specific position. Rather than doing a massage by hand if you use a percussive tool then you can have instant relief from pain.

When to use a massage gun?

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After seeing its properties you might want to use it too often but it’s not recommendable, as there is a proper method of when you should use a massage gun. If you use it without any guidance or overuse it then the chance is that you will not get the benefits of it.

  • You can take out a massage gun as a pre-or-post workout or even during an exercise as well.

  • When feeling tight during a gym session you can pause and do a short massage which will help you to force lactic acid and toxins out of your muscles and you’ll feel relaxed.

  • After completing the workout you can use the massage gun and try to spend at least 2 minutes on each muscle as it will release any tension and soreness from your body.

  • It works wonders in targeting the specific area that’s tight or you’re having discomfort in muscle as it will immediately give you relief.

NOTE:If you’re having persistent pain that is not wading off then it is better to seek a massage therapist because the chances are that you are having any complex issues which a massage gun can’t handle.

Do massage guns work?

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here is a question that might arise in your mind whether the massage guns work as they’re claimed to be. And the answer would be “Yes” because the best massage guns help you to aid muscle recovery especially when you’re using them after exercise.

In a study, it has been found that it’s evident that you can’t replace a massage gun with a message you get from a professional therapist.

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“However, this massage gun provides you a percussive therapy which is like-pounding, whacking, and even jigging the muscle.”

Thus by increasing the blood flow to that specific area, you can get a reduction in muscle soreness and as a result, it can help reduce inflammation and pain within minutes.

How to use a massage gun?

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When it comes to using a massage gun then you will be surprised to see that its usage is quite easy. You need to follow certain steps:

1. You need to simply switch it on then slowly move it over the muscles and let it work like a magic.

2. Try not to put extra pressure and enjoy the effective massage with the massage gun.

3. Keep in mind that it’s medical equipment and you have to be careful when using it; don’t turn it up to the full speed and stick it to your neck.

4. Read the instructions thoroughly for safe use; start with the lowest settings and avoid the bone when using a massage gun because that’ll get hurt.

5. When massaging you should concentrate on the big muscles where the area is meaty such as the biceps, thighs, triceps, etc.

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6. Remember, don’t use the massage gun for too long on a specific area as it’ll make your body sorer and the chances are that your skin may get bruises.

7. If you’re having any sprains then using a massage gun is not advisable, however, it is recommended to speak to your doctor first. If you have osteoporosis or blood pressure then avoid using it.

8. If the specific area of your body is getting red when doing a massage with a massage gun then it means that should stop using it. As it can be an indication that you’ve got a lot of blood flow in there. So, it is better to move it to another part of your body.

9. The massage gun is useful for non-athletes too such as; a software developer whose job is to sit at a computer all time, as it reduces the tension and increases the functionality of the muscles.

10. When using a massage gun it is better to use it by yourself rather than seeking someone else’s help. Because you can tell better how much pressure you may need and how much pain you’re having in a specific area. So, the chances of hurting yourself are less when doing it to yourself.

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Precautions when using it

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Remember, that a massage therapist is quite professional having licensed and specialized training which includes a study of human anatomy. So, when you’re owning a massage gun it’s all up to you how much you’re taking certain precautions that wouldn’t cause any serious problems later on.

Well, indeed, a massage gun wouldn’t cause pain but if you’re tensing your muscle to resist the massage then it’s like hitting a brick wall especially when your muscles are rejecting it. Maybe it’s because you are pressing too hard and it’s getting painful. You need to stop right away because the chances are that you will inflict real harm to your body.

If you are having the sensation of pins-and-needles during a massage with a massage gun then you might have touched a nerve- at this moment all you need to do is to put the gun down.

You should also avoid using a massage gun on wounds, scabs, cancerous lesions or any bone fracture, etc. Never apply a massage gun to your neck because the chances are that you could tear the carotid artery which can ultimately cause a stroke.

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To sum up, the massage gun is a wonderful tool that gives you instant relief from pain and you can rejuvenate your muscles as well. However, there are certain methods you should follow so that you may get the whole benefits out of it. Read carefully and give it deep research there will be a comment section as well where people have shared their views. You can get some good tips from there as well.

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